Is Ukraine ready for 4G?

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Ukraine has announced the winners of the first tender for 4G; as expected three biggest operators have won
13:29, 5 February 2018

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Three biggest mobile operators do not have the needed equipment to provide the 4G services. Ukraine’s operators have created the third generation network (2100 MHz). The 2G network required 1800 MHz and 900 MHz diapason. Operators need them for 4G internet.

In order to cover a large area in lower ranges, fewer base stations are needed, which means that more people would receive a new service in a shorter period of time and would require less investment. In addition, Kyivstar and Vodafone previously noted that it is enough to reconfigure the equipment for 4G in the 1800 MHz band. Operators will have to purchase and install the equipment, and it is really difficult. And this is more expensive as well. In addition, more base stations (base stations in the 1800 MHz band are twice as large as in the 2600 MHz band) are needed for high-quality coverage in this range.

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“Kyivstar has begun preparing for 4G in advance. We upgraded our base stations by installing new equipment that supports various communication standards, including 3G and 4G. After the announcement of the tender conditions at 1800 MHz, we will say the time of launching the new technology. Then we will understand the business model. We really hope that in the near future the regulator will approve all the necessary documents and announce the 1800 MHz tender conditions," says Maksym Savchenko, regulatory affairs and digital technologies manager at Kyivstar.

"Currently, we are working on setting up a network for launching 4G at 2600 MHz. A full commercial launch will be possible a few months after the announcement of the tender results, " lifecell representatives note.

"If everything goes according to plan, and the competition is announced, 4G will probably appear in the first half of 2018," says Oleg Prozhyvalsky, Corporate Governance and Control Director at Vodafone Ukraine.

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Operators are interested in launching a new network. But we must understand that the current range of 2600 MHz is not so necessary for the Ukrainian users. 2600 MHz is suitable for places of large concentrations of people, for example, in the centers of large cities. And since the construction of a network will cost operators a lot of money, one should not expect that without a tender for another range and technological neutrality, the fourth generation of networks will appear in all cities of the country at least with the same speed as 3G developed.

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“Kyivstar supports any opportunities for the introduction of the new technologies, including those at frequencies of 2600 MHz. But this range is more suitable for covering large cities. Therefore, we are looking forward to the decision on 1800 frequencies and technological neutrality. Without them, the launch of 4G in Ukraine would be insufficient," Kyivstar representatives commented.

The lifecell also focuses primarily on the importance of 1800 MHz: "The 2600 MHz band is more suitable for expanding the capacity of the existing LTE network than for deploying a new integrated coverage. Therefore, it would be better to launch the network. For example, in the 1800 MHz band. And if its capacity is not enough, we will locally expand throughput at the expense of the 2600 MHz band. "

Vodafone representatives say that in any case, it is advisable to begin coverage from large cities.

Even if your smartphone supports 4G, it does not mean that it works in the right range. If you have a top gadget, probably, you will avoid the problem. But not every cheap 4G-smartphone supports this range.


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To check the compatibility of your smartphone without leaving the Internet, go to and enter the name of our device. If you do not remember it and you have Android, go to the settings, find the "Phone information". There you can find the name and a model number. If you have an iPhone 5S or something newer, your smartphone is compatible.

Vodafone states about 20% penetration of 4G-terminals, which corresponds to last year's forecast of the company. "Vodafone has long begun preparing for the launching of 4G. Vodafone Ukraine lab is already testing a fragment of the 4G network. The company will continue developing a line of smartphones that support 4G technology in its stores," the company notes.

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Vendors also plan to react quickly to the emergence of new technology in Ukraine. "Since 4G is not a new technology, but an innovation for Ukraine, Lenovo is already ready to supply devices (tablets, phablets, and laptops) to the Ukrainian market. In other world countries, they are already delivered to different markets and are successfully sold. It is necessary to carry out the appropriate certification so that they can be sold in Ukraine (besides completing the tender). It might take 5 to 6 weeks. If we recall the similar situation with the 3G, Lenovo products with 3G technology were available for customers a week after the adoption of a corresponding decision on 3G," Taras Dzhamalov, CEO of Lenovo in Ukraine, notes.

Andriy Polyakov, the head of the business of Motorola smartphones in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Armenia, says that this year the whole line of devices that have already been introduced to the Ukrainian market; it supports 4G and is ready to work with the network.

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Your SIM card is probably ready for 4G. About a year ago, operators began selling USIM cards, which are ready to work in the networks of the fourth generation. If you have not changed the SIM-card for a long time and you are not sure of its compatibility, contact the nearest operator's communication center. Lifecell even adds extra 1 GB when changing your SIM-card.

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