Expensive meters: How cheap apartments vanished in Kyiv

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Renting a cheap apartment in the capital of Ukraine is now almost impossible: good offers "disappear" from the databases of real estate agencies in two hours. The observed hype allowed homeowners to raise prices by about 25-30%, as well as to shift payments for utilities to their tenants
21:38, 6 September 2016

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"On Sunday, August 25th I posted an ad about the rental of one-room apartment in Kyiv of 32.7 sq m.", - said the representative of the real estate agency "Alliance-Brock," Vladyslav Kulishenko. "Housing is located in a seven-minute walk from a subway station" Dorohozhychi " with quite a good interior, so the owner is ready to give the apartment for long term rent for 5 000 UAH  (190 USD) per month. For two hours after posting the ad I received calls of at least 50 people, and in two and a half hours clients started to arrive to take a look at the apartment. After another hour I had a new tenant of my apartment, "- tells realtor about his experience. This case fully describes what is happening on the Kyiv rent market.

Cheap proposals

According to the real estate professionals, now the greatest demand noticed for one-room apartments priced up to 5 000 UAH (190 USD), and two-room - to 7 000 UAH (260 USD) per month. Most actively in the capital people rent apartments of economy class, but there is also demand for  housing of business and premium class," - says the head of Research Development Company "Intergal-Bud" Anna Layevska.

But it’s really not so easy to find such an apartment. At first glance, it seems that in Kyiv, there are many housing proposals for the price from 3 to 5 000 UAH in almost any area of the city and any footage. But when a journalist of tried to rent a one-room flat of 36sq m., which was proposed for 4 000 UAH (150 USD) per month, estate agent named Mykola said that this apartment is already rented, but he can offer us a few other options, but for 5 500 UAH per month. The author of the second ad was the owner of the one-room apartment, and wanted to lease it for 3 500 UAH (130 USD) per month, offered us to bargain. "I have a good apartment and I have 5 potential tenants, so one of you who pay me more, and will be able to rent this flat", - she said. Professional realtors say that this is a standard practice. The same tools are often used when selling apartments.

Middle class

The second category of clients who wants to rent the property in Kyiv this year – it’s students – children of wealthy parents, and the representatives of IT-industry. Usually they prefer to search for apartments in new buildings near the subway stations. "This level of one-bedroom apartments is not cheaper than 8 000 UAH (300 USD) per month", - says the head of Kyiv real estate agency "Babylon" Artur Pylypchuk. The main argument in the choice of such a class housing tenants called the quality of life: good interiors, adequate neighbors, operating communications, security and other.

There are also not enough premium-class apartments in Kyiv, according to director of another agency. "Our customers regularly go to look at the elite houses in Koncha Zaspa which costs 8-10 000 USD per month, but remain dissatisfied. Prices do not meet their requirements ", - he said. A similar problem occurs with luxury apartments. That's why many expats prefer to rent rooms in the well-known five-star hotels.

High demand by tenants allowed the apartment owners to raise prices by about 20-25%. "Many owners of apartments in the capital have already raised prices, for example, when in August-September last year, one-bedroom apartment could be rented for 3 500 UAH (130 USD) per month, excluding the cost of utilities, now - not less than 4 500 UAH (170 USD) ", - says Anna Layevska.

And the experts predict that apartment owners will not risk raising the rent until the end of this year as since October the demand for rent of apartments will start to decrease. The situation will change in the spring next year, when Kyiv will again observe an increase in business activity. This situation could again provoke a rise in prices by about 15-20%.

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