Dismissal of National Guard head Allerov: Poroshenko's revenge or sanctions for corruption

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National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) detectives detained and handed suspicion to the former head of the National Guard, Yuriy Allerov
14:20, 17 May 2019

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A few days ago, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) detectives detained and handed suspicion to the former head of the National Guard, Yuriy Allerov, and the court is about to elect a preventive measure. We have gathered the main things you should know about this case.

On May 7, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko dismissed Colonel-General Yuriy Allerov, Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine, at his own request, and a week after the latter was detained by NABU detectives and handed over suspicion of misappropriation of property to a large department under his control amount of. Coincidence? Let's figure it out.

What do we know about Yuriy Allerov

Yuriy Allerov is 55 years old. He was born on February 6, 1964, in Lviv.

He obtained his first higher education at the Leningrad General Military School in 1985, and then he graduated from the Academy of the Armed Forces, where he studied at the operational-tactical faculty (1997). In 2011, he defended his Ph.D. thesis on "Military service activities of the security forces."

As for the military career, until recently, it looked quite successful.

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By 2010, Allerov had gone a path from a platoon commander to the head of the Western Territorial Command of the Interior Troops of Ukraine. In 2011, he became a major general.

A year later, he was appointed a head of the Directorate of the Southern Territorial Command of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine but subsequently returned to the Western sector, which in spring 2014 became a structural unit of the National Guard.

Then, in April 2014, Allerov became known for convincing Jaguar special forces, demoralized by the events on the Maidan to go to Kharkiv, and there to fulfill an order to unblock state institutions seized by pro-Russian militants and separatists.

There is also information that in April-July of the same year Allerov was a participant in the armed actions in Donbas, in particular in the battles for Slovyansk (Donetsk region).

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So, on the eve of Independence Day of Ukraine, on August 23, 2014, he was given the rank of lieutenant general, and on December 30, 2015, President Petro Poroshenko appointed him commander of the National Guard of Ukraine.

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In 2016, Allerov received the Order of Bogdan Khmelnytsky of II degree "for personal achievements in protecting the territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state, courage and high professionalism shown in countering manifestations of separatism in the Kharkiv region in April 2014." In addition, he has eight more awards for good service.

In August 2017, he was given the next military rank – Colonel-General, and then something happened that today we are talking about Allerov again – he was dismissed from his post and detained by NABU detectives.

What’s the former head of the National Guard been charged with?

According to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, the former head of the National Guard, Yuriy Allerov, was detained on May 14, 2019, in connection with reporting suspicion of committing a crime, which qualifies under Part 5 of Art. 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (appropriation, embezzlement of property or the taking of it by abuse of official position).

Its paragraph 5 is the most serious and involves sanctions in the form of imprisonment for a term of 7 to 12 years with deprivation of the right to hold certain posts or engage in certain activities for up to 3 years and with confiscation of property.

In particular, Allerov is accused of taking possession of the property of the Main Directorate of the National Guard by preliminary agreement on a large sum of 2,8 million USD.

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The investigation found that in the 2000s, the Main Directorate of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (National Guard of Ukraine) and Ukrbud development company concluded an agreement according to which a residential complex with built-in parking and non-residential premises had to be built at the territory of the military unit.

In exchange for a land plot of about 1 hectare in the center of Kyiv, the National Guard was supposed to receive 50 apartments and 30 parking places in the residential complex.

However, in 2016-2017, the parties entered into additional agreements, according to which the National Guard refused to give up these apartments and parking spaces in Pechersk district of Kyiv (an elite part of Ukraine’s capital) in exchange for 65 apartments in the house, which the same development company built on the outskirts of Kyiv (near Chervony Khutir metro station”).

The cost of these apartments, as established by the examination carried out within the framework of the pre-trial investigation, is 2,8 million USD less than the previously agreed.

The NABU stressed that the relevant investigation has been conducted since December 2017.

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Along with Allerov, Oleh Mayboroda, Ukrbud CEO, and a person, who conducted the assessment of the mentioned real estate, were also detained. Searches at the places of their residence and work were conducted.

Allerov’s reaction to the criminal case

Former Commander of the National Guard under Yuriy Allerov refused from testifying at the National Anti-Corruption Bureau in the case of misappropriation of property.

“He did not give anything at all in terms of testimony,” a source close to the investigation told Ukrainian News outlet, stressing that this is precisely why there was no interrogation as such. Allerov has not made any statements to the press.

At the same time, Ukrbud development company, the general director of which is also the person involved in the NABU investigation, has made public its position.

“Ukrbud Development” LLC contributed to the investigation by providing the necessary documents, voluntary consent to conduct inspections, the employees provided testimony as witnesses... The company is ready to further promote full and unbiased pre-trial investigation, including by providing the necessary financial and economic and accompanying documents and clarifications to them. And the representatives of Ukrbud Development LLC are ready to appear to participate in interrogations.”

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Alternative versions of detention

In addition to the official version of the arrest, of course, there is an alternative vision of what happened – it is the revenge of president Poroshenko.

After his resignation from the post of the head of the National Guard, Allerov did not rule out the possibility that he would continue to serve in the National Guard if the proposal comes from Volodymyr Zelensky, the newly elected head of state.

“If the new president makes such a decision, I will consider this proposal. And now I will be dismissed according to the law,” Allerov stated in his interview with Hromadske, adding that he “resigned for family reasons.”

In addition, it is rumored that Poroshenko had tensed relations with Allerov. Mainly due to disagreements with Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, to whom the National Guard is subordinate.


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In 2017, immediately after Allerov received the rank of colonel-general, a military parade was held in Kyiv on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine. The president congratulated the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine but missed Allerov, who stood third in the first row. Following Poroshenko, Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak also did not shake Allerov’s hand.

What's next?

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau is awaiting a court session at which a preventive measure for Yuriy Allerov will be chosen.

According to the ministry, it should take place in the near future. The investigation intends to ask the court to take Allerov in custody for a period of two months and establish an alternative bail in the amount of 350,000 USD.

On May 16, the Shevchenko district court of Kyiv dismissed Oleg Mayboroda, Ukrbud CEO, from custody. The decision was motivated by the fact that NABU detectives exceeded their authority during his arrest.

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