"It will end badly for you!": What is known about murder of lawyer Iryna Nozdrovska

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All the details and versions of one of the most resonant crime in Ukraine
23:16, 2 January 2018

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A lawyer Iryna Nozdrovska disappeared on December 29th. Two days later, on January 1, her body was found in a pond near Demydiv village in Vyshgorodsky district of Kyiv region. She had a daughter and an elderly mother.

The murder of Iryna Nozdrovska caused serious resonance in Ukrainian society. On January 2nd, a large-scale action is planned with the demand to find and bring to justice the murderer, police actively joined the investigation (the case under the article "Intentional Murder" is open), and versions of what happened already have appeared.

Now more about details of the case.

What did Iryna Nozdrovska do?

Two years ago, on September 30, 2015, in the village of Demydiv in Vyshgorodsky district, there was an accident, as a result of which died 26-year-old Svitlana Sapatynska. She was hit by the car of the Vyshgorod District Court chairman’s nephew Dmytro Rossoshansky.

The victim was a sister of Iryna Nozdrovska, who immediately began to seek a fair verdict for the murderer.

Details of the situation regarding the case against Rossoshansky was written on Facebook by People's Deputy Mustafa Nayem.

"Despite the obvious nature of the crime, relatives sought justice for more than two years, Iryna Nozdrovska, who is the lawyer, personally worked on this case, spoke in court, for which she was repeatedly threatened by Rossoshansky and his relatives," he said.

The People's Deputy also asserts that during the court session a father of Rossoshansky directly threatened Iryna: "It will end badly for you!"

It turned out that there were many threats from the family of Rossoshansky and his friends.

"His friends have repeatedly threatened Iryna with reprisals," told the journalist Volodymyr Tymofiychuk, who knew the family of the deceased, "They persecuted her, intimidated neighbors, once beat up her daughter Nastya. Iryna told that firecrackers were thrown at her house, she received messages with threats. At the last court hearing on the murder of her sister, the defendant's father told Irina: "It will end badly for you!" Was Iryna afraid? I do not think so. She did not take these threats seriously."

According to Nayem, in June Rossoshansky was sentenced to seven years in prison, and on December 27th the court denied his lawyers’ appeal, sent the case to the first instance and extended the arrest for 60 days.

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The defense of Rossoshansky asked to apply the law on amnesty to him, based on his state of health.

The position of Nozdrovska was that all the illnesses of the offender are a consequence of drug use.

As a result, at the request of Nozdrovska, the case was sent for revision to determine whether Rossoshansky was drugged during an accident.

And then Iryna Nozdrovska disappeared.

Chronicle of search and investigation

On December 29th, the daughter of Iryna Nozdrovska, Anastasia, announced her mother's disappearance. Iryna was put on the search list, the police established the last location of her phone - near the village of Demydiv, where her mother and daughter lives.

Law enforcers organized searches in the village that lasted until 12:00 on January 1st untill they found a woman's body in the pond. She was completely naked.

On the fact of the crime, a case was opened (the article "Intentional Murder").


The main version was announced almost immediately - this is the professional activity of Iryna.

Later it became known about the detention of her former groom, Vitaly Sergeev. Sergeev's father stated that his son had been questioned as a suspect, but Vitaly himself denied this information, stating his status as a witness in this case.

However, Vitaly Sergeev told Hromadske that he refused to testify, referring to Art. 63 of the Constitution, allowing not to testify against himself.

Earlier, Sergeev's father specified that the reason for suspicion of his son was a video from a surveillance camera, where he and his son left their home in Kyiv at 21:00 on December 29th. He claims that in the opinion of the police, unresolved love could become the basis for the crime, since Iryna and Vitaly split up few times.

What's next?

The police are investigating the case, at the moment the results of examination are expected.  This will determine the cause of Nozdrovska's death. According to Mykola Zhukovych, the speaker of the National Police in Kyiv region, about 50 people have already been questioned in the case.

At the same time, the rally demanding to find the killer of Nozdrovska will be held in Kyiv.

"But, I beg you, do not forget that besides finding murderers, you also need to prove the guilt and get a verdict. And when people want a revenge and blood, the simplest decision is to give a bone - to find somebody for this purpose. Or to find somebody is guilty, but lose evidence, etc." wrote on Facebook the famous Kyiv lawyer Yevhenia Zakrevska.

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