Grand Report of the Security Forces on Euromaidan: Chronicle of Crimes

Author : Viktor Ruzhynskyy

Source : 112 Ukraine

It is the second anniversary of the beginning Euromaidan soon. Revolution, which cost lives of more than 100 people. Today, society demands from the government, which came on the revolutionary wave, not only the reforms but also an explanation - what happened in the winter 2013-2014, who is to blame, and whether the perpetrators will be punished. Indecisionness and vague explanations of the authorities, which sound over two years, gave a rise to a lot of alternative investigations, conjectures and speculations. Obviously, this situation strikes a rating of Petro Poroshenko. He demanded to speed up the investigation from all Attorney Generals, but in practice the matter is overgrown with moss
15:56, 20 November 2015

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And now, after the local elections the President’s instructed report to security services has been published on the results of the investigation of crimes committed against members of the Revolution of dignity.

Pursuant to the request of Poroshenko Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on November 17-20 2015 carried out a series of briefings, which will be announced the results of the work. Well, better late than never.

Three briefings have already passed. It is possible to draw some conclusions. Even before the report was particularly interested in what's new investigators will tell us. What will be different from their answers vague explanation a year ago? Let’s note that we have learned new and whether the answers to the burning questions euromaidan events.


As reported by the PGOduring the investigation of crimes against activists euromaidan conducted more than 8,000 investigative and legal proceedings, questioned 5,000 witnesses and victims, more than 1,500 scheduled examinations conducted 900 inspection of the scene, objects and videos, about 500 investigative experiments.

In general, more than 2,000 crimes investigated, totaly affected more than 2,200 people.

Security officials said that in the present case the investigation has more than 270 suspects. Also, the investigators failed to collect evidence for the suspicion of the former senior officials and employees of Berkut in the violent dispersal of the protest on November 30, 2013, provocation on Bankova str. on December 1, 2013.

Among the suspects - former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Secretary Andriy Klyuyev and his deputy Volodymyr Sivkovych, Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko, the head of the city administration Alexander Popov, the leaders of Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Kiev Valery Koryak and Peter Fedchuk, head of the Public Security Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Kiev Marinenko, Berkut commanders on different levels (Kusyuk, Didyuk, Tyagniryadno, Antonov, Shevchenko, Skritsky and Sagovnyk).

Now special investigations unit of Prosecutor General’s Office checks the legality of the actions and decisions of more than 200 employees of internal affairs bodies, 80 prosecutors and hundreds of judges. At the dock there were 20 investigators, prosecutors and judges.

This is an introduction. And there are questions to it.  Interviewed 5000 witnesses? Very interesting and ... unbelievable. It has been one year and eight months, and upon investigation lasts less. And how could they immediately identify the 5 000 witnesses? And what proportion of this figure is law enforcement authority? It is also too big number of investigative actions. Especially when you consider that the utility bodies "swept" Maidan and Instytutska str. almost immediately after the change of power. Please note, there is only oneAlexander Popov is among suspects that is in Ukraine and can be prosecuted (although he successfully proves his innocence in the courts). There is no one else left.  It is very convenient to blame those who is not here. Few "berkutovtsy" detained – since ot’s the lower link of members of the bloody events.

Well, let’s turn to events reproducingof that winter, according to the facts of the security forces.

Provocateurs on Bankova str.

According to the head of the Special Investigations Unit of the Main Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General Sergei Gorbatyuk, the decision to disperse student’s Maidan was  made by the President Viktor Yanukovych, a decree received by Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko and the head of the National Security and Defense Council of UkraineAndriy Klyuyev.

"As a result of criminal actions there were more than 300 people pushed out of the square.  84 people, including 17 students were beaten," - said Gorbatyuk.

Because of this to the former Ukrainian President Yanukovych, Minister of the Interior Zakharchenko, Klyuyev, Sivkovych, Popov, Koryak, his deputy Fedchuk, Marinenko, commander of the regiment Berkut,  Kosyuk, his two deputies and the 4th squadron commanders - Shevchenko Skritsky, Sadovnyk  and Antonov - supposedly suspicion were declared.

After these events Euromaidan entered the active phase. On December 1, the big rally took place in the capital, and on Bankova street riots happened.

PGO states  that the country's leadership decided to organize provocations on Bankova str. on December 1 to discredit the protests.

