How self-proclaimed Donbas republics "save" Ukraine, making money on this

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Russian viewers receive a picture of prosperity in DNR and poverty in Ukraine, the inhabitants of the DNR are surprised at such a decision, but they are silent, Ukrainians laugh at the next stupidity in ORDLO, and the leaders of the latter earn money
18:36, 23 October 2017

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On February 17, the press service of the Council of Ministers of self-proclaimed DNR reported that leaders of LNR and DNR, Igor Plotnitsky and Alexander Zakharchenko, developed "a program of humanitarian assistance to residents of the regions of Donbas controlled by Kyiv."

Since, according to the leaders of the self-proclaimed republics, "Donetsk residents and Luhansk citizens living in territories temporarily under Ukraine's control are in a difficult situation," they were recommended to offer assistance on behalf of the self-proclaimed republics.

True, this assistance did not include employment and help connected with moving to LNR or DNR, which is quite natural, since there is not enough work even for the residents of "people's republics", and those who have it are content with the average wages of 5000 Russian rubles (about 2000 hryvnia, 71 USD) and a pension of 2,600 Russian rubles (1,050 hryvnia, 37 USD) as of February.

As militants said, the main areas of the humanitarian assistance program are, firstly, the provision of services in the field of medicine and education, secondly, payments to veterans and, thirdly, assistance to divided families. "We would like to emphasize separately that humanitarian funds have been created to support fellow countrymen, as well as joint cultural, educational and sports events with the participation of representatives of cities and villages on both sides of the contact line."

As part of the "program", the militants launched a big activity - at the checkpoints were opened desks, at which residents of the part of Donbas controlled by Ukraine could ask for help, the so-called Social Assistance and Administrative Services Centers.

According to the latest DNR reports, more than 3 thousand inhabitants of the territory of Donbas controlled by Kyiv appealed to the "hot line" of the Ministry of Health of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" from April 1, 2017 within the framework of the humanitarian program. It is interesting, did the DNR economy overstrain from such "help"? The enterprises here are either closed, or they work at the last gasp, live money comes mainly from Russia.

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Another 300 people - residents from the territory of the Donetsk region were provided with highly qualified medical care, although it was not specified where this help was given - in the hospital or at the DNR checkpoint near the intersection line.

Also, one-time assistance was provided to 86 veterans of the Great Patriotic War who live in the Donetsk region, which is controlled by Ukraine.

It seems like delirium, or, as network users say, "trolling", isn’t it?

Poor, but proud and independent "people's republics" help even the poor countrymen suffering under the oppression of Ukraine - such a picture should arise in the minds of the one who read it, primarily, of course, Russians.

But they do not know that in order to overcome the line of intersection and take advantage of this aid-medical or monetary-one must stand in the queues for 12 hours minimum or pay a bribe for "preferential travel". Is free medical care worth it, noting that thanks to a bribe it may not be free at all?

Similarly, it is foolish to do the same trip to the concert. Although people are different, and the scandalous story with the trip of students from one of the Donbas schools in Donetsk is proof of this.

In short, people who are familiar with the realities of the DNR, only shrug their shoulders at the mention of this program, because talking out loud can be unsafe. True, there are people for whom even the "law of the DNR" is nothing.

So, on the eve of May 9, the "official" oppositionist of all DNR, Alexander Khodakovsky, expressed doubt about the effectiveness of such a program, which would be extremely difficult to implement, and therefore regarded it as the very "trolling", causing questions among the residents of the republic, they say, "why we help someone, when everything is bad for ourselves?"

Regarding cash payments to veterans of the Second World War from the territory controlled by Ukraine, Khodakovskiy expressed the opinion that these funds could be "written off" or, simply put, stolen. And he knows what he's talking about.

So, on the eve of May 9, DNR announced plans to give 10,000 Russian rubles (now about 4,000 hryvnias) to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, including those from Kyiv-controlled territory. According to report in October, those numbers scored 86, and their faces for "understandable" reasons - revenge on the part of the "radicals" and the SSU after news and television stories - were not shown. Also, in most cases, the funds were received by children, grandchildren, brothers-in-law and other relatives, that is, the fact that the transfer of money actually took place is a big issue.

And now - the most interesting thing.

According to statistics, voiced by the "republican authorities," on the eve of May 9, 45 thousand veterans lived in the DNR, while a year earlier, in 2016, there were 43,400 veterans,

By the way, the pages on the "official" site of DNR with these news have already been deleted. Obviously, even the DNR authorities  understood the absurdity of the "multiplication" of veterans for a half thousand people, on which you can earn 15 million Russian rubles (6 million hryvnia), and decided to sit quiet.

So, Russian viewers receive a picture of prosperity in DNR and poverty in Ukraine, the inhabitants of the DNR are surprised at such a decision, but they are silent, Ukrainians laugh at the next stupidity in ORDLO, and the leaders of the latter earn money.

So is everyone happy, is everyone satisfied now?

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