European puzzle: Russia-backed European parties (Part 1)

Author : Mauro Voerzio

Source : 112 Ukraine

European parties in the Russian game to destabilize the world
18:42, 10 May 2016

112 International

Presidential elections in Austria demonstrate that Russian plan to destabilize Europe is in high gear. Now we are in the 2nd phase, which comes exactly after the 1st (military propaganda), and precedes anarchies in case of failing in creating of a friendly government.

On April 2016 in the 1st round of presidential elections the candidate from the Norbert Hofer’s party ranked 1st with 36.4% of votes (1.363.137 votes).

His party, the Freedom Party of Austria, (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (FPÖ)is one representing pro-Russian, anti-European, even xenophobic and ultra-right political positions. His cooperation with Russia dates back to 2003.

During false Crimean referendum in 2014, to it give an international legitimacy, Russia invited politicians of “friendly European parties”. There were Johannes HübnerJohann Gudenus and Ewald Stadler. All 3 are members of FPÖ (Austria).

Austria is just the other part of Russian external policy, directed to destabilization of European continent till its crash, to have a possibility to expand its hegemony and avoid economical catastrophe within Russia itself.

Kremlin’s strategies placed bets on political figures with the highest resonance due to their political projects i.e. ultra right European parties. Such parties could pass to the violent and abusive destabilization with rallies and physical clashes.

Everyone knows that in France they had reliance upon Marine Le Pen (National Frons). In Italy, at the same time, they have reliance upon Matteo Salvini (Lega Nord). Fabrizion Berto (Forza Italia) and also Claudioa d’Amico (Lega Nord) and Valerio Cignietti (Fiamma Tricolore) came to Crimea as representatives from Italy. Also Roberto Fiore (Forza Nuova) arrived to Crimea, and Senatore Lucio Malan (Forza Italia).

Russia supports openly neo-nazi movement Jobbik in Hungary. This party as well was an observer in Crimea with its representative Bela Kovacs.

Maybe it’s just an accident but Hungary and Austria are those countries creating the biggest problems in Europe as to migrants.

Now it’s turn of Great Britain to be called for a referendum. Nigel Farage (United Kingdom Independence Party) has always been of anti-Europe views and pro-Russian at the same time. He sees Mr.Putin as the greatest politician of the modern times.

A terminative puzzle belongs to Holland parties such as a party of Liberty that played a key role in campaign of the Dutch referendum.

During many years all these personalities have been working on backdrops of politics not having real political programs for civilized society. They appeared and gain more and more territories thanks to the Russian fuel. The fuel represented not only in the form of credits received from Moscow but…immigrants.

Russia claimed campaigns in Syria to be finished by reaching all military goals. Does this mean that ISIS has lost? Certainly not! The scope of Russians was to bomb the most populous cities to create a flux of refugees which have been invading Europe for a year.

The scheme is simple, I (Russia) give you what you need to gain more votes and, consequently, have not a back-seat role. In a response you destabilize European union and help to weaken NATO, expecting main role in the nearest year when all the governors in satellite states will be replaced under my project.

Due to this, xenophobic parties of a half of Europe may be engaged in politics as they like to, they don’t need to be cautious in racist statements or violence talks. No one is ashamed to express what should be forbidden in civilized society.

To this must be added that to these parties are granted the support of propaganda that has an opportunity to enter the homes of all Europe, system that doesn’t need to “check” news as mass media becomes a weapon and the fact that this lie just can be shoot down.

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