Independence Day parade poll - Why Ukraine is unique

Author : Zoya Shu

Source : 112 Ukraine

"If this military equipment, involved in the parade, had been used in 2014, then Luhansk and Donetsk would have been ours" - people on military parade in Kyiv
14:00, 27 August 2018

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A lot of new features were presented at Ukraine’s Independence Day parade – military aviation, the participation of female military personnel, and new models of weapons, and a new official army greeting. The sensations of the people who came to watch the parade remain unchanged.

"Ukraine has unique people. They are unique on our planet, being open-hearted and open-minded. I cannot describe it with just words, you should feel it in order to understand it. Ukraine is dear, open, and friendly."

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Andriy and his daughter Maria (Chudniv, Zhytomyr region)


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"Ukraine is unique as it can survive in any conditions. It is a blooming country with great potential and beautiful people. We do not need any help, we can do it ourselves."

Anastasia (Kyiv)


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"Ukraine is beautiful and kind, and we live here."

Alla and her daughter Nadia (Kyiv)


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"Ukraine is unique in every aspect: people, lands, attitude towards each other and attitude towards the others. Hospitality. Here you can find everything. "

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Natalia, Oleg, and their daughter Olexandra


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"The Ukrainian language is the second most euphonic in the world, Ukraine is very nice in its way, especially, thanks to the Carpathians. This is like an eighth wonder of the world. Ukraine is very fine. Tourists should come to Ukraine for its development."

Vova, 15 years old (Kyiv)


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"Ukraine is unique primarily because it is our homeland, we love it. How can I say why the mother is unique? This is a beautiful country with kind and friendly people."

Serhiy and Semen

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Ukraine is unique in its freedom.

Sasha, 12 years old (Kyiv)


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"Because she is our native land, very good, the bright country with friendly and kind people."

Ivan, Iryna (Ovruch, Zhytomyr region)


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"Ukraine is our family, we have been born here, we live here, we shed blood for it. It is unique by what is happening in the state. We should tell the foreigners that we love salo (lard) and borsch, and when they come to visit, we should be respected, especially, you know who."

Victor "Odesa", Olexandr "Khirurg", Andriy "Karkas" and Karabakh Mykhailo


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"The parade is beautiful, I like it, you will not see it every day. Everything is well organized. It is a beautiful country, peaceful for me. It is peaceful and good to live here"

Gola, Nigeria


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"Ukraine is unique, at least, because we were born here, this is my country. I was offered to move from the country many times, but I refused. I just love Ukraine for what it is. Ukraine is kind, sincere, beautiful, and unique. "

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An employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anna and Zarris the Brave Hero, a 20-fold donor, who is preparing to participate in the anti-terrorist operation


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"The parade is super-beautiful, we are here for the first time. We did not prepare for the interview. Ukrainians are good and polite, and there are lots of attractive places in Ukraine. Guys in the uniform are so handsome!"

Mykyta, Snizhana, Olia, Tolia (Zhytomyr)


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"Ukraine is our homeland, fraternal, beautiful, united, and the best people in the world live here."

Dmytro and Yegor Marchenko, Olga Kapinus, employees of the Ministry of Defense

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"Ukraine is my Motherland, I did not even think about anything else. For me, it is just the best."

Yulia (Luhansk)


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"Ukraine is unique with its people, territory, and language. Attractive, beautiful, hospitable. When we were on the front line in 2014, we had no equipment and weapons. If this military equipment, involved in the parade, had been used in 2014, then Luhansk and Donetsk would have been ours."

Patri George Yankovsky, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate

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"Ukraine is unique because it is my native country, I was born and grew up here, my grandfathers and great-grandfathers were born here. Although Ukraine is, in fact, small, we have a very talented people, our country is rich in talents and resources."

Stepan, Ukraine

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