Ex-deputy of Russian State Duma killed in Kyiv: Biography of Voronenkov

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Voronenkov left the hotel with a security guard, and the killer opened fire on them. The deputy received wounds and died on the spot
22:49, 23 March 2017

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In December 2016, 45-year-old State Duma Deputy of the sixth convocation Denys Voronenkov, together with his son and wife Maria Maksakova - an opera singer and ex-deputy from United Russia - moved to Ukraine. He obtained Ukrainian citizenship.

In January 2017, Voronenkov testified against Viktor Yanukovych. He said that he asked the Prosecution General asked him to do this, and noted that this had nothing to do with obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.

"As soon as I gave my first interview (to the Ukrainian media, - ed.), my Twitter was immediately hacked, my passwords were stolen. Not they are dragging through the mire, making me a criminal. Exemplarily, in order to prevent others from looking at Ukraine," he said.

In addition to Voronenkov, former State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev gave testimony against Yanukovych.

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After moving to the Ukrainian capital, Voronenkov's wife was expelled from United Russia for dual citizenship. And the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation said that Voronenkov left the Russian Federation to avoid criminal prosecution. Soon, the UK asked the court to arrest in absentia an ex-deputy of Russian State Duma. He was also put on international wanted list.



Denys Voronenkov and Maria Maksakova in the State Duma

March 3, 2017, the Moscow Court authorized Voronenkov's arrest in absentia on charges of organizing a major fraud. He was accused of raider capture of a building in the center of Moscow. According to the investigation, the building with a total area of 1499.4 square meters and a market value of 127 million rubles, was sold for 20 million rubles. And Voronenkov was unofficially paid more than $ 1.2 million. In early 2001, he was part of case of a bribe of 10,000 dollars, but the case was closed.

Almost all the time, Voronenko has been working in the civil service in Russia and until he was elected to the State Duma, for some time he was engaged in business. He had been a member of the Communist Party, but in March he was automatically expelled from the Party because of Ukrainian citizenship. The Russian media wrote that he owns elite real estate in several districts of Moscow for the amount of almost 1 billion rubles.

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In November 2014, Voronenkov declared: "Ukraine today is not only a tragedy of our fraternal people, it is a lesson for all of us!" This is what happens to young people who have been subjected to specific influence of media, movies, songs, school. For 25 years, several generations of young people have been brought up in an anti-Russian and Russophobic spirit. We see the results today."

Before moving to Ukraine, Voronenkov did not voice his pro-Ukrainian rhetoric and even voted for the illegal annexation of Crimea. He said that if he had not voted then he would have been arrested.

Novaya Gazeta wrote that in the summer of 2016, just before his departure from Russia, Voronenkov asked the Minister of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov to ban the game of PokemonGo because "with the help of video games the bodies responsible for conducting psychological warfare in the US are trying to form the image of a future war that best meets the goals and interests of Washington." According to the newspaper, marrying an opera singer, a member of the "United Russia" gave Voronenkov an opportunity to have personal communication with former speaker of the State Duma Sergei Naryshkin and presidential aide Vladislav Surkov. This was the first inter-factional wedding in the history of Russian State Duma.

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He was also involved in a scandal over the high-profile case of the "Three Whales", within which a conflict arose between the "power" and customs bodies of Russia. He repeatedly said that he was investigating this case, but later his involvement was questioned. Voronenkov said that in 2007 he was assassinated in the center of Moscow in the midst of the Three Whales case.

In 2013, he pick a fight with a former FSB officer, Andrey Murzikov, and then media published a letter sent of an entrepreneur, sentenced in Russia, who accused Voronenkov and FSB in organizing the murder of her business partner.

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In his last interview, he said that the special services of the Russian Federation have been controlling every step taken by him. He told me that if he were a bit younger, he would participate in ATO. From 1995 to 1999, he has been serving in various positions in the military prosecutor's offices of the Russian Federation.

The media wrote that for several years, Maria Maksakova has been living with a criminal authority Vladimir Tyurin. And the firms affiliated with her, regularly won the tenders of the Ministry of Sport to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle.

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