Future elections and cold peace with Russia: Main theses of Poroshenko's speech in Kyiv

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President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko made a number of loud statements at the large-scale forum "From Kruty to Brussels. We are going our way."
22:48, 30 January 2019

Presidential Administration press office

The intention to run for a second presidential term, application for EU membership in 2024 and cold peace with Russia. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko made a number of loud statements at the large forum “From Kruty to Brussels. We are going our way,” which was held at the Kyiv International Exhibition Center.

What else was the head of state talking about? We publish the main theses of the speech.

The worst times of Ukrainian economy left behind

The first thing Poroshenko noted is that Ukraine’s economy after several years of recession has been growing for 12 consecutive quarters:

“The crisis caused by the war, economic aggression and trade blockade from the side of Russia is retreating. And although the statistics do not coincide with the moods and feelings of people, it convincingly shows that the worst part is over.”

At the same time, the president noted that effective social policy in Ukraine can be based only on a free market economy.

And the sectors that the country should develop in the future are agriculture, IT, engineering, tourism and logistics.

People remain top priority

Poroshenko once again stressed that the people remain the main priority for him:

“Money follows people” - this is a principle not only of decentralization, but also of education reform, changes in the health care system, and other reforms. People are the main thing. It is this vision that I propose to the current government, which, according to the Constitution, is responsible for socio-economic policy. "

EU and NATO need Ukraine

The head of state is convinced that today Ukraine has more than ever approached accession to the EU and NATO, and this accession is necessary not only for our country:

“More and more politicians in the West understand that without Ukraine’s membership in the EU, without Ukraine’s membership in NATO, Europe will definitely be in danger. Not only Ukraine needs this membership - the EU and NATO definitely need Ukraine to be a full-fledged member of these structures.”

At the same time, Poroshenko added that at the moment not a single state that is not part of NATO has such close relations with the Alliance as our country.

Cold peace with Russia

Despite the abovementioned, and the policy of the state, which for several years has been based on the “Away from Moscow” principle, the president acknowledged that Ukraine needs a compromise with the Russian Federation:

"We need peace with Russia, although it will be cold peace. People are tired of war. Russian propaganda and its liars inside the country use this painful emotion."

Poroshenko runs for presidency, January 2019

Application for EU membership in 2024

Poroshenko promised that in 2024 Ukraine will apply for membership in the European Union:

"Many of us did not believe that the Association Agreement would be signed and ratified. Many did not believe that we would win a greater diplomatic battle with Russia to ratify it ... The agreement is valid. And the EU’s share in our exports exceeded 42%. In 2024, we will apply for joining the European Union, and I have no doubt that we will receive and will begin to implement the action plan on NATO membership."

Anti-corruption court

The head of state also assured that the Anti-Corruption Court, which creation had been arguing for so long and demanded by the West, would begin its work soon:

"The competition for the formation of the High Anti-Corruption Court will be finished soon. The Public Council of international experts together with the High Qualifications Commission of Judges excluded 42 participants out of 113 finalists. The new court will start its work this year.

Second presidential term

As everyone expected, Poroshenko announced that he would run for the second presidential term:

"Feelings of deep responsibility towards the country, towards contemporaries, towards past and modern generations led me to decide to be a candidate for the post of President of Ukraine again."

At the same time, he explained to the voters why he is worth their support:

“I ask the voters for a mandate to guarantee the irreversibility of European and Euro-Atlantic integration; to guarantee the irreversibility of our independence; to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity; to bring peace that is beneficial for Ukraine; to complete the construction of a strong, prosperous state, able to ensure the order, welfare and security of every Ukrainian. "

Populists pose a threat

Also, the head of state did not forget about his competitors in the upcoming elections, noting that some of them pose threats to the country:

"Populists are the grave danger to the country. If they are not stopped and allowed to come to power, all the misfortunes that people have experienced in recent years as a result of the war and economic aggression from Russia will be in vain."

President did not name his opponents, but hinted:

“I follow the various“ offers ”very attentively and sometimes they say such things ... Supposedly we are playing with toy soldiers, and we are not defending the country in the war with the second most powerful army in the world. They offer to write Putin’s “wishes” in a notebook and then taking this notebook for the referendum, they propose to stand before Putin on the knees ... ".


Open source

About 4 000 people gathered to listen to Poroshenko at the Kyiv International Exhibition Center.

MPs from the Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc, the leadership of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, members of the Cabinet of Ministers headed by Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy, his first deputy Iryna Gerashchenko, the third President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko and the family of Petro Poroshenko were there.

In addition, the forum was attended by some non-fractional deputies, in particular, Dmytro Yarosh and Boryslav Bereza.

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