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National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine states that it cannot bring proceedings against president Poroshenko
10:51, 5 April 2016


April 3, the materials on the owners of large offshore, based on data from "Panama archive" were published - ​​collections of documents on offshore schemes, a little-known company from Panama Mossack Fonseca. The database featured 12 former and current heads of state, as well as 128 politicians and famous people.

Publication of materials was a bombshell, and officials reaction of the defendants in the countries of the investigation was not long in coming. We have collected official comments in connection with the scandalous revelations.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who was accused of creating three offshore firms for the restructuring of Roshen, assured that, taking the post of the head of state, has departed from its asset management corporations and outsource it to the appropriate consulting and law firms.

National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine has stated that it cannot bring proceedings against the incumbent president, but will work all the documents on offshore scandal and probably will open the proceedings. General Proscution also explained that investigating cases against the president is not in its jurisdiction. But the leader of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko instantly reacted to the sensation and stated that initiates impeachment of Poroshenko. Party "Samopomich" advocated for the establishment special investigative commission for offshore companies, and also noted that undermining the institution of the president creates the danger of a comprehensive political crisis in Ukraine.

The investigation, which was carried out by the journalists of "Hromadske," was checked again, after numerous critical comments from lawyers.


Prime Minister of Iceland Sigmundur Gyunnleygsson, who is suspected of using an offshore company to hide a million dollars of investment, demonstratively left the interview after the issue of foreign assets. Later, he admitted that it was a bad idea, and apologized.
“The Prime Minister should be able to answer any question put to him so I apologize for my behavior,” Gyunnleygsson said.

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Still, he is not going to resign.
"I have not considered retirement because of this issue and do not intend to resign," said the head of the Icelandic government.

Premiere together with Finance Minister Bjarni Benediktsson was summoned to report to the Parliament and the parliamentary opposition initiates distrust to him.

The Kremlin learned from the Panamanian documents information on the offshore associated with President Vladimir Putin.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the Panamanian documents "surge" aimed at the president of Russia and the political stability in the country. According to Peskov, the Kremlin has no need to respond to such publications, which are a manifestation of "putinofobia".

The State Duma also decided to take up de-offshoring economy and promised a major breakthrough in the next 3-4 years.


In France, tax authorities are interested in the Panamanian documents, it is assumed that this will be followed by trials. "All of the data to be transferred, given grounds to initiate an investigation by the tax authorities and entail legal proceedings," President Francois Hollande said.

Representative of the British Prime Minister David Cameron has refused to comment on information that put anyone from his family money in offshore companies, started by his father. "It's a personal matter, I focused on what the government is doing (UK)," said a spokesman for Cameron.

Parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers of the United Kingdom have requested copies of Mossack Fonseca to study the cases of tax evasion.

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, when asked about published papers, said: "We are making significant progress - and every time when there is such a leak, I hope that even a number of people quietly appreciate what they are doing, and the risks that they take and decide to play by the rules."

The Ministry of Finance of Germany called the investigation a positive factor in the fight against tax evasion and hope that the information, which came to public access, be interested in the authorized service.

"The ball is on our side of the field, and we are going to dispose of them well," said a spokesman for the Ministry of Finance of Germany, Martin Jäger. He also noted that the discharge of the information about the Panamanian offshore is not a surprise, but the publication will help to deal with tax havens around the world.

Indian Finance Minister Jarun Jaitley stated that positively looks at the investigation of the offshore associated with the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. Among offshore companies Mossack Fonseca featured about 500 Indian names - from Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to politicians Shishir Bajor from West Bengal and Anurag Kedzhrivala, the former head of the Delhi party divisions "Loksatta".

"I welcome this investigation is the fact that made this kind of exposure. It is a healthy step I have repeatedly said that the world is now becoming more and more transparent, countries cooperate with each other, and gradually, as a result of global initiatives that have already begun," he said.

Minister of Information of Pakistan Pervez Rasheed said that he had committed nothing criminal: "Everyone has the right to do with their assets all he wants: can throw them in the sea, sell or create the trust. That's not a crime either in Pakistan, or in international law."
Pakistani Prime Minister and members of his family have offshores.
Austrian Federal Chancellor Werner Faymann called to investigate persons involved in "Panamanian documents."
"The data released yesterday, has once again made it clear that there is a large segment of the business, which masked the assets, and the answer should be clear: follow the law and penalties, which are aimed at preventing such activities," said the Chancellor.

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Netherlands authorities are beginning a large-scale investigation of the facts of the "Panamanian documents." The report of the Ministry of Finance states that the tax office will carefully check all the information about attempts to evade taxes.

Press Secretary of the President of Azerbaijan, commenting on the involvement of the head of state family to offshore schemes, said that President Aliyev's children and adults can have their own business. "It is not prohibited by any law," said Azer Gasimov. Aliyev's wife, and his sister and the children used the registered legal entities in Panama to keep secret shares in gold mining companies and the London real estate.

European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Pierre Moscovici on the background of loud offshore scandal, said that the fight against tax fraud is a decisive political battle for the European Union.

"This is good news because it gives a political weapon, to say that it is a political struggle, which is crucial for the European Commission. It is vital for our fellow citizens who are fed up with the fact that they pay taxes, and others behave as if they have some privileges," Moscovici said.

The prosecutor's office of Panama itself had already opened an investigation into the firm Mossack Fonseca activities, which have registered numerous offshore companies. The Government of Panama said that they are ready to actively cooperate with the courts in cases related to offshore companies.

Mossack Fonseca called the leak of documents on transactions and offshore customers crime and lamented the fact that the concept of privacy is increasingly blurred in the modern world.

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