Double illegitimacy of Crimean MPs in Russian State Duma

Author : Serhiy Stelmakh

Source : 112 Ukraine

Russian president's administration gave them a place in the State Duma, violating its own legislation
17:39, 11 October 2016

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Natalia Poklonskaya at a meeting of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

The annexation of Crimea became rude and defiant violation of international law. Kremlin seized Ukrainian territory, violated and continues to violate its own constitution and laws. Last vivid example is the elections to the State Duma held on the peninsula, which was not recognized by the official Kiev and unrecognized by the international community. The irony is that the election of Crimean representatives of the State Duma contradicts relevant federal law.

Crimean "deputies" in the federal parliament a twice illegitimate in the position. Firstly, the peninsula is occupied territory and the electoral process, sanctioned by Moscow, a priori, was unlawful. Second, the Kremlin and its Crimean puppets "forgot" about the existence of the federal law "On the status of the Federation Council and the status of the deputy of the State Duma." The first article states that State Duma deputies "could not be a citizen of the Russian Federation, having the citizenship of a foreign state."

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Former Crimean "prosecutor" Natalia Poklonskaya, “the vice-speakers” Kostyantyn Baharev and Andriy Kozenko, “deputy Prime Minister” Ruslan Balbec, and other participants of the farce called “Duma elections” were and are citizens of Ukraine. Poklonskaya might hundred times repeat the Kremlin’s mantra that the Ukrainian state "no longer exists," telling reporters that she does not care about criminal cases, which security officials are investigating in Kyiv. At the end of last month, it became known that the Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office opened criminal proceedings against the "deputies" of the Russian parliament, elected in the annexed territory. Natalia Poklonskaya was instructed to comment on the actions of the Ukrainian security officials. It turned out silly and funny.

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"The Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine, unfortunately, has lost its professionalism and long time did not read the Criminal Code of its own country. The crime under the article "treason" includes subjective and objective sides. The subjects are the citizens of Ukraine, we are Crimeans, we are not the citizens of Ukraine, we went out in accordance with the law of citizenship of Ukraine are Russian citizens. What treason are you talking about?" The former “prosecutor” claimed.  

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In the same paragraph, she consciously lied several times. March 10, 2014 the self-proclaimed "power" of the peninsula called her the "prosecutor." The next day, the illegitimate parliament passed a declaration of "independence" of Crimea. Two days later, the official Kyiv announced Poklonskaya wanted. March 18 2014, Vladimir Putin signed a "contract on joining" of Crimea and Russia. The inhabitants of the peninsula, living on the peninsula were automatically declared Russian citizens. Those who did not want to get Russian citizenship, had a month to reject the Russian "Ausweis".

March 25 the same year, the Russian Prosecutor General creates "the Crimean prosecutor's office," assigning Poklonskaya. Simultaneously, the "Speaker" Vladimir Konstantinov and his subordinates in the "Presidency" in a festive atmosphere get Russian passports. Among them was Kostyantyn Baharev. So their documents were prepared in just a week. They did not have passports of citizens of "independent" Crimea, as quaker state lasted less than a week.

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The international community and the Ukrainian authorities have not recognized the issuing Russian documents to the Crimeans. Even if Poklonskaya or Kozenko ate their Ukrainian documents, it does not cease to be Ukrainian citizens. Consequently, the Russian president's administration (we will speak directly) gave them a place in the State Duma, in violation of not only Ukrainian legislation and international law, but also its own legislation.

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Nobody in the Kremlin cares about these "little things." President Vladimir Putin and his inner circle deliberately went to a large-scale international crime, chop off a part of the sovereign territory under the guise of "national will." Even from the standpoint of Russian legislation, "Krymnash" (i.e. Crimea belongs to Russia) is a legal fiction. The fake "referendum" violates the current "Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership between the Russian Federation and Ukraine," the articles of the CSCE Helsinki Final Act of 1975, which is the basis of a pan-European security system; a number of the declaration of the UN General Assembly and other important documents. Holding the "elections" on the peninsula, the authorities were aware of violating their own legislation. But they ignored it.

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