Equality March in Kyiv: this is when far-rights come too far

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The official representatives of the far-right political forces intimidate LGBT activists with "bloody mess" and street fight
14:53, 12 June 2016

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Speaker of the far-right organization "Pravyi Sektor" Artem Skoropadsky said his political force will "strongly discourage" the march for equality “which propagates that LGBT is a norm.” He said it in a comment for Gordon.

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March for equality to be held on June 12 in Kyiv. And this event has triggered a harsh reaction from numerous far-right activists and officials. For example, Skoropadsky stated that the participants of the march might face “bloody mess” during the rally. Should we interpret the official position of the far-right organization as a threat? The speaker continued: "Given the experience of previous years and the tense situation in the society, everything can happen. August 31, 2015 there was a rally near the Verkhovna Rada, and someone threw a grenade. But there was far less confrontation and misunderstanding between the participants of the meeting, than between the LGBT community and the nationalists".

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"Of course, we plan to participate in actions against the march, and will do everything to prevent its outreach," noted Skoropadsky. "We are going to block the procession, that's all. Well, perhaps it can provoke some fights, and we know it. So what? Should we renounce our beliefs? Remember those events on Hrushevsky street (a street in central Kyiv where Governmental buildings are locates, ed.)? You mean we should have listened to Pshonka (ex-Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka, ed.) and do not fight? Yes, we suppose that the clashes might occur, but we do not care; we express our position in the way we like."

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Speaker of "Pravyi Sektor" also joined the debate with the head of the National Police Khatia Dekanoidze.

“We absolutely do not understand the position of the National Police. Yesterday, its chairperson Mrs. Dekanoidze said that we must show that Ukraine is a European country, and the police will firmly respond to any attempt to cease the march. And I would like to remind her that in fact in her native country, Georgia, which she had left just recently, gay parades were harshly stopped by religious people. Organizing gay parades has nothing in common with European identity,” considers Skoropadsky.

"There is only one way to avoid the provocations - to cancel the march," he said.

The question arises, why "Pravyi Sektor" does not want to give the LGBT community an opportunity to express their position? The speaker of the far-rights said: "We are not against sexual minorities, we are against the imposition of bad ideas inherent to 1% of people. And they try to impose these ideas on the whole nation. Ukraine is a traditional country, like Georgia. Here this idea [of tolerance to LGBT] would never become a norm".

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According to him, "any street action is propaganda, and the gay parade is propaganda that being LGBT is a norm, and we do not think it is a norm".

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Far-right Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) called on the citizens of Ukraine to come the streets on the day of Equality March in Kyiv and called on the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko to appeal to the Kyiv District Administrative Court and ban the Equality March.

In 2015, before the LGBT parade in Kyiv, "Pravyi Sektor" said they would not allow the event. It still took place, but was followed by clashes between participants and opponents of the march. The attackers began throwing smoke bombs and stones. One of the policemen suffered a serious neck injury.

In 2014, organizers have announced the cancellation of the parade, scheduled for 5 July, after the talks with Kyiv law enforcement officers. Prior to that, Klitschko voiced his negative position, and justified the cancellation due to the war in the eastern Ukraine.

The first LGBT parade in the capital took place in May 2013. It has also ended with clashes.

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