Divers, drones and patrols: How tourist police will work in Odesa

Author : Tetiana Sviatenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

This summer Odesa expects about 6 million tourists. And it's not a secret that in the places of concentration of city guests we’ll see those who want to rob these tourists
21:35, 4 June 2018

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Most often during the holiday season, the police of the Odesa region reports thefts and robberies, as well as cases of hooliganism. And also drunken fights. For safe and comfortable rest of tourists, as well as for the prevention and rapid detection of crimes in Odesa and the region, the tourist police project was launched. We have found out what such police will do and what are the specifics of the work of the new units for Ukraine.

Tourist police will start work simultaneously with the start of the season, on June 1, and will continue its activity until October 1. The unit includes foot patrols, car patrols, bicycle patrols, cynologists, water police, divers, aerospace support, as well as patrols of the National Guard. A total of about 300 law enforcers will patrol the coastal and adjacent zones daily.

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"This is a new division for Ukraine: at the end of the last tourist season we launched bike patrols in the coastal zone, and it gave its results: the number of offenses was significantly reduced in the areas where they patrolled, this year we launch a tourist police - law enforcers will round the clock every day patrol the coastal zone, work for the prevention and detection of crimes, in addition, they all received special training, speak foreign languages. work for foreigners. The patrols will have information booklets with embassy phone numbers, as well as with the hotline number of the police, "said Ivan Ishchenko, head of the preventive activities department of the National Police in the Odesa region.

In Odesa itself, the coastal zone will be divided into four sections - Arcadia, Langeron, Luzanovka and the Gold Coast. On each site, in addition to patrols, there will be a police station - a temporary point for investigators, operatives and the head of the patrol organization. The police station organizes the work of external services and, if necessary, fixes and investigates crimes. Due to this, in case of committing a crime, the police response will be as quick as possible.

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"In Odesa, about 200 law enforcers will be involved in patrolling, in the region - 100 more every day." At the same time, we do not withdraw the police forces from the city, where the police will also serve in a strengthened regime. There will be more patrols in the city. Creating an additional unit, the tourist police was possible due to the attraction of the soldiers of the National Guard and the recruitment of special police forces, "Ishchenko said.

So, in the coastal zone will work foot patrols of police and bicycle patrols. In the green zone there will be groups of the National Guard and cynologists, in the enclosing territories there will be a service of auto patrols.

"The soldiers of the National Guard will serve together with the police to provide assistance, the service in the green zone - patrols, two or three servicemen and patrols with service dogs will be put in. Near the green zone there will be auto patrols to provide assistance to the foot patrols. Altogether, 160 servicemen of the National Guard were brought in. The tasks are to help tourists, including the foreigners, as well as prevention of crimes in places of recreation "- said the deputy commander of the National Guard.

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The water police on the boats will fight off violators (drunk owners of boats) and rescue drowning at sea. Divers will work together with the water police. Among their tasks is to save drowning people and search for material evidence. "If an offense is committed and something is thrown out into the sea, they sink and search, and they are also chasing the offenders under the water. In total, eight such police officers will be involved, "Ishchenko said.

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Tourist police will use three unmanned vehicles - to fix offenses or search for something or someone in hard-to-reach places.

"We are ready for any number of tourists here in the coastal zone, every vacationer will see a police officer and will feel safe," - says Ishchenko.

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Well, the idea of the police of the Odesa region is grandiose, the unit is undoubtedly necessary, but we will ask about the efficiency and results of the work of the tourist police at the end of the holiday season. And, of course, we will observe its work in process.

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