Innovations in Ukraine since September 2018

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Digital television, baby boxes, new rules for urban development and much more
23:29, 5 September 2018

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Autumn comes to Ukraine and brings several new innovations.

Digital TV

On Friday, August 31, Ukraine terminates the analogue TV signal transmission and switches to its digital version, which in turn is an obligation of Ukraine within the framework of the Geneva-2006 Regional Agreement.

"The Cabinet of Ministers issued Resolution No. 509 of June 13, 2018 amending the Plan for the use of the radio frequency resource of Ukraine regarding the timing of the use of analogue television broadcasting technology, so on August 31, 2018 analogue television broadcasting ceases throughout the country," the statement of the Television and Radio Broadcasting Council informs.

As you know, analogue and digital television are based on analogue and digital signals, respectively. The analogue signal that can be caught with a conventional antenna, goes continuously, the digital signal comes in compact "portions", which are separated by pauses.

In this regard, the "digital TV" is more protected from external influences, therefore it is more likely to provide high-quality picture and sound by its use, even when transmitted over long distances.


New rules for urban construction

Minregionbud published new state building codes, which come into force on September 1.

They are designed to change the look and functionality of settlements for the better.

The new regulations concern the planning and development of territories, educational institutions, planning of streets and roads, etc.

Some of the innovations: new lines of limitation of altitude (the so-called "blue lines"), new lines of restriction of development in green areas ("green lines"), restriction of constructions regarding safety of evacuation ("yellow lines").

Also, safety standards for road construction will be established and parking on sidewalks and roads will be limited.

In schools, mandatory integration of inclusive space is introduced, as well as an increase in the area of classrooms.

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Baby boxes

Since September 1, all newborns in Ukraine will be able to get from the state free "baby packages" (or "baby boxes"), which will accommodate 25 necessary items.

The Ministry of Social Policy on August 15 approved the list of goods for "baby boxes": among other things, it will include clothes, diapers and a rattle.

Among 25 essential things for newborns:

- disposable diapers for newborns, from 2 to 5 kg, not less than 94 pieces per package;

- disposable wipes for children from 0 years, hypoallergenic, PH-neutral, odorless, at least 56 pieces per package;

- calico diaper; the size is 80 x 95 cm; diaper flannel size 90 x 110 cm; diaper cotton size 70 x 70 cm (the size can be changed +/- 10%); diaper reusable moisture resistant size 60 x 80 cm.

- 2 cotton caps (for 0-3 and 3-6 months);

- a thermometer for water;

- thermometer for the body electronic, with a rubber tip;

- manicure scissors for children with blunt tips (safe), made of stainless medical steel;

- pads for lactation, not less than 60 pieces in a package;

- blanket warm / demi-season, filler - 100% cotton, outer fabric - also 100% cotton; size 90 x 120 cm;

- plaid blanket, 100% knitwear, cotton; the size of 60 x 80 cm;

- mattress, composition according to international standards; size 42 x 70. The size of the mattress (perimeter) must match the size (perimeter) of the bottom of the box;

- towel for bathing; size 100 x 100 cm, made of natural material;

- toy-rattle, made of plastic with a certificate that allows the use of children's toys, without small parts;

- cream with lanolin content of 100%; liquid soap-shampoo for children with a dispenser, from 0 years, without parabens, hypoallergenic, odorless, 500 ml.

It is noted that the whole set should be packed in a box-cradle made of strong cardboard, the size of 43 × 70 × 27 cm. The cost of this kit is up to 5 thousand hryvnia. Earlier it was reported that the Cabinet decided to provide newborn children with the necessary goods from September 1. In addition, starting from January 1, 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers plans to compensate families for the costs of babysitting services for children up to 3 years.

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Kyiv ambulance

Since September 1, brigades of emergency medical care have been transferred to the management of Center for Emergency Medical Care and Medicine of Catastrophes in Kyiv. That is, they switch to a new format of work. This was reported by the Director of the Department of Health, Valentyna Ginzburg, the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration informs.

She noted that the changes will positively affect the quality of providing medical care.

"Firstly, to call emergency services to the house, it will be enough to dial up a single number 103, well known to all. Thus, there is no need to recognize and remember the seven-figure emergency number of your district, and in return, there is control over the call already at the stage of receiving it. It is known that an audio recording of all conversations with the dispatcher of the Emergency Medical Service Center is being conducted, and the subscriber's number is automatically identified ... Secondly, henceforth all challenges are taken by a specialist who is able to instantly navigate: do you need emergency care, or maybe you need an ambulance," said Valentyna Ginzburg.

According to her, urgent medical care is now provided daily by family doctors, pediatricians and therapists from 08:00 to 20:00 on weekdays and from 9:00 to 15:00 on weekends and holidays.

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About the weather

Weather forecasters in September await an anticyclone. Precipitation will be small, the temperature - within 20-28 degrees.

It is expected that the summer weather will last at least one autumn month.

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