Dormition Fast: rules and diet

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The Assumption Fast starts on August 14 and lasts 2 weeks; it is one of the strictest fasts
12:14, 14 August 2018

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The Dormition or Assumption Fast starts on August 14 and ends on August 27. This fast is held before the major holidays: Transfiguration of Jesus and Dormition of the Mother of God.

The Dormition Fast lasts 2 weeks. This is the shortest of the grand fasts of the year. Among the believers, it is considered the shortest and the sweetest one, because it starts with the blessing of honey and later – blessing of fruits. The feast of the Honey Savior, which falls on the first day of fasting, is the time of the blessing of new honey, which you can eat.

The Assumption fast was associated with the gathering of crops and the beginning of autumn.

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Peculiarities of the Assumption fast

Fasting is not just a restriction on food. First of all, lent is the observance of spiritual purity, an attempt to turn to God and atone for all the sins committed.

Despite the fact that the fast is rather short, it is nevertheless quite strict. During the fasting days, you ought to not only abide by a special menu, excluding meat and dairy but also to refrain from different entertainments – loud music, club parties and meetings with alcohol and dances.

At the beginning of the fast, the believers read morning and evening prayers. One must visit the church and pray for the wellbeing of one’s close people. It is common to bless the water in the first days of the fast.

The church does not forbid to engage in the everyday activities, however, the priests advise to not to be hasty and overexert yourself. It is better to preserve energy for spiritual practices and to spend time in thinking and prayers.

It is forbidden to have bad thoughts, say bad words, to be greedy and spiteful during the fast. You should try not to be sad or depressed. First of all, use this time to clear your soul from all the negative energy.  

You should not get married during the Dormition Fast. Marriage is the celebration and festivity, which is unacceptable in this period.

It is not recommended to watch television and to spend a lot of time at the computer.

One should not do the fortune-telling, try to predict future and change one’s fate.

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Tuesday, August 14 is the Savior of the Honey Feast Day. Usually, in this time, all honeycombs are full of honey in the hives and the beekeepers gather it. Later they bring honey to the church and bless it. On this day, people should refrain from eating meat, dairy products, eggs and oil. It is allowed to eat boiled food: porridge, vegetables, etc.

Wednesday, August 15 is a Strict Fast; you should eat dry food: bread, fresh or dried vegetables, fruits. Hot food is not allowed, even tea or compote. Ill people, pregnant women should only refrain from eating meat, and are free from dry food fasting.

Thursday, August 16 repeats Tuesday’s rules – hot food, porridges, vegetables, fruits. However, no oil, fish or wine on this day.  

Friday, August 17. Dry food. Prohibition on most of the products allowed in regular days, including food cooked on fire.

Saturday, August 18. You can eat hot dishes today - porridge, soups, stew; to the usual products adds also fish and oil of the sunflower, olive, rape, corn; On Saturday, drinking wine is allowed, but in very small quantities.

Sunday, August 19. The same menu as on Saturday. August 19 is the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, known as the Apple Spas. According to the tradition of this day, you can eat apples of a new harvest, and in some regions apples are replaced by grapes. Therefore apple dishes are added to the usual menu; apples in honey are especially popular.

Monday, August 20. Strict fasting, preferably the dried food; Monday's prescriptions repeat the recommendations of Wednesday and Friday.

Tuesday, August 21. The menu for Tuesday repeats that of Thursday with a total ban on seafood and river fish, alcohol.

On the other days - Monday, Wednesday and Friday people are recommended to refrain from cooked hot dishes; Tuesday and Thursday - hot food is allowed; Saturday and Sunday are the days when not only hot food is allowed, with the addition of different oils, but also fish and a little bit of wine.

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