KORD, Ukraine's new special forces police

Author : Tetiana Sviatenko

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Candidates for the police special unit KORD are mainly former police officers from Berkut, Sokil, Gryfon, almost all of them took part in ATO
17:30, 1 June 2016

Corp of operative action (KORD) is new special forces police, which is intended to replace the disbanded special forces qualitatively. KORD is formed taking into account the experience of the US and Israeli intelligence SWAT. For training fighters a few dozen trainers were involved, who were trained by US experts. KORD division is now working in Kyiv and Kharkiv in the nearest future it will operate in Kyiv region.

Candidates for the police special unit KORD are mainly former police officers from Berkut, Sokil, Gryfon (systems of special police of the Ukrainian militsiya within the Ministry of Internal Affairs). Almost all of them took part in ATO. "Approved by the State Department" the candidates joke. Now they are on a five-day survival course for police training base near Kyiv. This is one of the selection of parts, the purpose is to check the possibilities of the fighters: the level of physical fitness, ability to work in a team, and psychological endurance.

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During the five days of the course the guys hardly rest. They sleep for few hours a day, the instructors interrupt their sleep couple of times during the night. The guys also run, jump, overcome water obstacles, climb through the ravines, under the watchful supervision of experienced instructors.

Six or eight of them take the wounded out of the ravine, trying to give him first aid. The instructor mobilize the men: they raise their guns, each take the positions. Two are left with the wounded: the wiring, plugging, analgesia, a note with time indication. Mission accomplished, the wounded is rescued.

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KORD candidates have some rest for 10-15 minutes every few hours and during lunch, but in the same period, it is necessary to clean the weapons, so this is not a relaxing time for rest.

“Here, everything depends on your character. Everything is in your head. It is not about the physical state. The main thing is the mood. Even with a minimal physical preparation, you can take a course. During the course, a small percentage of the candidates eliminate, and it is mainly due to problems with their knees and uncomfortable shoes,” notes Vitaliy, one of the candidates.

Endurance, strength, and willingness to tolerate the pain, that is what the guys have to demonstrate and hone.

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And though many of the candidates knew that the selection will be serious, they did not expect that the program would be so hard. Impression overwhelmed literally everyone: "Very tired. We waited for the difficulties, but did not expect it to be so intense. The skills of our trainers are just amazing. The most impressive was the forced march in full gear with combat kit... 50 km, which we have passed for 11 hours. Then we spent the night in the wood, and it was raining,” says Oleh, one more KORD candidate.

For the majority who want to serve in the special forces, KORD is the meaning of life. For some, moreover, it is a possibility to change the usual work. Oleh has long served as a district policeman in Mykolaiv. "The impetus for that to go to a special unit, was the clear selection, which was conducted in all regions of Ukraine. Every police officer could submit his application, fill in the questionnaire and come to pass tests on physical preparation, then psychological tests," he says.

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Another KORD candidate Andriy just cannot live outside the special forces. First, he has joined the Army Special Forces, then the police and Berkut, and then decided to continue his career in KORD. "I like this work, I want to make a personal contribution to the development of new Ukrainian Special Forces. Now we (the staff of quick response teams) do not just come and work. We pass the tests, physical training, write tests, fire preparation. And only if we follow the requirements of KORD, then we are invited here on a five-day survival course,” notes Andriy.

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But it is not that simple, the desire is not enough. Unfortunately, last but not least is financial security. But the guys are hoping that their work will be paid properly. "There are no random peoplehere. Here gathered only those who just cannot live without KORD. For example, when the Americans (KORD instructors) came here, they just did not expect this level of training and skills of our guys… Besides a great desire to work, the financial side is very important. How a special forces officer can survive on 4 thousand UAH? We were also promised to get the new weapons. But there is no weapon. Of course, we will cope with this fact. But I hope everyone understands that in order to effectively combat organized crimes, we have to be a few steps ahead," said Vitaly.

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