"To discredit it was decided that in the front rows on the  Bankova str. conscripts of Interior Ministry troops were located, to which for 4 hours there were no means for protection. At the same time set a specific community of the actions of individual agents provocateurs with law enforcement officers who intentionally, in breach of his duties, did not detain them, "- said Gorbatyuk.

It turns out that the country's leadership worked in conjunction with the nationalists out of SNA, Tryzub and so on. (Who took responsibility for organizing the riots on Bankova themselves)?

This fact allegedly reported about the suspicion to the former management of Interior Troops and the head of one of the territorial divisions of Berkut, "who did not take action to apprehend the instigators and to protect their employees, resulting in 29 injured policemen."

Then the question immediately arises: a provocateur who inflicted these injuries 29 police officers did not report suspected? All of them in Ukraine, probably are members of the Right Sector and other nationalist organizations. It is not difficult to prosecute them. There is no desire. However, the PGO did not mention whether the identification of agents provocateurs, are there any  there investigative actions against them, and so on. Because their actions, according to the law, are subject to criminal liability, but they apparently did not fall within the scope Euromaidan investigation. Very strange.

Gorbatyuk also added that "it is carried out through the Ministry of the Interior and through public security departments, directly by the Minister (of the Interior Minister - Ed.), Deputy Minister of Ratushnyak, the head of public security in Kiev Fedchuk."Supposedly, the PGO even established the identity of one of the heads of territorial divisions of Berkut fighters who used violence to the protesters. This commander of the Berkut" is arrested, and the investigation on him continues, Gorbatyuk said.

Harassment  of "Automaidan" and an attempt to disperse the Maidan


After these events, the authorities began open criminal proceedings against the protesters. According to investigators, from the "illegal persecution suffered about 200 protesters across the country." Today, for this to the charges brought against 25 people. "In particular, to the court were sent indictments on 7 prosecutors, 4 judges and 9 police investigators" - said Gorbatyuk, adding that now the investigation is completed and the two suspects MIA investigator, prosecutor and 2 1 judge acquainted with the materials.

As a separate article of the investigation issued a point about the persecution of activists on automaidan. According to Gorbatyuk, all actions against the movement coordinated by the Admoinistration of a President. Today, the acts of 38 Interior Ministry employees and 2 judges were directed to the court.

"The persecution of the Automaidan movementlay in the cases of beating of its memebers, damaging their vehicles and the illegal bringing to administrative responsibility. The results of the investigation show that it was not a separate activity of individual cops, it was systemic activities by officials of the Department of traffic police, the Interior Ministry and individual judges and to coordinate the Administration of a President, "- said the investigator.

Currentlycriminal proceedings on suspicion of two representatives of the traffic police and two judges are being investigated, the investigation on which is almost terminated.  

Gorbatyuk noted that actions to disperse Euromaidan on December 11 were also organized by the senior management of the state, the leadership of law enforcement agencies, departments under the public safety. The investigation caught on the fact that the judicial decisions (on this fact the court decided to clear the Maidan) are performed without the involvement of Berkut, by the district police. "Only 6 districts of the Shevchenko district department were attracted. On these facts suspicions were reported to Yanukovych, Zakharchenko, Ratushnyak and the heads of territorial divisions ofBerkut were identified, which recently reported usage of violentactions afgainst protesters" - said Gorbatyuk.

"Dictatorial laws"


Yanukovych accused of also the fact of the adoption of the " January 16th Laws" Allegedly, the country's leadershipgave instructions to enact laws at all costs.  Moreover, it was clearly instructed that the lack of votes the vote needs to be translated in the manual mode. "In fact, the laws were not voted," - emphasizes the PGO.

"According to the investigation, we have clearly established that the immediate initiative and guidance on the adoption of these laws came from the former President, who reported on suspected" - said Gorbatyuk.

According to him, a suspicion has already been reported to the former first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Kaletnik, head of the faction Partiya Regioniv Alexander Efremov, head of the Audit Commission of Rada Volodymyr Oliynyk, Secretary to the Audit Committee Sergei Gordienko and 11 deputates. But the case against Chechetov closed due to suicide.

