Holocaust: tragedy captured in stone

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Monuments dedicated to one of the worst pages in the history of the last century could be found not only in Europe, but worldwide
10:23, 28 September 2016

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September 29 world politicians, diplomats, public figures will gather at Babyn Yar in order to honor the 75th anniversary of the tragedy and commemorate those who died there, shot by Nazi troops.

Holocaust Memorial complexes could be found around the world - not only Europe remembers the tragedy of the Jewish people that happened during the Second World War.

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In Kyiv Babyn Yar, there are numerous monuments dedicated to the tragic events, but the commemoration events will be held at the main monument.


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The monument was established in 1976.

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Also there is Menorah, dedicated to those Jews, who were majorly killed in this very place. Established September 29, 1991.


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Also Monument to shot children in the form of broken toys. Established in 2001.

In Lviv, monument to the dead Jews was found at the site entrance to the ghetto. Created by the Nazis Lviv ghetto was the third largest in Europe. The monument is a bronze Menorah, under which the granite slab could be read: "Remember and keep in your heart." Behind Menorah there is a small alley (imitation of "road of death"), at the end of which there is a stele in the form of an old man who raised his head and hands to the sky. Memorial was opened in Lviv in 1992.

In neighboring Belarus in Minsk, memorial "Yama" was opened to honor the death of 5 thousand Jews. This site was first established in the USSR in 1947, a monument to killed Jews, inscription in Yiddish was allowed to be made. The fate of the authors of the obelisk was unenviable - they were later arrested.

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Monument "Last path" was established in 2000.

Berlin memorial is dedicated to the memory of Jews killed in Nazi death camps throughout Europe. The complex is built on a sketch by Peter Eisenman, it consists of 2,700 units, between which are left narrow passages; a visitor could feel alone among gray stones. Opened in 2005



Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Opened in 2005.

Another memorial in Berlin created near the orphanage named after Baruch Auerbach. On a small patch there was home of the Jewish community in Berlin at Schönhauser allee, 22, whose residents August 17, 1942were deported to the Terezin concentration camp, where they died. Next to the orphanage of Reinenheim, installed a memorial of red brick.

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About 140 girls and boys lived here. But October 19, 1942 train, which had 959 people from Berlin, including 60 orphans aged 2 to 16 years and three teachers, brought them in the forest near Riga, where they were killed. But ten days later, the last of the children from the orphanage - aged 10 months to 16 years - were sent to Auschwitz.


In Germany, there are many memorial complexes, although the leadership of the Third Reich tried to build camps outside the areas of "Aryan" race. The following pictures camp Mittelbau-Dora near Nordhausen in eastern Germany, and the city Schwerte, where the other camp was found.



A monument at the site near Schwerte

The wall of names in Paris Shoah Memorial contains 76 thousand names of Jews deported from France during World War II. Memorial erected on the site of a concentration camp Drancy, which in World War II was in the suburbs of Paris, passed by 70 thousand Jews; nearly 65 thousand of them were sent to death camps. Only 2 thousand people who were in Drancy survived.


Shoah Memoria in Paris

In a small Czech town of Plzen in a place a former Jewish school and Old Synagogue residents created a memorial to 2.6 thousand Jews who died during the Second World War.


Memorial in Pilsen

Another memorial is in Czech town of Liberec, which after joining the Sudeten to Germany became the center of the Sudetenland province. In Liberec in 1938, was the first Nazi campaign of physical violence against Jews in the Third Reich, known as Kristallnacht. The synagogue in the town was burned in 1938, and a new one opened 9 November 2000.


Memorial in Liberec

Probably one of the most magnificent memorial in the world is Yad Vashem in Israel, the complex, which stores the memory of the 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis during the Second World War.

This is a huge complex, which contains millions of names and photographs of victims, here are gathered archives and scraps of information about survivors and victims.

The museum is located on 18 hectares. The principle memorial at Yad Vashem is the Hall of Remembrance. Center Memorial Hall is a name which contains pictures of the victims, who watch visitors from the ceiling, rising up to the sky.


Memorial Yad Vashem

There is also a monument to LGBT murdered by Nazis, who were also destroyed in concentration camps.

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Memorial to murdered members of the LGBT

Moving memorial was established in Budapest - iron shoes on the Danube bank in memory of Jews killed by members of the Hungarian Nazi party. Jews were brought to the Danube embankment by truck, were ordered to remove their shoes and were transported on barges in an unknown direction. Later the water was carrying the dead bodies, the exact number of the killed residents of the Budapest ghetto is known.


"Boots". Memorial to the Holocaust in Budapest. Opened in 2005

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In Vienna, a memorial monument to victims of Nazism was created by British artist Rachel Whiteread. It is a whole library of books in which the roots are hidden inside - and no one can read what they have written.


Memorial in Vienna

The memorial complex were established in countries where there was no power of the Third Reich, but they commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. United Kingdom is the country which first entered the war against Nazi Germany after the attack on Poland. In Liverpool, there is a monument to the "Kindertransport" operation, which began 9 months before September 1, 1939. Its essence was to take Jewish children recognized under the Nuremberg to the territory of Britain. This action helped to save about 10 thousand children's lives, many of them were orphaned.


Large memorial was established in the US, on the waterfront of Miami in Florida. It was opened in 1990 on the efforts of the American Committee for those who survived the Holocaust, it consists of a sculpture in the form of bodies turned into a huge open hand that represents the aspirations of freedom and stone memory.


Memorial in Florida

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