Investigation of Ukraine’s loss of armament under various Ministers of Defense

Author : Media outlet Glavcom

Source : 112 Ukraine

In 2014, the number of heavy weapons in Ukraine was significantly less than the necessary
20:00, 23 November 2018

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Glavcom media outlet has published an investigation in the situation with Ukraine’s armament under various heads of the Ministry of Defense. According to the data revealed, in 2005–2007, when the defense department was headed by Anatoliy Hrytsenko (who plans to run for presidency in 2019, - ed.), the number of tanks in Armed Forces service fell below the required level. Then, the number of infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers decreased more than twice. The number of air defense systems in the army began to decline in 2001 when Volodymyr Shkidchenko headed the ministry.

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As of 1991, Ukraine had 6.5 thousand tanks, 7.6 thousand armored vehicles, 1.4 thousand aircraft, 350 ships, and 1,272 nuclear warheads.

At the beginning of 2014, 1,436 tanks remained (however, the Armed Forces needed 3200 units of those); 2,020 armored personnel carriers, instead of the necessary 4,500, 158 combat aircraft of the necessary 460, and 849 combat missiles, with more than a thousand necessary.

This is evidenced by an analysis conducted by the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Examination (KRIFE) analyzed all these calculations and presented at the Verkhovna Rada temporary investigative commission (TIC) meeting. TIC investigates the facts of theft in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the undermining of the state’s defense.

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The KRIFE Commission of Experts is currently working on three types of issues:

  1. Organization and creation of the state defense system, construction and development of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 1991-2014 (conformity of measures for reforming – disbanding, reducing the number of command and control bodies, correlation between the real needs of the Armed Forces and their ability to perform the constitutional tasks of protecting the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and inviolability of Ukraine; the impact of these measures on the combat potential and combat capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine);
  2. Withdrawal of weapons, military equipment and property from the military structure of the Armed Forces, the legality of ministry heads’ decision-making regarding the surplus weapons and military equipment (investigation of decisions of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the formation of the state defense order);
  3. Budget support for the functioning and maintenance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the activities of officials of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine regarding the formation of the state defense order, the development and procurement of weapons and military equipment (research of problematic issues of budget support of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, construction, preparation, use, maintenance and other issues of the daily activities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine).

The report highlighted the main changes in the state of armaments and military equipment in the Armed Forces of Ukraine from 1991 to 2014. KRIFE experts analyzed the processes of selling tanks, combat aircraft, combat and transport helicopter gunships, anti-aircraft missile systems, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, and other military equipment.

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According to KRIFE, since 2004 the number of tanks in Ukraine has decreased but met the requirements of the Armed Forces, and in 2005 it was far beyond the minimum allowed level. Despite this fact, the tanks were sold.

The number of BMPs and armored personnel carriers met the needs of Ukrainian military personnel until 2004, and then there was less than half of what considered necessary, and since 2012, there was even less than half.

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Ukraine has been suffering from the lack of the anti-aircraft missile systems since 2001, and as of 2013, the existing air defense systems amounted to less than a quarter of the required number.

When Ukraine became independent, there were 1,380 aircraft in the country. There were a little more than 900 in 2004, in 2009, there were of them, and in 2013, there were only 158 units.

The commission of experts studied, in particular, how the defense system of Ukraine and the Armed Forces was formed during 1991-2014. The experts also investigated the withdrawal of weapons, military equipment and property from the military structure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the legitimacy of the decisions of the defense ministers on the redundancy of weapons and military equipment with their subsequent sale, and government order.

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