Elections to German Bundestag: Friends and rivals of Ukraine

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Speaking about Ukrainian issue, one cannot compare the far-right Alternative für Deutschland and the National Democratic Party that support annexation of Crimea, and Die Linke, who formally condemned it
19:18, 24 September 2017


This year elections to German Bundestag are the most expensive in the history of the country. According to preliminary estimations, the cost of the 2017 election is estimated at 92 million euros. At 8 o’clock in the morning 14,500 polling stations of 299 electoral districts have opened. About 60 observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) work in the elections to the Bundestag.

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This year, 42 parties take part in the elections, and this is the record number in the history of Germany. 4828 candidates take part in the elections, 1400 of them are women. The youngest candidate is 18 years old, the oldest candidate is 89. Current German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has high chances to take the post of head of government.

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The latest polls show that Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands/Christlich-Soziale Union (CDU/CSU) alliance leads under her leadership. According to Emnid Polling institute, the last opinion poll of which ended on September 21, 35% of voters are ready to vote for the CDU/CSU block. In the second place of Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD), 22% of voters are ready to vote for them. Far-right "Alternative für Deutschland" (AfD) might gain about 11% of the vote, "DIE LINKE" - 10%, "Freie Demokratische Partei" (FDF) - about 9%, "DIE GRÜNEN" - 8%.

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Numerous Ukrainian political analysts and experts, when voicing their once-over-fifty forecasts, suppose that in these elections, Russia’s Putin has two “friends,” while Ukraine has two “rivals.” The names of these parties are far-right AfD and left Die Linke. If everything is clear with far-rights and their discourse of hatred, the situation with Die Linke is not that simple. In fact, there are a number of rompish politicians with Russophile statements, the most famous is Sahra Wagenknecht. But in reality the major part of the party members do not support these ideas. Moreover, party leadership – Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger – have condemned Russian annexation of Crimea and its interference in Donbas. In this regard, we should not forget about scandalous statement of leader of the German Free Democrats Christian Lindner that Germany should accept Crimean annexation as “permanent provisional solution.” AfD deputy chair Alexander Gauland said that “Crimea is ultimately ancient Russian territory and cannot go back to Ukraine.”


However, condemnation of left candidates is not the ingenious idea of Ukrainian political experts. Due to the fact that the left criticize NATO and the US policy, they are often made out to be Russia’s puppets.

Speaking about Ukrainian issue, one cannot compare the far-right (AfD and the National Democratic Party) that support annexation of Crimea, and Die Linke, who formally condemned it.

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