Head of the National Police in Odesa region resigned

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The decision of Giorgi Lortkipanidze was quite unexpected
18:02, 8 November 2016

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In Georgia, under President Mikheil Saakashvili, Giorgi Lortkipanidze served as deputy head of the Interior Ministry, and then became head of the Department of Corrections. In mid-June 2015, Lortkipanidze received Ukrainian citizenship and led the police to Odesa region. A month after his appointment in an interview, he said that after 6 months everything will be different in Odesa region.

Lortkipanidze in his address on the occasion of the resignation noted that despite all the difficulties, the police have really changed in the region. And he recalled that last year, at the entrance to Odesa were roadblocks with gunmen in masks and district police stations were protected by iron bars, and now the region more secure and took 2 million travelers.

The police chief did not hide the fact that Odesa endured a significant increase in crime, and said that it was inevitable: there is a war. According to recent reports, Odesa is in the top of the most criminogenic cities.

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Lortkipanidze said that over the past two months, a decline of all types of crime, including the facts of theft of luxury cars have decreased three times, grievous bodily harm - twice, robberies - by 33%, theft - 22%, robbery - by 16%. In the summer, he says, it has been discontinued activities in the region 7 of organized criminal groups who were involved in robberies, room thefts and drug trafficking, as well as "clofeline" groups, which committed more than 113 crimes. He said that significantly increased the percentage of crime detection and that, most importantly, the number of calls to the police by almost a third, which means an increase of public trust in law enforcement. Despite the positive changes, Lortkipanidze stresses that deficiencies in the system understands, and that at this stage, "the development of the Odesa police need new blood."

Lortkipanidze says that Odesa police almost left without operatively-search activity and 40% of personnel. Police is understaffed by more than 1 thousand man, at the same time as a result of re-certification is necessary to lay off 400 more police officers, which will increase the "shortage" of up to 25%.

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Lortkipanidze wrote a letter of resignation on his own, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov must sign the resignation, who, as we know, is not very good relations with Saakashvili, who actually initiated the appointment of Lortkipanidze.

Saakashvili, commenting resignation of Lortkipanidze said that the chief of police "took away most of the features, and then began the persecution from all sides." Lortkipanidze himself in his statement does not voice a cause.

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The Odessa police were caused little claims in Ukraine and in his native Georgia. Some had questions about dual citizenship and the legitimacy of his appointment. Lortkipanidze refuted information on dual citizenship and issued a corresponding certificate to Facebook.

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However, he was accused that for a more than five months he served illegally, as entered into force the Law on the National Police and according to him "a person who has lost the citizenship of Ukraine and / or has the citizenship (nationality) of a foreign state in November 2015, or stateless person "can not be a cop. And to help, it was stated that the Georgian citizenship Lortkipanidze discontinued in April 2016.

Not so long ago he was summoned for questioning to the Prosecutor General of Georgia in the case of crackdown in Tbilisi in 2011 (Saakashvili's opponents rally). He is accused of abuse of power during dispersal of the rally. Lortkipanidze for questioning did not appear, and September 28, the Tbilisi City Court allowed his arrest and declared wanted. It is noteworthy that the lawyer George Gelhauri said that Lortkipanidze will arrive in Georgia after 15 October. As is known, the court appointed a regular meeting on the case Lortkipanidze on November 12, 2016.

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It became known about another retirement. Just a couple of hours after application of Lortkipanidze, head of the Odesa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili said that he was leaving too.

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