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The leader in price growth, as has been said and written many times, is buckwheat. In September 2013, for a single salary, you could buy 516 kg of buckwheat, and in September 2016 - only 182 kg
15:40, 12 October 2016

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Once the State Statistics Service published Ukraine’s inflation statistics, the debates about how accurate these figures are, do not cease. Ukrainians swear that all is counted incorrectly. Statistics Service workers say that Ukrainians do not like to face the truth. And sellers are always saying that they sell almost at a loss. To shed light on this question, it is possible to apply a simple and proven method - to compare how many products you can buy for a single official average salary. Because exactly on the size of this salary depends the purchasing power of an ordinary Ukrainian.

Here, it would seem, vegetable prices in recent years have grown very significantly, and all people are cursing sellers because of expensive vegetables. However, a simple calculation shows that in late September this year for an average salary Ukrainian could buy 1 054 kg of potatoes, while he could afford to buy only 976 kg of potatoes in September 2013. That's how it is. It turns out that despite the increase in prices of potatoes just now it is possible to buy more than in the distant 2013. The same trend is observed on the prices of beets, onions and carrots. Now on the average salary you can buy much more these products than in 2013. As for cabbage, 2013 year is really more successful for buying it, because then you could buy 1354 kg of cabbage, but now only 1322 kg. So in general vegetables have risen in price is so significant.

But as for other goods, then the success has turned against Ukrainians. In September 2013, for the average salary you could buy 294 liters of gasoline, but now only 219 liters. With diesel fuel figures are even worse: before it were 323 liters, and now only253 liters. It was insulting for the majority of Ukrainians, and therefore they began to use their cars less.

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Pretty much the bread has risen in price over the three years. If in September 2013 for the single salary you could buy 674 kg of wheat bread, then in September 2016 - only 472 kg. This explains why the sale of bread and bakery products in physical terms decreased. Indeed, Ukrainians began to save on bread. Ukrainians know how to live frugally.

The leader in price growth, as has been said and written many times, is buckwheat. In September 2013, for a single salary, you could buy 516 kg of buckwheat, and in September 2016 only 182 kg. So, people who haven’t bought a large amount of buckwheat are now forced to fall out of love with it, or start to eat it as a gourmet delicacy. This is a super growth of prices.

But the opportunity to buy beef for Ukrainians has not changed. As in 2013 and in 2016 average Ukrainian for his salary can buy 59 kg of beef. But he will buy, most likely, not beef, but poultry. Our possibility to buy poultry meat actually decreased, but still for the Ukrainians this meat turns out the cheapest compared to other types of meat. In September 2016 Ukrainian could buy 119 kg of poultry meat on single average salary and only 69 kg of pork. There’s something to think about.

As for dairy products, then there is the following situation. In September 2013, average Ukrainian could buy for his entire salary 172 liters of sour cream, and in September 2016 – only 148 liters. But the situation is better with cheese. In 2016, you could buy 68 kg of cottage cheese, while in 2013 it was possible to buy 72 kg. The difference is small. In general, the purchasing power of Ukrainians in respect of dairy products remains with just a small loss.

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And finally, sunflower oil and butter. When in September 2013 for one salary could be purchased 221 liters of sunflower oil and 54 kg of butter, in September 2016 for you couldn’t buy more than 153 liters of sunflower oil and 45 kg of butter. Here is a clear loss of money for Ukrainians.

As you can see, only vegetables more or less fell in prices, all other products are very much more expensive, especially bread and buckwheat. Now Ukrainians have to economize. But we still hope that wages in the next year will grow faster than in the past three years, and the prices will not set the world's record of growth. Then things will get better. And now, indeed, we need to save, and this is the only way to feed the family. As for the high cost of gasoline – in Europe it is now very fashionable to ride a bike; maybe we should adopt the Western fashion?

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