Gontareva's resignation: Vivid quotes of Ukraine's former National Bank head

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April 10, Head of Ukraine’s National Bank Valeria Gontareva has officially confirmed her resignation. She said that it was her own decision and she completely fulfilled her mission
08:30, 11 April 2017

We suggests recalling illustrative statements of Gontareva on the post of head of the NBU.

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On the banking sector

I have been working in the banking sector for more than 20 years in our country. I thought that I understood the banking sphere very well. But when I looked on it from the inside, the hairs on the back of my neck bristle. Because it was something really shocking, it was something terrible.

On Verkhovna Rada

I am not a people's deputy, so I am not used to this kind of circus.

On the course of the hryvnia

Our people were mentally attached to the rate of the hryvnia and it was a sacred cow for them. Although all the crises show that, we do not have a fixed exchange rate of the hryvnia. We have accumulating imbalances, which burst once in 5-10 years.

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Society must understand that this is an inevitable process. Fluctuations in the exchange rate are a normal phenomenon in free foreign exchange markets! People must get used to it.

We are under the program of the International Monetary Fund. The National Bank will never again comment on the course. No kidding. Our task is to comment on inflation. Therefore, I am frightened by the incomprehensible agiotage for sugar and buckwheat. Sugar and buckwheat are not imported goods. A bucket of buckwheat will expire, and bugs might appear in the flour.

On the former authorities

The so-called "wicked authorities" have simply sold themselves for a piece of sausage and a piece of fat, and at that moment it meant $ 15 billion. They are just selling our country.

On the black market

We do not comment on the black market at all, because unfortunately we do not control it, and maybe we fortunately do not control it, because this is not the task of the National Bank.

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On the attitude towards the Russian Federation

As a person, I am very happy about what happens to the Russian ruble. But as a head of the National Bank, I am not pleased with the situation, because Russia remains our important trading partner.

On banks and courts

This year the courts could really surprise us. It could be called "Zombies come back." Because now two banks, "Soyuz" and "Veles," which were withdrawn from the market for fraudulent activities, for money laundering, have recently through the courts resumed their activities. I promise you that the National Bank would not allow this, and all fraudulent actions will be shown. Veles Bank was probably the dirtiest entity of the list, and the National Bank prevented it from withdrawing almost half a billion dollars in fictitious contracts last year.


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On the nationalization of "PrivatBank"

The president does not call me to talk about Privat, he does not call me at all.

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On resignation

It will be planned resignation, you will learn about it from me. Or probably, it might be unplanned resignation. This is the president calls me and says: "Why don’t you go to the garden?" I am an independent head of an independent National Bank. In principle, I can answer: "No, I would not like to go." Because I am an independent National Bank and the NBU law specifies specific points, for which the president can apply for my dismissal to the Verkhovna Rada. But, most likely, if the president calls and says so, I will not resist his decision.

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