Interestingly, Efremov previously was arrested, but not for Euromaidan, but only for economic crimes, it is immediately released. Kaletnik is not in Ukraine, although he quietly ran fored as member of parliamen last fall in one of the districts of Donbas. In Russia Oliynyk has created a committee to save Ukraine. Chechetov, as already said, committed suicide. Who are these 11 unnamed deputies - one more question. Although the media did not hear that someone from the former people's representatives put forward any prosecution.

Confrontation on Grushevskogo str.

The current investigation entrusted the responsibility of these laws to their creators for the escalation of the conflict in Kiev. "We point out that the person who is trying to expand the repressive powers is responsible for following the escalation of conflicts that occurred on January 19 when the citizens came out to protest against these laws. There have been illegally blocked the street, and representatives of law enforcement agencies was provoked to the conflict. As a result, these illegal actions in January affected more than 170 people, 11 of them were seriously injured, 10 - moderate severity, "- said Gorbatyuk.

He described the events on Grushevskogo as "illegal acts." However, unless police actions were illegal? Yes, they certainly were so. But the protesters also used force. Hence, their actions were illegal, to what tires fighters were consent, in principle, we agree. However, the investigation is silent about it.

"We recorded it in the notice of suspected former President Yanukovych, Minister of the Interior Zakharchenko, Deputy Minister of Ratushnyak and healers, whose actions were the causes of these events and led to such consequences," - said Gorbatyuk. Yes, you do not know what to do, hang it on Yanukovich. You can not be wrong, because the former president can actually be to blame, because he is responsible for the situation in the country. However, this is unlikely to help shed the truth on all these events. In all agreements, visits ofYanukovych oppositioners, surges of violence on the street, the same action of Right Sector during the events of the revolution, and so on.

Russian trace in the events on Grushevskogo str.  found in the supply of non-lethal weapons from Russia of intensified action. For their organization and embezzlement of 1.17million USD for customs clearance it is reported on suspicion to Zakharchenko, Lekar, Ratushnyak and director of the Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Zinovy. The indictment against Lekar has already been sent to court. Other suspects are hiding from the investigation and declared as wanted. The involvement of the Russian Federation to the February events would say later, and are not less interesting.

The first death

It didn’t shed light on the investigation of the death of the first protesters. So, supposedly Roman Senik and Mikhail Zhiznevsky were killed by bullets, which are used in the Ministry of Interior to stop the vehicle, and Serhiy Nigoyan was killed by buckshot of hunting ammunition.

As explained by Gorbatyuk, Roman Senik, Serhiy Nigoyan and Mikhail Zhiznevsky were killed at a distance of not less than three meters, while the law enforcement agencies of the protesters were at a distance of about 30 meters, which greatly complicated the investigation. The investigation considered the version that it could be disguised as law enforcement officers or agents provocateurs, who were among the protesters.

In the body of Roman Senik bullet that was used to stop vehicles by the internal affairs bodies was discovered. Although inthe body of Mikhail Zhiznevsky there was no bullet detected, but the examination of evidence shows that he was killed by the same bullet. "We did not solve the crimes, but was considerably narrowed the suspects ... We believe that we will achieve results," - said Gorbatyuk.

And then again there are questions, voiced by a few paragraphs above. Were any of the armed groups of Maidan members provocateurs, as repeatedly stated in the Interior Ministry even during the revolution itself? Even the current investigation does not deny it. And if we recall the recent scandal with searches in the hotel in which lived one of the deputies from the Svobodaduring Euromaidan, and there are mush more questions.


A separate "honor" of the investigators deserve so-called titushky. They are credited with beating the protesters at the Mariinsky park in the night from 18th to 19th February.

"Titushky" at this stage already began to commit crimes in a coordinated manner with law enforcement officers. In particular, it found that representatives of the Oplota, as well as other criminal groups have been organized, committed, together with the members of Berkut and Interior Troops,   beatings of protesters at the Mariinsky park in the night from 18th to 19th February. It should be noted that titushky has acted as a coordinated armed group in cooperation with law enforcement agencies. In particular, the assault was intended to oust the protesters at St. Michael's Square, and there were titushky armed with special means and weapons were supposed to apply it against the protesters, "- said Gorbatyuk.

According to him, it was then that the journalist Vyacheslav Veremey was killed and another 8 people were shot and wounded.

