How public moods of the Ukrainians changed in 2016?

Author : Dmytro Shurkhalo

Source : 112 Ukraine

Frustration of the Ukrainian society has intensified during 2016; government’s actions do not meet the expectations of the citizens
23:33, 3 January 2017

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"Unfortunately, the current government repeats the same mistakes that once were made by Yushchenko and Yanukovych, when the public credibility was lost because of resolving of their own problems. Hence the huge support of the population, through which power could make a really serious transformation in the country, decreased and continues to decrease," notes Andriy Bychenko from Razumkov Centre think tank.

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Director of Research Center for Civil Society Vitaly Kulyk said that the center conducted a survey of focus groups in several areas also recorded a gain of disappointment. The public opinion became not only critical, but also rational. When asked about the elections, many people pointed out: "What would it give Ukraine? Will elections under the current electoral system bring new politicians?"

“There is already a certain understanding of processes. People ask questions about a new political quality," said the expert. Kulyk also said that public expectations became more worrying.

Common poll conducted by "Democratic initiatives" Fund and Razumkov Centre demonstrated that in the list of new political leaders suddenly appeared Yulia Tymoshenko, who would be rather called a veteran of Ukrainian politics.

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According to Andriy Bychenko, there was an incorrect interpretation of sociological data. 61.8% Ukrainians answered affirmatively to the question "Do you believe that Ukraine needs new political leaders?" Instead, 27.5% are convinced that the current politicians are “new” enough. 57.3% respondents said “no” to the question "Do you see someone as new political leaders?" and only 18.7% said "yes." That is, every fifth Ukrainian barely sees new political leaders - and they named Nadia Savchenko, Mikheil Saakashvili, Eugene Murayev, and Yulia Tymoshenko and other leaders.

"Demand for new political leaders is quite strong; however, there are no candidates who would satisfy this demand. People feel frustrated concerning those who are still considered new political leaders," says Andriy Bychenko.

The request for new faces is increased by the query to the new rules. According to Vitaly Kulyk, "need for new rules on doing business, constructing relations between government and business are growing."

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However, sociologists note that confidence in the power structures and the structures of civil society (volunteer organizations) is high. Additionally, there is high confidence in the Ukrainian media.

People’s attitude to the armed forces became more positive, and the image of the military became better too.

"Previously, people imagined a militaries as a thick colonel-thief vs. skinny and hungry soldier; in 2014-2015, they become volunteers. And in 2016, military is a man of honor and courage, who hinders Ukraine. That is, there was a qualitative transformation of the image," said Vitaly Kulyk.

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