Justin Trudeau, new Canadian PM, promised to deal with "bully" Putin

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The newly elected head of the Canadian government stated about his confident plans to oppose Russian expansion in Eastern Europe, Middle East, and the Arctic
19:30, 21 October 2015

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Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and son of famous Canadian leader Pier Elliot Trudeau, is going to become the Prime Minister, after victory of his party on the last general elections, held on October 18. During the campaign, a lot of attention was paid to the issues of international relations. So, the representatives of the Liberal Party raised the topics of  the "Islamic state", promising to withdraw the Canadian Air Force from Syria and train more Syrian rebels, and – at last but not at least – about Ukraine, Russia and connected issues. In particular, Trudeau called President Putin "a bully" and promised to "tell this to his face" without hesitation.

"Putin is dangerous because of his invasion in Eastern Europe. It is irresponsible and harmful for peace - his intervention in the Middle East and provocative actions in the Arctic. Canada needs to continue to stand strongly with the international community, pushing back against the bully, who is Vladimir Putin. If I had an opportunity in the coming months to meet with Vladimir Putin, I'll tell him all this directly to his face. Because we need to ensure that Canada continues to stay strongly for peace and justice in the world," stated Trudeau, Global News.

In the CBC News broadcast, Trudeau drew attention to the fact that "no one pays attention" to Canada in the world, despite the fact that the previous Prime Minister Stephen Harper loudly spoken against Russia, Syria and other conflicts in the world. And Trudeau stated that he is going to change this.

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"So, we must become the serious and reliable partner of the international community in curbing this bully, Vladimir Putin, to force him to reckon with the opinion of the world", said Trudeau.

However, in February 2014 after the shooting of the "Heavenly Hundred " at the Maidan in Kyiv, Trudeau appeared at the center of a scandal, unsuccessfully joking over the death of the Ukrainians. Responding to a question during an interview as to whether Canada actively support Ukraine, taking into account the pro-democracy protests and violence against their members, Trudeau agreed: "Yes, Canada should do more."

"President Yanukovych has become illegitimate. This is a worrying time, because Russia had just lost hockey match, and now sure it has a bad mood. So we are afraid of Russian interference in Ukraine", said then that the future Canadian prime minister. The journalist asked him: "What, just because of the defeat in hockey?" On this Trudeau replied that he only wanted to make a "calm look at the very serious problem."

This statement triggered a wave of criticism in political circles and Canadian society. Musician and actor Dan Bigre reminded Trudeau that he joked over the massacre. On the unacceptability of such statements also said then Jason Kenney, Canadian Minister of Labour, and James Moore, Minister of Industry.

In turn, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada Vadim Prystayko advised Canadian politicians to be more cautious in jokes regarding the Ukrainian revolution and the events on the Maidan. "The jokes are not acceptable today, when we have hundreds of people have died," - said Ukrainian diplomat and insisted that Trudeau apologized.

At the same time, it is worth noting that Canada has become a reliable partner of Ukraine in the difficult times of the Russian military aggression. Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has repeatedly demanded Vladimir Putin to leave the Ukrainian territory. In particular, he voiced such requirements during the meeting with the Russian leader at the summit of G20 in Australia.

Минобороны Украина-Канада
Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

In June 2015, Canada extended the sanctions against Russia imposed in 2014 in response to Russia's actions in Ukraine. "Gazprom" and "Transneft", as well as several other Russian companies, were added to the sanctions list.

The Conservative Party said that in the event of its victory in the parliamentary elections, Ottawa will create 10-million fund to finance the media, which are to fight with the Russian propaganda, and a special finance department to track the potential and real ways to circumvent Russian sanctions.

Also, Radio Liberty has reported that 10 Ukrainians are now Canadian MPs from the Liberal Party (including such known and lasting advocate of Ukraine as Chrystia Freeland), in addition to Ukrainian representatives in the Conservative and New Democratic parties, now forming the opposition.

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