Favorite clown Oleg Popov passed away

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87-year-old actor died during a tour in Rostov-on-Don, he returned to his homeland after 20 years in émigré
14:39, 4 November 2016

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Oleg Popov
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I am not waiting for the death, I am waiting for the audience!

Chilly is the joke, in which the actor has actually predicted his own death. He said it in an interview on one of the Russian TV channels in 2011.

"The death is knocking on the door. The doors opened. - Where is Oleg Popov?

- He has left.

- What? Where? It cannot be truth, he is on my list.

- He went on the tour.

-- Okay. I go and take his neighbor.

After some time the death comes back.

- Well, is Popov back?

- No, he is in Australia, he is on his tour.

- Well. Well, I will take someone else then.

A world-famous clown then summed up: And what’s the ending? The more often you are on the tour, the longer you live. But yesterday the death have taken him away. Yes, straight on the tour, in Rostov-on-Don.

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He died after giving two performances in the Rostov circus. Out of twelve planned. And they will not be canceled, promised the director of Rostov State Circus Dmitriy Reznichenko. "Only in this weekend's planned five performances. We do not plan to cancel their entire program, which was typeset by him, this would be a memory of Popov," he told to TASS Russian news agency.

It is said that everything happened very suddenly. During the day, the actor felt fine. In the evening, he sat in a hotel room watching TV and suddenly went into cardiac arrest .... He fell asleep.

And in a special way can now be heard his words, which he said to the film crew in Germany: "Well, okay, I give up work and going to sit here, waiting for my death. But I am not waiting for the death, I'm waiting for the audience!"

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The spectacles of the clown Oleg Popov in the Kyiv circus were attended by those who are now over thirty and a little older. And they are now writting on the death of the great artist in social networks that their childhood has completely gone with the death of Popov. He worked with all children who came to his performances.

He knew how to make laugh to tears, become a little sad, and think over the life. On the territory of the then Soviet Union, he was called "Sunny clown". And he got the name from British journalists after touring the famous wizard in the UK. In Germany, where he emigrated in the 90s, his stage name was "Happy Hans".

Popov performed with sophisticated improvisations - parodied real circus performers - jugglers and tightrope walkers serious; did all the same, but he did it in funny trousers and a dimensionless checkered cap.

This famous plaid cap has been an integral part of his image. And the author's make-up, making his unrecognizable, and red socks. There is a statue of a clown in a plaid cap. And whatever house you come you would say that it is - Oleg Popov.

Cap, as the actor said, he found by chance on the "Mosfilm" during filming. He chose it from the whole mountain of hats and it turned all his life. And answering the question why he took red socks, the actor joked: fools and firefighters love red.

Director of the National Circus, People's Artist of Ukraine Borys Zayats said the tickets in Kyiv on performances of Popov were always sold out.

In an interview that Popov gave in Germany, his wife was asked about his favorite dish. He loved borshch, and cooked it himself. And "Zhiguli" beer.

He left immediately from these places

Despite the fact that the glory to Oleg Popov came back in the 50s of the last century, and by the 90th he has gained not only international fame, but also the title of People's Artist of the USSR, he was the winner of the circus premium "White Elephant", "Golden clown "," Circus Legend ", and was awarded the Order of Lenin, three orders of the Red Banner of Labor, the Order of Friendship. When he was 60 years old, the government has ignored the artist's birthday.

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And he has left.

"Frankly, I was very offended when they appointed me, the People's Artist of the USSR, awarded with the Order of Lenin and the highest awards of the country, the minimum pension. It is not about the money. It is about the assessment of my work. For 40 years, I have been bringing to the country a lot of money : up to 5 million dollars from a single trip, although all of us, the Soviet circus performers, received $ 5-7 for the performance,” he noted.

And this is despite the fact that he started working at age of 11 just not to starve to death. "After graduating in 1950 from circus school, I worked exactly 40 years in Soyuzgostsirk, which later became Rosgostsirk," recalled Popov.

It is said that another reason for the decision to leave the country has become a serious misunderstanding of the actor with his friend and colleague Yuri Nikulin, who then became the director of the circus.

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Before leaving Popov also buried his heavily thick first wife. She died when he was on his tour.

However, the world-famous artist has been destined to be happy. A year later, in Germany, he met the woman who became his wife. She was an artist under 40 years old. Although prior acquaintance with him working in a pharmacy, as well as he was madly in love with the circus. He then recalled that a secret from all Gaby juggled bubbles with drugs. They began to work together. And he confessed in his love by playing a to the phone: I Just Called To Say I Love You.

During his life, Oleg Popov, who was born on the last day of July 1930 in the village Vyrubovo, Kuntsevo district of Moscow region worked as an assistant mechanic in the printing plant "Pravda" newspaper, was starving. He worked equilibrists-comedian in a circus of Tbilisi, assisted the famous master of the comic genre in Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. He appeared on television, after the debut in the documentary film "Arena bold" (1953), has worked a lot in the movie. The most famous paintings with his participation were "Clumsy Friend" (1959), "The Last crook" (1966), "The Adventures of the Yellow Suitcase" (1970), "Carnival" (1972), "Mother", "The Blue Bird" (1976), "No access allowed" (1987).

Rosgostsirk is mourning. "A generous, multi-faceted talent and dedication of Oleg Popov make him deserved professional recognition and sincere love of the grateful audience, which will fill their hearts and for many years to come." Even in the Netherlands, he is remembered today as one of the most beloved artists. Remembered in France, Austria, the Netherlands, and Ukraine - everywhere where he performed his plays.

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