Fainting, slammed doors and illegitimate oaths: How inaugurations of Ukrainian presidents passed

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Not all presidents sang the state anthem, not everyone had the Constitution to swear on
18:57, 19 May 2019

President Poroshenko delivers speech in Ukraine's Parliament
Presidential Administration press office

The inauguration of the president-elect of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky will take place very soon. His team promises that the procedure will not be limited to an oath in the Verkhovna Rada, but they still do not disclose the details.

We decided to recall how the inaugurations of other presidents of Ukraine took place. Spoiler: no ceremony has passed without overlays and misunderstandings.

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Leonid Kravchuk

In 1991, the first president of independent Ukraine took the oath. The inauguration was very modest and was arranged quickly - Kravchuk took the oath three days after the announcement of the results of the CEC.

The snag was the fact that there was still nothing to swear on - the Constitution of Ukraine did not exist. Then the MP from the Lviv region Roman Lubkivsky offered to swear on the most ancient shrine of the country - Peresopnytske Gospel. As a result, Kravchuk kept one hand on his heart, and the other on the Constitution of the non-existent Ukrainian Soviet Republic and the Gospel.

The problem with the Ukrainian Anthem arised: the words of the text were not approved, only a few people could sing it.

After the inauguration there were no banquets and no celebrations. And for some time the president haven’t had his own office.

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Leonid Kuchma

Kuchma’s first inauguration in 1994 was very modest. The president entered through the side doors of the Verkhovna Rada without honors. The anthem was played by a military band, but nobody still sang it. Leonid Kuchma also swore on the Peresopnytske Gospel.

After the inauguration, the president hurried to the Mariinsky Palace: a reception was arranged there, and before this Kuchma had to meet with his predecessor for a handshake. But the solemn part in the Parliament passed so quickly that Kravchuk simply did not have time to arrive at the meeting place, and Kuchma had to wait for him on the street.

Much more solemnly the second inauguration of Kuchma passed in 1999.

First of all, because the celebration was moved from the hall of the Rada to the Ukraine Palace of Culture. It was then that the symbols of power appeared for the first time - the presidential mace, the official seal and the breastplate. They were made urgently, since were approved by Leonid Kuchma at the last moment.

Many guests gathered in the palace, not only representatives of regions of Ukraine, but also then-Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin, Head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, head of Gazprom, and even Russian film director Nikita Mikhalkov.

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Viktor Yushchenko

In 2005, Viktor Yushchenko had two oaths: illegitimate and legitimate. The first occurred even before the official announcement of the results of the CEC against the background of the protests, the participants of which declared election fraud. Then Yushchenko’s associate, Igor Yukhnovsky, came to the podium and invited him to take an oath on the Bible and the Constitution, despite the protests of Speaker Lytvyn. Yushchenko read the text of the oath from the rostrum of the parliament with the microphone turned off, and Lytvyn declared the oath illegitimate.

The official inauguration of Yushchenko took place on January 23, 2005. After the official part in the Rada, the new president went to Maidan, where the Orange Revolution took place. As a sign of peace, he launched white doves into the sky, but the birds didn’t want to take off and simply hid under the rooftops.


Viktor Yanukovych

The inauguration of Yanukovych in 2010 was perhaps the most scandalous. It passed at the half-empty hall of the Rada, because the opposition ignored the ceremony.

When Yanukovych entered the building of the Parliament, the doors practically slammed in front of him. The help came from the soldiers of the guard of honor. And during the oath, he, instead of putting the presidential certificate back on the pillow, as prescribed, hid it in his pocket.

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Petro Poroshenko

In 2014, the inauguration of Petro Poroshenko took place. The ceremony was also held in the Verkhovna Rada. The celebration passed in the Mystetsky Arsenal building.

The inauguration itself was calm, but before it, at the parliament building, a surprise nevertheless occurred. When Petro Poroshenko entered the building of the Verkhovna Rada, soldier of the guard of honor fainted at the very moment when a new president passed by.

20 presidents and delegations from 50 countries of the world arrived at this inauguration.

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