"It’s time to kill me? For God's sake, it's your right": Givi's last interview

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In last three years Givi said a lot in his interviews. But we want to start with the most recent. Five days ago, Givi flaunted before journalist, say, kill me if necessary. It was a prophecy which later fulfilled
23:48, 8 February 2017

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One of the leaders of Somalia DNR militants’ unit Mikhail Tolstykh known as Givi was blown up in his office in Donetsk. A series of mysterious deaths of militant leaders continues: Motorola, Bolotov, Anashchenko, and now - Givi. And many other gunmen were killed in Donbas over the past two years.

Both in Ukraine and in the unrecognized republics authorities called these killings links of one chain. Kyiv points out to the Russian special services, and the militants blame Ukrainian subversive group.

Givi is a prominent figure, one of the front "showmen". He made loud statements, personally tortured prisoners, gave vivid interviews. We offer to recall what he said in his statements. Of course, we offer the brightest.

His last interview was published in Russian media five days ago. On February 1, he was wounded near Avdiivka, and after a few days was interviewed by Life channel.

- Let them explain what a moron I am. It’s time to kill me? For God's sake, it is your right. I'm not afraid of death. I shot myself in the leg? Well, of course, it’s ridiculous. I am a moron, but not an idiot to such extent that I shoot in my legs. And I will not leave my people; I will be with them until the end.

Last year was killed Givi’s comrade, another prominent militant Motorola. Givi then spoke of the hatred and threatened to destroy the Ukrainian cities.

- They shouldn’t hope for mercy. I will tear all people apart for this man. For all my life I hadn’t got such friends like him. I have just four other people in the battalion, for whom I will... I do not care who did it. I will not feel sorry, and they should not take offense. I'll never forgive them ... there will be no mercy whatsoever. I could be judged in all courts, which only can be, the Hague, the rest of this European shit, I don’t care. Whoever did this, the whole Ukraine would pay for it. After the Donetsk People's Republic, we will continue to seize other cities, and every city I would destroy for this friend.

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Look, how Givi joked about Motorola in an interview with British journalist Graham Phillips:

- What good you can expect from Motorola? He is already a little crazy about this war. Terrorist. We are the terrorists. In principle, everything is fine. We are ready for anything in the world that could happen.

Many people said that Givi will be the next dead after Motorola. However, he assured that he would die, when he will need to.

- They think that if Arsen died, I will flee? No. They killed my friend who came here to protect us, and escaping from this land, I think, would be the last thing to do. So I'm not going to move anywhere, this is my native land, I grew up here, live here, and I will live, and when I’ll need to die, I will die on my own land.

In his interviews Givi talked a lot about his life's beliefs and attitudes. Although, you can see how consistent they are.

- I was lucky that I was born in Donbas. I am grateful to my parents. Yes, it is Ukraine. I was always proud and I was a fan of Ukrainian national team at the Olympics when they performed. But ... everything has changed dramatically.

- DNR will never again be included in Ukraine. I hope that there will be no Ukraine soon. There will be one historical name.

- I've always been on the side of Russia and supported Putin and Medvedev and their whole policy. Zhirinovsky, Putin, Medvedev - I think these are all very brave and confident people.

- Together with Motorola we were committed to DNR, and remain loyal to it. We both fought for the Russian people, and we will fight ... We are not engaged in any criminal activity.

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Givi regretted that in Moscow and St. Petersburg people do not understand the reasons for creation and role of all these DNRs.

- Not all people understand what is happening here and in Luhansk People's Republic. Most people think - the farther into the woods, the fatter the partisans. North Russia, South Russia, they are sympathetic to us. But Moscow, St. Petersburg, they do not understand for what we are doing all this. Adequate people already understood the reason.

Many have heard militant’s statements about the Ukrainian army and even Ukraine itself, but it turns out, he respected the Right Sector.

- On the Ukrainian side there are normal people. These I call the Right Sector – they are ideological. Although they are a separate party, but there are adequate people. They know what they are fighting for. They fight for the yellow-blue flag or red-black flag, for their Ukraine. And we are fighting for our republic. And anyone can say anything, but I respect the Right Sector. As fighters and as adequate people.

Givi was a big fan of football, of FC Shakhtar Donetsk.

- Alexander Zakharchenko made this city more beautiful than it was before. Just look, the streets are cleaner and everything is in order. I can only say that I saw such order for the last time in 1997 in the city of Gomel in Belarus. But Donetsk lacks football. Now authorities create a football league here, but I understand - people want a world scale. Want to see Pyatov, Rakytskyi, Srna, Teixeira, Douglas Costa, Kobin and others.

And he is disappointed that Rinat Akhmetov did not support the DNR.

- Yanukovych has never stood against his own people. Never.  Let’s look at Rinat Akhmetov. He also made his choice. I thought that he would be on our side. We miss Donetsk Shakhtar here... I don’t know why he chose another side. I watch here the matches of Donetsk Shakhtar. I have always been a fan of this club. We miss the guys there. That was 3: 0 score, they defeated Kyiv club. We were all jumping, happy for the guys.

And a little about personal issues:

- I had a girlfriend before the Maidan events. But when it all started, we broke up. She supported the other side, on this basis, we parted. I can say that I made the right choice. I am proud that I serve in the DNR army.

- Ukrainian media write a lot about me, they even try to found out about my orientation. I can say that I have a normal orientation.

- I never drank alcohol and I don’t drink it now. I can’t stand alcohol. But I smoke my favorite Parliament tobacco.

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