Diplomatic incomes: How much does Ukraine pay its ambassadors abroad

Author : Yuriy Hodovan

Source : continues a series of materials on the income of high-ranking Ukrainian officials. This time we will discuss the salaries of ambassadors and permanent representatives of Ukraine in various countries and authoritative international organizations abroad
22:21, 24 October 2017

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Today Ukraine has its official representations in more than 180 countries, as well as permanent representatives in eight authoritative international organizations. Some countries are deprived of full-fledged embassies - often the representative offices of our country are working for several states, however, this does not prevent Ukraine from having a powerful diplomatic army working outside the homeland. We decided to understand how Ukraine estimates this type of activity and what salaries the ambassadors of Ukraine receive in a number of countries, as well as its representatives in international organizations. The list of countries for analysis was selected exclusively from the subjective preferences of the author.

Thus, continues a series of exclusive materials about salaries of high-ranking Ukrainian officials, as well as expenses for their activities.

On our site in previous articles you can find out how much the heads of the local power agencies, mayors of Ukrainian cities, chairpersons of anti-corruption bodies, as well as high-ranking representatives of the judiciary earn.

Also separately you can read about the salaries of Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman and members of his government, as well as heads of regional state administrations.

In addition, we reported how much the state budget is being wasted for the internal trips of the state leadership, as well as their official visits abroad. Today we will look at the incomes of domestic diplomacy.

Ambassadorial salaries

As it became clear from the official response of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the request of, the incomes of Ukrainian diplomats abroad are very modest. On average, our ambassadors receive salaries at the level of 3-5 established in Ukraine as minimal. We recall, today it is 3.2 thousand UAH (almost 115 USD).

A peculiar leader in terms of salary in our list was the Ukrainian Ambassador to Georgia Igor Dolgov. In September, he earned 17 thousand 694 UAH (632 USD), received without taxes 14 thousand 243.92 UAH (509 USD). On the second position were the ambassadors of Ukraine to Germany, Belgium and Israel - respectively Andriy Melnyk, Mykola Tochitsky and Gennady Nadolenko. In September, the first two earned 17 thousand 500 UAH each, the third - 17 thousand 524.54 UAH. After taxes, they were given even more modest amounts -  14 thousand 087,50 UAH and 14 thousand 107,26 UAH, respectively. Tochitsky, by the way, is also a representative of Ukraine in the European Union. For diplomatic activity in Poland in September, Ambassador Andriy Deshchitsa also, like her colleagues, earned 17 thousand 500 UAH, and received 14 thousand 087,50 UAH after taxes.

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Next on our list are the ambassadors of Ukraine to Great Britain (Natalia Galibarenko) and Moldova (Ivan Gnatyshyn), earning 17 thousand 400 UAH (14 thousand 007 UAH) and 17 thousand 499.98 UAH (14 thousand 087.48 UAH) respectively. Andriy Shevchenko, who is Ukraine's ambassador to Canada, had an income of 15 thousand 249.96 UAH (12 thousand 276.92 UAH), Igor Kyzym (ambassador to neighboring Belarus) received in September 13 thousand 926,50 UAH, and earned 17 thousand 300 UAH.

As is known, today Russia stays without Ukrainian ambassador. However, there we have temporary attorney for Ukraine - Ruslan Nimchinsky. For his work in the territory of the state, which Ukraine officially called the aggressor, in September he received a salary of 13 thousand 275 UAH (10 thousand 686.37 UAH). And the ambassador of Ukraine to the USA Valery Chaly has earned 13 thousand 980 UAH, and received 11 thousand 253,90 UAH.

Work in international organizations

According to the information provided on the official website of the Foreign Ministry, Ukraine has its representative offices in eight authoritative international organizations.

The Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Office and other international organizations in Geneva Yuri Klymenko in September earned 17 thousand 500 UAH, while receiving 14 thousand 087,50 UAH. A similar income was provided to the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations (a diplomatic institution located in New York), Volodymyr Yelchenko.

The representative of Ukraine to international organizations in Vienna Igor Prokopchuk earned in September 16 thousand 916.67 UAH (without taxes - 13 thousand 448.75 UAH).

Permanent representative of our country to the Council of Europe, Dmytro Kuleba earned 16 thousand 423.23 UAH and received 13 thousand 220.70 UAH.

Oleg Shamshur, who represents Ukraine at UNESCO, earned 12 thousand 760 UAH for the last month, and received 9 thousand 804.72 UAH.

Acting representative of Ukraine in the CIS Olga Darybogova on her position earned 10 thousand 235.38 UAH (366 USD), and received 8 thousand 239.48 UAH (almost 300 USD).

It should be noted that Vadym Pristaiko was appointed head of the mission of Ukraine to NATO on September 29 this year, so he does not have a full amount of salary. The salary of the Ukrainian ambassador to the EU Mykola Tochytsky has already been reported above.

All the above-mentioned diplomats in September did not receive bonuses, material assistance and additional payments at their place of work, the Foreign Ministry specified.


Thus, we see that Ukraine pays its diplomats salaries that are in fact incommensurable with the incomes of the citizens of those countries where they live. It is known that only the minimum wage in countries, for example in the EU, amounts to hundreds of euros, reaching even almost two thousand. In the US, this figure is even higher. Ukraine, while having rather modest indicators on the income level of the population, provides its diplomatic employees abroad with the same modest payments. On average, they receive 400-500 euros, which is the subsistence level in a number of EU countries. For this money, diplomats must defend the interests of the state abroad. At the same time, as can be seen from our previous reports, the salaries of Ukrainian diplomats are at times inferior to the official incomes of Ukrainian officials as general state level (ministers, security officials, judges) and local (heads of state administrations, mayors of cities).

P.S. The salary of the main Ukrainian diplomat, Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, is several times higher than that of the domestic ambassadors. So, in September it was 54 thousand 928.19 UAH – 1962 USD (44 thousand 217.19 UAH – 1579 USD were paid).

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