When the events in Kiev deteriorated, according to the investigation, titushky on February 20, were enforced with issued nearly 400 firearms and about 90 thousand cartridges. Allegedly, the performers are Zakharchenko, Zinoviev, Mazan. These persons reported suspected (indeed, did they go to Russia?).

"It was done with the knowledge and on the instructions of the former president," - said Gorbatyuk.

According to him, today the fate of 408 gunsremains unknown, distributed from this base Ministry of Internal Affairs. "During the investigation we were able to find and remove such gunsfrom  representatives of criminal groups, 2 of them, including the persons who are charged with suspicion of the murder," - said Gorbatyuk.

By the way, the question of the loss of 400 gunsis not as sharp any more. As a result of eighteen months of the war in the Donbas of Ukraine illegally smuggled out "Kalash" to the ATO.Just look at the security services of regular reports, which referred to the suppression of attempts to steal weapons. And how many of these attempts were successful? And who will be responsible for it? The bad things are in the first case, as well as in the second.

By the way, according to Gorbatyuk, four people "sit" according to the facts of the titushka’s crimes  (did not specify who they are). There are another 26 suspected persons, 12 cases in court.

It was mentioned in the report, the abduction of Dmitry Bulatov. Noone is guilty so far. Seems like the beating of Tatiana Chornovol was organized by crime boss from Dneprodzerzhinsk Oleg Netrebko. What for? Investigators did not specify. Himself Netrebko and the performers Zinchenko and Kornilov are currently listed in the international search for an attempt to commit the murder of a group of persons.

During the beating of cossack named Gavrilyuk five police officers were sentenced.

Acceleration of Maidan

The bloodiest events of the revolution was the violent conflict in February. To this security officials dedicated a separate press conference.


Gorbatyuk indicates that there was a situation whenthe rights of citizens were violatedto hold peaceful protests, regular use of violence by law enforcement authorities and there was no reaction to the prosecution of the person who committed it. On the contrary, took place the unlawful prosecution of the protesters, harassment of social activists and movements.

"On February 18th it was planned to  implement forceful dispersal of protesters - a peaceful offensive against Verkhovna Rada, and with the use of firearms, and thus provoked a degree of confrontation between the law enforcers and protesters , supposedly to create grounds for the ATO. Which, as established by the investigation, was worked out, prepared, beganfromJanuary, "- said Gorbatyuk.

According to him, on this episode (dispersal street procession on February 18 - Ed.) message of suspicion brought to Yanukovych, Zakharchenko, his deputy Ratushnyak, former commander of internal troops Shuljak, the leadership of the Kyiv police, in particular the acting chief, and his deputy Fedchuk. Also prosecuted 4 members and heads of territorial divisions of Berkut, two of whom are currently in detention. Regarding 3 people, including the commander of the operational companies, Berkut, the indictment was sent to the court.

The investigation states that toInteriors Troops and Berkut in Februaryhunting cartridges were issued, which are used in pump action shotguns.

"The actions of law enforcement officers have been shared with titushky, organized by the leadership of law enforcement agencies. This joint criminal actions led to such consequences: during the dispersal of the courses (at the Mariinsky park, Krepostnoy alley, Grushevskogo str., Institutska str.) 10 people were killed, 509 people, it is only from 10:00 to 14:00, were injured, while three people died from gunshot wounds and 34 gunshot wounds from hunting cartridges. Other persons were injured, "- said Gorbatyuk.

It is interesting that the investigator did not directly accuse law enforcement personnel in the deaths. It means that the killers still unknown? Obviously, yes. If known, it will never be public. But the investigation blames for the death of law enforcement officers on the Maidan on the leadership of law enforcement agencies and the country. And also it does not indicate who killed police officers.

From February 20, according to the investigation, law enforcement officers have used against protesters staff weapon. "It is established that if at that time was hidden use of weapons, that is used in hunting ammunition, which are not armed at law enforcement agencies, and their distribution took place in secret, so on February 20 law enforcement officers used against protesters already manning weapons - AK" - told in PGO.


According to him, the reasons for such action was not motivated by the need to use weapons to intimidate protesters and quell the protest itself.

"The fighters of the special division of Kiev Berkut, according to suspicions, suspected of involvement in the use of firearms to the protesters. At the moment they are charged with killing of 39 protesters on the Institutska str., none of whom was armed, and no one is a threat to law enforcement. In addition, there is still insufficient data to suggest the involvement of the special forces to commit more 7 murders and 48 gunshot wounds that day on the Institutska str., "- said Gorbatyuk.

