From separatism to seduction of minors: Transformation of scandal with Lviv artist Sanzharevsky

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Quasimodo from Esmeralda, Tybalt from Romeo and Juliet, Hans from Giselle, and recently a possible separatist and supporter of the DNR ...
12:40, 19 April 2018

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A former soloist of the Lviv Opera ballet Mykola Sanzharevsky, in addition to supporting and financing militants in Donbas, is now suspected of spying and seducing a minor.

As the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs, MP Anton Herashchenko asserts, the volunteers, security service and police officers managed to establish that the actor for a long time was engaged in collecting and transferring to the militants information about the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including by seducing the underage girl, who was finding out the data that interested him from her brother, a serviceman of the Armed Forces.

People's Deputy specifies that Sanzharevsky has been in "relations" with a minor since the girl turned 13 years old.

Who is Mykola Sanzharevsky?

In order to understand all aspects of this story, first, it is worth to understand who its main actor is.

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It should be noted that the official biography of Mykola Sanzharevsky is rather short: he was born on November 5, 1982, in Lviv. At the age of five he entered the choreographic studio at the local Teachers' House, later studied at the Lviv Choreography School, graduated from the Choreography Department of the Lviv Culture Institute, and later Kyiv University of Culture, since 1997 he was an actor of the Lviv National Opera Ballet.

The list of roles he played, includes already mentioned Quasimodo, Tibald and Hans, as well as the Faun from the "Walpurgis Night", Birbanto from the "Corsair" and several others.

Who and for what accused Sanzharevsky?

The beginning was a publication in which the Odesa blogger Olena Dobrovolska published several screenshots from the pages of Sanzharevsky in social networks, and also showed a number of photographs allegedly proving the choreographer's adherence to the separatists of the DNR – separatist republic in Donbas.

From the publication readers could conclude:

- Sanzharevsky reposted separatist public posts, posts in which Maidan was called a "coup d'état", as well as propaganda in favor of DNR and against mobilization.

- Sanzharevsky allegedly collected assistance to the military formations of LDNR.

- As a conclusion of the publication: Sanzharevsky's actions fall under several articles of the Criminal Code:

A) part 2 of Art. 109 (Actions committed for the purpose of forcible change or overthrow of the constitutional order or seizure of state power).

B) part 1 of Art. 114-1 (Obstruction of lawful activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations in a special period).

C) Part 1 of Art. 258-3 (Establishment of a terrorist group or terrorist organization, leadership or participation in such a group or organization, as well as organizational or other assistance in the establishment or operation of a terrorist group or terrorist organization).

D) Part 2 of Art. 258-2 (Public Appeals for the commitment of a terrorist act).

In addition, the publication also mentions a case that occurred on November 2, 2017. Then on the page of the School of Academic and Contemporary Ballet published a post about the Fairy Dance international dance contest in Minsk. On one of the published photos among the flags, which children held in the hands on the stage, there was the DNR flag.

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What was found out the day before?

The day before, on April 16, it became known that it was only the tip of the iceberg. According to Dobrovolska in her new publication on the site, the last message did not include half of the materials that she can publish only now for certain reasons, including because of the investigative actions of the Security Service.

Now Dobrovolska claims that Sanzharevsky led an action against the sovereignty of Ukraine as the administrator of Anti-Maidan group in social networks. But not only that. By creating such groups and disguising them as patriotic Ukrainians, he and his accomplices were engaged in covert propaganda.

Also, the blogger emphasizes that the artist not only administrated groups in social networks but also collected information about the location of the positions of the Ukrainian military and the movement of military equipment. Part of his source was his students, whose relatives served in the Army.

At the same time, Sanzharevsky used all methods of influence on minors. In one of the correspondences with a girl named Victoria readers saw signs of seduction.

Then the information was transferred to the militants.

At the same time, Dobrovolska specifies that the already mentioned collection of money for the needs of militants through electronic purses, which the actor promulgated in messages in the groups administered by him, is a separate topic because he used sensitive Ukrainians spreading fake messages about sick children.

What Sanzharevsky says

After the first publication of Dobrovolska, Sanzharevsky said that the accusations against him were unreasonable. "The access to the page on the social network was lost as early as 2014, attempts to restore the password gave nothing. Somewhere in 2015 or 2016, the Security Service already checked such accusations, and my involvement in illegal actions was not revealed," he noted in the comments to

In this case, Sanzharevsky stressed that after the new accusations he "will have to request a new test or something like this," stressing that they can "destroy everything that I and my team created."

A little later, the actor admitted that in 2014 he really moderated the Antimaidan group in social networks (which, according to him, was secondary one) and transferred funds to the occupied territories, but has already stopped doing it, and does not consider himself a separatist.

"There was a medical worker with whom we were acquainted when I was on tour in Donetsk. He assured me that there is a shortage of medicines – and I created these wallets. The help should go to the civilian population but I realized that other people can use it for a different purpose, and stopped all this activity. Then I asked service administration to close the wallets," he explained.

What's next?

In January, the Security Service conducted a search in the house of Sanzharevsky on suspicion of facilitating the activities of a terrorist organization. As was then noted in the department, in the propagandist’s apartment they seized all the equipment and means of communication, they will be studied.

A month later, it became known that Sanzharevsky resigned from the Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

As suggested by the adviser to the Minister of the Interior, MP Anton Herashchenko, in the near future law enforcers will give a decent assessment to Mykola Sanzharevsky for his subversive activities against Ukraine.

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