Don't get burned: Key fire safety tips

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After the fire in Russia's Kemerovo, many of us have reconsidered our fire safety knowledge
12:20, 30 March 2018

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The fire in Russia's Kemerovo shocked many people all over the world. The burnt mall, numerous victims, and the general resonance – all these things should make most people reconsider their knowledge about fire safety. Or at least, make sure that they have the knowledge, which is necessary for survival.

So, here are some basic rules, when there is a fire in a crowded place:

1) the most important thing is not to panic. Panic is very harmful in this case, for you and for the others. You have to get yourself together;

2) when visiting a large crowded place – a mall, a movie theater or something similar – try to remember the exit routes. Pay attention to where are the fire extinguishers and emergency exits. And, what is more important, try to remind your children about it. This could be done in the format of the game: before entering the shopping center, task your children to count the fire extinguishers and remember their location.

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3) the fire is around you. The main goal is to protect the respiratory system. If you have some water with you, wet one some piece of your clothing (scarf, handkerchief, etc.), cover your nose and mouth. Breathe only through this wet piece of cloth, which serves a kind of filter in this situation. If there is no water, urine will help.

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4) if blanketing smoke has formed, pull over to the floor. The combustion products always move upwards, so your task is to be as low as possible to the floor. Crawl if possible.

5) avoid elevators and escalators. It is better to move down the stairs. Otherwise, you risk getting into the smoked zone. Speaking about the escalators, in the event of a fire, they should automatically turn off. If they still work, there is a great risk of falling because of the overcrowding.

6) by the way, never go against the crowd, strictly move in its general direction.

7) if you fall down, try to stand up as soon as possible. Otherwise, the crowd would simply trample you.

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And remember, the rules of fire safety are not something just formal, which you ought to know from the school, but find it too unnecessary to remember. This should be an important part of your education and the education of your children.

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