How militants train children to become future Donbas fighters

Author : Stanislav Vasin

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To replace the militants, hundreds of students are receiving military and ideological training in special schools, living in barracks in Donetsk
20:46, 10 January 2017

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While we witness the relative truce at the forefront of armed conflict, the training and recruitment of children in military schools in the occupied territories still continues. To replace the militants, hundreds of students are receiving military and ideological training in special schools, living in barracks in Donetsk.

The so-called DNR republic has created a powerful system of "military-patriotic" education of youth, which educates children in accordance with the ideals of the "Russian world" and hatred to all Ukrainian. This work is carried out at all levels of the educational process. However, there are some institutions that purposefully prepare new personnel for military grouping and fronts.

Among them is the Beregovoi boarding school with enhanced military and physical training, which is now under the jurisdiction of the so-called Ministry of Defense of DNR. In this school boys enroll after 9th grade, to become the personnel for replenishment of illegal armed groups’ ranks.

And we must say that even in wartime DNR allocates funds for these kind of military educational institutions. Even in comparison with the already-formed military units, which often lack the necessary. Children are also provided with food, new uniform and being actively educated in the "anti-fascism" spirit, teachers and administration continually invite veterans of the Second World War and draw parallels between the Wehrmacht and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It the balls of high school students are also being held, with participants dressed in white uniforms with belts of St. George's colors and the Soviet star on the buckle. Since autumn 2016 the school has been restructured by acceding to one more military educational institution - Donetsk Higher Military Command School.

This Higher Military Command School - is the next step in the indoctrination of youth by DNR grouping. Cadets of this school in recent years can be found in large numbers in Donetsk, and their number is only increasing. This is not surprising, since this educational institution is the local kind of Suvorov military school, and even citizens of so-called LNR republic want to attend this high school.

In addition, Higher Military Command School prepares the staff for the future militants’ command structure in four areas: intelligence, tank troops, infantry and political officers. Nowadays students receive cash allowance at a rate of about one and a half thousand rubles. And at the end of training graduates receive the rank of lieutenant. Indoctrination is already much stronger here, since we are talking about those who in the future will recruit new boys to fight with the mythical "Ukrainian Nazism."

Finally, one of the most closed institutions is so-called "Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs" of DNR, which is located in the building of the former University of Informatics and Artificial Intellect. Here, in addition to future prosecutors and police officers, is studying the future personnel for the so-called State Security Ministry of DNR. Students enter this academy only under the patronage of those who already occupies serious positions in the DNR grouping.

The academy prepares not only the leading cadres for the entire police system, but also trains students in the field of interrogation and obtaining information techniques. This ensures the arrival of a new change for those who are now 17-20 years old. Some young people from the academy are already practicing at checkpoints on especially memorable days, when DNR grouping awaits for the arrival of Ukrainian saboteurs and spies. In such cases, yesterday's children help experienced security officers in their service.

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