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Jars of dollars, bust sculpture of Yanukovych, tunnels, ingots and 102 diamonds - 112 International decided to recall the interesting finds of Ukrainian officials
16:41, 11 August 2016

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Ukrainians have become accustomed to detentions of local corrupt officials. However, those things law enforcers continue to found in detainees’ houses still impress, and sometimes amuse. The leader of the finds, of course, was the found in the residence of the fugitive ex-President Viktor Yanukovych golden loaf, which has become a symbol of corruption.

Let’s start from it. The golden loaf weighing 2 kilograms was presented to Yanukovych by the owner of bakery business. After president’s escape loaf was found in the head of state’s residence Mezhyhiria, from where it disappeared without a trace. General Prosecutor’s Office even started a case on the theft of the "golden loaf", but it was closed "due to lack of evidence."

Dollars are best to store in a three-liter jar

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The judge of Dniprovskiy District Court of Kyiv Mykola Chaus which was unmasked on a bribe of 150 thousand dollars is not the owner of the golden loaves. But he made laugh all Ukrainians at his way to keep the bribes. In his residence was found a three-liter jar, fully packed by dollars. This grandma’s way to store money amused the social networks users so much, they began to consider how many dollars fit in a glass jar, and even offered to dig gardens of local officials to search for "treasure".

Sculpture bust of Yanukovych

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The find in the house of the former first deputy chairman of the State Tax Service (now the State Fiscal Service, - Ed.) Colonel General Andriy Golovach also amused all the witnesses. In his house law enforcers found the bust sculpture of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. Prosecutor General Yuri y Lutsenko told with humor about the arrest of ex-official "the bust of Yanukovych, to which, obviously, prayed Golovach at night, did not help him."

"It is interesting that during the search of the Colonel-General Golovach, , the head of a large official structure, no money has been found in his house, except a very small – pocket amount, no values, only the bust of Yanukovych lonely adorned his house," - Lutsenko said.

The corruption tunnel

In June 2016 the first deputy governor of Mykolayiv region Mykola Romanchuk appeared in the centre of a scandal. In his estate law enforcers found a suitcase with 300 thousand dollars, and under the very house they discovered a network of tunnels, with safes with gold ingots, ancient icons, antiques and silverware. In addition, in the safe he kept the "black-box accountancy".

Romanchuk pleads not guilty of corruption charges. The court arrested him for two months with the right to pay 5.5 million UAH bail. He paid the bail and was released.

Korniets and 102 diamonds

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Last year, were detained the former deputy prosecutor of Kyiv region Oleksandr Korniets and former first deputy head of the Main Investigation Department of the General Prosecutor’s office Volodymyr Shapakin. During searches in their offices and in places of residence generally were found 500 thousand USD, securities and jewels.

In Korniets’ house law enforcers found 102 diamonds, after which both prosecutors became known as “diamond ones”. Korniets told that allegedly bought diamonds in the pawnshop and paid over 4 thousand UAH, and they collectively weigh 4.7 carats. During a search all the diamonds were found in small paper envelopes. Shapakin and Korniets were arrested, but later released on bail.

Stavytskyi  and 42 kg of gold

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Another lover of gold bars - the ex-Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Eduard Stavytskyi who after escaping has relocated to Israel. During the search, 42 kilograms of gold, 4.8 million dollars in cash, jewelry and expensive 16 watches were found in his house. Now General Prosecutor’s office is seeking the extradition of Stavytskyi. An accused says that the GPO has proposed to close his case in exchange for "finances with six zeros".

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