The investigation is currently reported suspicion of the former president, and the involvement of the organization of these events and their immediate implementation. Reported as suspected Zakharchenko, Ratushnyak, the leadership of the Kyiv police, Fedchuk, the leadership of the Kiev police regiment "Berkut", the regimental commander Kusyuku, one of his deputies, and officers and men of one of the special forces Berkut. Sadovnyk and his 22 subordinates. Two of the men were arrested, and the indictment is being considered. Another two soldiers and deputy of Kusyuk are currently in custody. As it is under investigation," - noted in the PGO.

So, Berkut members killed at least 46 people. 22 executors. This group is fighters of Sadovnyk. That is, if we understand correctly, the video filmed on many fighters with yellow armbands - these were Berkut members  ofSadovnyk? Then why did Sadovnykrun away? The Interior Ministry says  that  they are "shocked by such a court decision". Then why are arrested or detained only four fighters out of the 22? Why the evidences are not demonstrated to the public? So far, we have only the word of the investigators.

According to investigators, the House of Trade Unions was seized by Alpha fighters. "With the use of special Alpha forcesfrom different regions the leadership of the anti-terrorist center of the seizure of the building trade unions was organized, which was carried out through the roof of the house. During the promotion, and attempts to capture the House of Trade Unions Alpha members were armed with firearms, although not established cases of their application but their actions have led to the fact that the protesters were forced to defend themselves, feeling a clear threat to their life and health, as a result there was a fire and was destroyed House of Trade Unions,  2 people were illed be the fire", - said Gorbatyuk.

As explained the representative of the Security Service, Anatoly Dublik protesters themselves could be to blame for the fire. According to him, Alpha members were survey, they are not guilty, they did not shoot. The most valuable special forces of the current leadership of Interior Ministry are not retracted in this case. If these would be brought to justice, how will we get the new specialists.

As has added Gorbatyuk, the guilt is still on the heads of the Security Service, which created the situation that led to the fire. "It has been more than 20 sources of ignition, which were on different floors of the House of Trade Unions. And, in particular, it may be gasoline or kerosene, or diesel fuel. The Alpha members indicate that when they moved to the weapons to not let them in, protesters were throwing Molotov cocktails in their direction, from where the fire started. Currently we can’t say who set fire for sure, the investigation continues, "- he said.

Remember, the previous head of the Security Service told about the involvement of the Russians to disperse Euromaidan? He said that Surkov flew to Kyiv, brought special equipment and oversaw the operation. Even was talking about Russian snipers. So, consequently argues that "there is no material on Russian snipers work, which was pointed out by the former chairman of the Security Service."

Gorbatyuk indicates that they will ne insault Sadovnyk’s special division in PGO. The investigation continues, and we check not only the story of the special division, but the other versions on possible agent’s provocateurs and secret services, on the possible snipers" - he said.

What is in result?

If you try to keep all of the above investigators at three press conferences you will get the following. Suspiciously large number of actions in the framework of the investigation was sounded out.  And it against accusations that the investigation is at a standstill. Gorbatyuk explains the slowness of the investigation due to slow courts activity. "To receive decision on the same criminal proceedings of one event we spend 7 months.  For a traffic phone call - we have some one and a half or two months, which we get, - about two weeks or 10 days. The second reason is that a large number of documents were destroyed during these events. At the initial stage was also improperly collected evidence base", - he said.

Among other things, Petro Poroshenko himself has repeatedly demanded to accelerate it. Almost on each count a list of names appears limited: Yanukovych, Zakharchenko, Ratushnyak, Fedchuk, Kusyuk, Lekar, Mazan. That is, the president and the leadership of the Interior Ministry. All of them are abroad, they will not be able to arrest them even if they are found guilty. Existing few sentences handed down against a minor chiefs and employees of the Interior Ministry were covered by media only a few times. The names of the convicts don’t say anything to anyone, so it seems that there is no progress in the investigation. Actually, those who expectedsome sensational report on the current security forces, probably disappointed. Moreover, the distrust to the government as a whole undermines the credibility of law enforcement authorities and the investigation in particular. To judge its validity if no proof were announced is almost unreal.

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