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Museums, ancient exhibits and modern goods of rich amber collections
14:16, 17 July 2016

Ukraine occupies an honorable place in rather short list of countries of the world possessing rich deposits of amber. Since ancient times, people had faith in the fact that the solar stone brings beauty, health and good luck to its owner. This was back in the days when amber was considered a frozen sea sunbeam...

Inherently the amber is a fossilized pine resin. In the history of mankind, translated from different languages it has been called the tears of birds and sea tears, the sun gift, electron and even a robber. Ukrainian amber in this country is not only admired for its beauty, but also attracts with its natural availability and value. After all, we are talking about precious stones.

Amber Road:  where amber is mined in Ukraine

The largest Ukrainian amber deposits are located in Volyn and Polissya regions in Western Ukraine. Within these lands authorities have even defined a special area – amber-bearing region of Polissya. Apart from it, especially rich amber deposits have Rivne and Zhytomyr regions. Also this gem can be found in Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv regions.

The only Ukrainian state-owned enterprise, specializing in the extraction and processing of amber is "Amber of Ukraine" in Rivne. But unofficial extraction and sale of amber is one of the most painful issues for the state, because of a large number of mineral being extracted and exported from Ukraine illegally. The complexity of the situation illustrates the regular raising of topics in the press and investigative journalism and changes in the legislation on this subject.

Where to visit the Amber Museum

In Ukraine there are several amber exhibitions, where you can enjoy the radiance of the sun stone. The very first of them is the Amber Museum in Rivne. This museum appeared in the 90s of the 20th century, when Ukraine did not have any such exposure. Here you will find many precious exhibits: in particular amber stone weighing 1930 grams, as well as unique pieces of mineral with congealed insects (inclusions) that lived millions of years ago. Also Rivne museum preserves ancient amber disk amulet, created more than two and a half thousand years ago, and pieces of amber, which age is 40 million years old!

Another permanent exhibition of amber from awaits guests of the National Reserve "Sophia Kyivska" in the exhibition hall "Warm Sophia". The exhibition presents a rich collection of amber samples where you can see a palette of gemstone colors - from white and light yellow to red and black. Samples of amber contain valuable inclusions, not only insects and plants, but also bubbles, "cloudy", "haze" effects, etc...

Amber goods: variety and prices

Ukrainian amber has been used to make pictures, ornaments, jewelry ... Toys and household items (for example, a fantastically shining table lamps), as well as stationery and souvenirs could be decorated with amber. Also it is a valuable element of religious goods – icons and other cult objects.

A well-known and important in the world it is the use of amber in medical procedures. Some therapists, for example, use amber massage mats for the feet, and for general health - amber spa treatments, infrared sauna, etc... In Poland, for example, amber tincture is used for colds and respiratory diseases. The point is that amber contains succinic acid which is god for health. It enhances the intracellular metabolism, promotes recovery, slows aging and normalizes the functioning of the heart muscle. Perhaps that is why our ancestors were so fond of the smell of smoke when they used amber for the space heating!

Cost of goods made of amber depends on the kind of them and the type of stone. In particular, in "Amber of Ukraine" you can purchase as a necklace for 13 USD, as well as for 600 USD. The cost of pictures and panels decorated with amber: from 8 USD, icons - from 10 USD, reading lamps – from 300 USD.  Some souvenirs can cost 80 USD, and some - almost 2500 USD. Such brand stores are located in the enterprise Rivne, Lviv and Pochaiv.

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