Gradual destruction of pro-Russian militants: Givi, Motorola and others

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Militant Givi was killed in his cabinet. Over the past few months, it is the sixth resonant murder. What about other well-known militants who were killed over the past two years in Donbas?
17:45, 8 February 2017

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The death toll of pro-Russian militants in Donbas was enlarged after the death of Givi. He was eliminated today in the morning by already known in the ranks of the militants scenario – Givi was blown up in his cabinet. Over the past few months, it is the sixth resonant murder. DNR accuses Ukrainian security services of murder, and Ukrainian law enforcers do not rule out that exactly Russia could eliminate the leader of Somalia armed unit. We’ll tell about other well-known militants in addition to Givi and Motorola who were killed over the past two years in the Donbas.

Somalia remained without Givi

So, today in occupied Donetsk was killed "the commander of the Somalia militants’ unit" Mikhail Tolstoy, better known as Givi. Murders fired from the Shmel portable flamethrower to the building where he was. According to other sources he was blown up in his office.

Givi is known for mocking the prisoners – wounded Ukrainian soldiers. And after the elimination of Motorola militant in Donetsk people said that he will be the next.

Murder of LNR militia chief Anashchenko

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On February 4, in occupied Lugansk as a result of SUV explosion died the head of the so-called LNR people's militia Oleg Anashchenko. The militants accused Ukrainian special services of this murder, and even declared on the detainees. Meanwhile, in LNR people say that the death of Anashchenko probably was the result of cleaning ranks made by the leader of the LNR militants Igor Plotnitskyi.

Unexpected deaths of LNR Minister Litvin and former LNR leader Bolotov

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On December 27, 2016, as stated in the LNR sources died Minister of Agriculture and Food of the republic Sergey Litvin. He allegedly died of a heart attack. Litvin was one of the organizers of the so-called referendum on the proclamation of LNR and a friend of the deceased former prime minister of LNR Gennadiy Tsypkalov.

Next sudden death was the death of first LNR head Valery Bolotov. The reason was allegedly a congestive heart failure, but the wife of the deceased said that he was poisoned with a cup of coffee in one of the bars in Moscow during a business meeting. Bolotov left Ukraine in August 2014, and then stated that he was dismissed as a result of a conspiracy.

Motorola’s death

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On October 16, 2016 was killed the leader of the Sparta militants’ group, known as Motorola who confessed of killing fighters of Ukraine’s Armed Forces and mocked the prisoners. Arsen Pavlov was the name of a native of the Russian republic of Komi, who came to fight in Donbas for the Russian world, and was killed in an elevator. More precisely, he was blown up. He was returning to his apartment in Donetsk, and explosives in the elevator triggered.

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This is not the first attempt to eliminate Motorola. In June of this year another explosion took place in the trauma hospital in the center of Donetsk. Then the aim was also Arsen Pavlov. The explosive device triggered at the moment when he came out of the building after ligation. That time he was not injured.

Shooting of Buggy

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In Slavyanoserbsk (Luhansk region) in early October last year, was shot dead the commander of one of the militants’ units, a citizen of the Russian Federation Armen Bagirian with the call sign Buggy, as well as several of his subordinates. The militants did not provide information about his death. Those who knew Bagirian wrote that he was killed as a result of clashes between LNR militants which main purpose was the division of contraband flows.

Strange suicide of former LNR Prime Minister Tsypkalov

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At the end of September 2016 LNR press service informed on the suicide of former chairman of LNR Council of Ministers Gennady Tsypkalov. He was accused of coup attempt, including the liquidation of the LNR leadership. Tsypkalov was the personal adviser to Igor Plotnitsky concerning the military-industrial complex issues. After arrest he was sent to jail, where, according to the militants, he hanged himself in his cell. The motive for the suicide they called his fear that he would be killed by other conspirators. The very few people believed in this version. Media reported, citing sources that Tsypkalov’s murder – is a staging, and he was strangled. He was buried in Rostov-on-Don.

Murder of Zhilin, head of Oplot

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The equally puzzling was the murder of the head of Oplot terrorist organization Yevgeniy Zhilin on 19 September 2016.

Even though Zhilin recently was not a party to the fighting in Donbas, but he actively conducted business in the occupied territories.

Zhilin was shot dead in Veterok restaurant located in Moscow suburbs. He and his friend, the deputy commander of LNR people's militia battalion Andrei Kozyrev who was involved in the murder of Kharkiv journalist Vasyl Klymentyev, were shot by killer. As Russian investigators said the killer was waiting for them at a nearby table about 20 minutes. After they came into the restaurant and made the order, the killer came over and made a series of shots at them.

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But the priority version in Zhilin’s murder is still his business. Zhilin was engaged in illicit trade of coal and combustive-lubricating materials in the so-called "republics" and Russia.

The brutal killing of Kolia Minin

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In August this year in the occupied Luhansk was killed a close associate of Commander of the Cossack regiment Pavel Dremov (Dremov himself was killed in December 2015), Nikolai Minin. According to one of the versions, Minin was killed for organizing an assassination attempt on the LNR leader Igor Plotnitsky. Media reported that militant was killed right in his bed, murders cut off his head.

Murder of Batia

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Cossack commander Pavel Dremov aka Batia was eliminated in the middle of December 2015. Dremov once served in Ukrainian army in the rank of junior sergeant, and from the beginning of the conflict in Donbas was one of the first who seized the buildings in Luhansk. He also repeatedly criticized the activities of Plotnitsky.

Dremov, as well as many other militants was also blown up. And it happened, when he was driving on his own wedding in Pervomaisk. The explosives were installed in the car. Ukrainian security services have been traditionally accused of murder, but the very militants said it was Plotnitsky’s revenge.

Liquidation of Mozgovoi

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At the end of May 2015 in a similar way was eliminated the Prizrak brigade leader Aleksei Mozgovoi. Before the war, he was a soloist in the ensemble of Svatovo and even spent some time working in the enlistment office. In April 2014 he joined the separatists.

Mozgovoi was killed when he was traveling from Alchevsk to Luhansk, almost at the same place where previously there was another assassination attempt. At the entrance to the village of Mikhailovka near the car an explosive device were detonated, and then the car was fired on with machine guns and rifles.

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Gang leader was killed on the spot, while were also killed his spokesman, two guards and a driver.

Shortly before his death he together with Pavel Dremov appealed to the authorities of the Russian Federation with a proposal to create in Russia some government institutions, protecting the interests of Russians irrespective of their nationality, in order to give the Russian people a political subjectivity.

LNR, of course, said that Ukraine was involved in the murder, but at the same time there is evidence of Plotnitsky’s threats to kill Mozgovoi.

Battalion commander Batman

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Responsibility for the murder of Alexander Bednov aka Batman was immediately assumed by LNR militants. In August 2014, Bednov was the Minister of Defense of LNR.

In January 2015, he was shot in Luhansk. LNR stated the reason was committing grave and especially grave crimes. But the members of Batman’s battalion directly accused Plotnitsky of the murder organization.

LNR accused Batman of the fact that he held and tortured 13 local residents. As a result, one of the detainees died. Batman was killed in a shooting during his own detention.

There were several attempts to kill DNR and LNR heads. In 2014, unknown persons fired on the car of the former people's governor of Donetsk Pavel Gubarev. This summer the car of Plotnitsky was also blown up. There is inconsistent data regarding his wounds, but he already appeared before the cameras in a few days after the accident. DNR also claimed several attempts to kill Zakharchenko. Recently, the leader of DNR said that the explosives were located in the vicinity of his home.

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