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Small Ukrainian city attracts tourists with unforgettable activities, tastes and impressions
15:05, 26 June 2016

Among the largest and best-known tourist centers of Ukraine which attract visitors from different countries you can find several small and not so famous places also with a wide range ofexciting activities, memorable historical monuments and entertainment for people of every age. For comfortable and amusing leisure time you should discover Khust– the city in Western Ukraine, which will delight you with beautiful nature, delicious local specialties, a variety of animals and local crafts.

So, arriving in Khust, you can:

Visit the Daffodils Valley

In the city surroundings is located one of the most beautiful tourist attractions. The nature of this relict valley has been preserved from the Ice Age. The daffodil population here is unique because of growing not in the mountains but on the plains (180-200 m above sea level).Such glades with daffodils, but a smaller area, have remained in a few places - the Alps, the mountain regions of Romania and some Balkan countries.Mass flowering of Daffodils Valley usually begins in the first half of May, lasts about two weeks (the exact date depends on the weather). The land becomes covered with white flower carpet of extraordinary beauty, which attracts thousands of tourists to look at. Here works ecological-educational center "Museum of narcissus", telling about the unique flora and fauna of the valley.

Try local sorts of cheese at Khust cheese dairy

112 International

112 International

It is the first private cheese dairy, which is a social project of the Transcarpathian Association of Local Development and the European cooperative "Longo May" with the participation of volunteers from Switzerland, France and Austria. The cheese is manufactured by Swiss technology of ecologically pure milk of local cows. After a tour in the dairy tourists can taste all the varieties of produced cheese with Transcarpathian wines.

See the remains of impregnable Khust castle



Castle in Khust was built in 11-12 centuries and it was generally inaccessible for the dangerous Tatar troops. After the castle has successfully revived it served for the good of local people for nearly 400 years until was hit by lightning and suffered a first fire. First, butunfortunatelynotlast. In the mid-18th century, again the lightning hit the building, and this time the castle suffered greatly. Since then, it quietly dies. The walls slowly crumbling.But even looking at it, you realize the full power of this stronghold, standing on top of high mountains of the ancient city of Khust.From the observation deck, located at the walls of the castle, opens the beautiful view of the city and its surroundings.

Purchase original wickerwork items



Iza village near Khust has become famous as a center for basket weaving in the XIX century. Now in the open air along the main street villagers sell original wickerwork products throughout the year. Near the houses you will see different baskets, chairs, stools, tables, shelves, closets, pet’s houses, boxes, lampshades, dishes, plates, vases, jewelry boxesand many other useful and beautiful things. Also local craftsmen can do almost anything according to individual request.

Meet local deers, ostriches and buffaloes


In the Khust district there are number of private farms with amazing animals, which always attract tourists of all ages. On a reindeer farm there are 150 animals. And their only purpose is to please the tourists when they come to look at them. Deers are almost tame because they live near people. You can feed the animals with crackers.


The visit to ostrich farm, located on the northern outskirts of the city, could become one of the most impressive events. Communication with high and funny birds brings tourists an incredible delight. All guests are allowed to feed the birds, and even pat the little ones.  Also you can take a picture with the  ostrich egg, which is 36 times bigger than the chicken egg. In addition, here you can purchase ostrich eggs - they are good for health and taste identical to chicken.


Another attraction of Khust region is buffalo farm. This breed had once been a very common in the Carpathians, but is now is on the verge of extinction.German farmer decided to save them, and became the manager of this farm.Farmer says: buffaloes at the farm are more profitable, because are less wayward than cows. And buffalo milk is healthier, because it contains more calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, especially B group. You can taste buffalo milk at the farm. So this trip promises to be an exciting and unforgettable event.

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