Ex-minister Klymenko laundered 12 billion dollars

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Olexander Klymenko created a criminal hierarchical organization for evading non-payment of taxes, which later became known as the state program
10:11, 31 July 2017

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More than three years have passed since the bringing down of Yanukovych’s regime, but crimes of the then high-level institutions remain uninvestigated, and new materials are continually being added to them. July 28, the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine announced the results of the investigation of criminal proceedings in the so-called "tax case".

According to the investigation version, in 2011 the then head of the tax service, and subsequently the minister of revenues and charges, Olexander Klymenko, as agreed by President Viktor Yanukovych, created a criminal hierarchical organization for evading non-payment of taxes, which later became known as the state program.

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In particular, Klymenko united all illegal conversion centers that functioned on the territory of Ukraine, into the so-called "tax areas". Under his leadership, Ukrainian business was forced to work exclusively through these mechanisms, so minimal part of taxes came in budget.

Tax collection system operates by a simple scheme. The real sector of the economy contributes part of the profits, namely, 20%, to the state budget. The State Tax Service is closely following the full and timely payments. With the appointment of Klymenko, the head of the tax service between the real sector of the economy and the state budget became an intermediary ("taxation platform"), which served as a conversion center for business and enrichment of tax officials.

As established by the investigation, access to the said department was limited, it was situated on a separate floor of the Ministry. The funds to the department were sent in cash and did not appear in official documents, registers, bank accounts of the department.

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In order to become the head of the "tax area", it was necessary to pay for the so-called "entrance" to the program. According to witnesses, the cost of one such "tax pad" in some places reached $ 1 million.

Notably, although they were called the state program, none of them belonged to the state. All "taxation areas" were controlled by private individuals.

So, for two and a half years, almost 96 billion UAH (12 billion dollars) was actually "laundered".

If we take the state budget for 2011 and divide the losses incurred by the amount of payments allocated for the social protection of the population, it turns out that according to Klymenko’s scheme, more than 8 budgets for social protection of the population were stolen. And if you divide these funds between the adult population of Ukraine, it turns out that $ 350 were stolen from the pocket of each Ukrainian.

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According to the prosecutor's office, Klymenko has stolen more than $ 2 billion from the activities of the "taxation sites".

At the same time, it is noted that the scheme of the work of "tax areas" on the territory of Ukraine is fully confirmed by witnesses.

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Now, according to the "tax case," 46 people were suspected, including heads of regional tax authorities, as well as ex-minister. There are nine people in custody, another 18 are under bail.

At the request of the prosecutor's office, property of suspects for the amount of UAH 900 million was arrested. The amount of the arrested property from Klymenko and his affiliated companies is several times higher is 6 billion UAH.

Recall, Olexander Klymenko served as Minister of Revenue and Fees of Ukraine from 2012 to February 2014, in 2011 he was chairman of the State Tax Service of Ukraine.

After the dismissal of the Minister of Revenue and Fees, Klymenko, along with his family, left Ukraine.

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