Death factor - Ukraine shows one of highest suicide rates in the world

Author : Serhiy Maksymenko

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According to WHO, every 40 seconds in the world someone voluntarily commits suicide. Every year, about 800 thousand people kill themselves; most often they are residents of developed and rich countries. According to the WHO rating, Ukraine is among the countries with the highest suicide rate. At the same time over the past few years, the number of suicides has increased - due to the former Ukrainian military
20:37, 4 December 2018

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According to the World Health Organization, in 2000 there were 29.6 suicides per 100 thousand people in Ukraine. After 10 years, their number dropped to 18-19, but over the past couple of years it has increased again and exceeded 20 suicides per 100 thousand people.

A new wave of suicides is caused by several factors: a decline in economic prosperity, a certain political ambiguity, personal frustration and a lack of “confidence in the future.” In general, these are the reasons that push the citizens of developing countries with a low level of wealth to end their lives.

But in the case of Ukraine, another category of people is being added - the current and former military. After all, completely different laws are in force at the front, and the way of life there is very different from that which people lead in the peaceful territory of the country. At the same time, it is very important to understand how participants in the hostilities ready to fight with an external aggressor. Sharp mobilization, without any adaptation and "transitional regime", forced the young recruits to raise their weapons, to fight for their country.

At the same time, volunteers, that is, politically and ideologically convinced people, suffer from depression, disorientation and desocialization much less. These reflections were confirmed by a recent study of our Psychology Institute.

From this it follows those people who went to the front not as a volunteer, but due to mobilization, tend to commit suicide much more. As the chief prosecutor of Ukraine, Anatoliy Matios, said in one of his interview, 2-3 servicemen commit suicide weekly in the combat area: that is, since the beginning of hostilities in the East, more than 500 soldiers of our army have killed themselves. At the same time, these calculations do not take into account the already demobilized combatants.

Global Statistics and Ukraine

According to the State Statistics Service, last year the suicide rate in Ukraine was 16.6 people per 100 thousand people (WHO data differ: 20.1 per 100 thousand people), that is, about 7 thousand Ukrainians became victims of suicide. Suicide in Ukraine is the second cause of death after the natural and external causes. Countries with a higher standard of living - South Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland – are higher in this ranking.

In general, suicide rates are higher in high-income countries than in poor countries. This is due to the following factors:

1. People with low incomes work a lot of time, they have no time to think about the meaning of life. They have a goal: to increase wealth in the family, to provide their relatives with the most necessary things. This goal (as well as any other objectivized goals) keeps them afloat.

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2. People with high incomes often become satiated with material benefits. They are no longer interested in delicious food or a warm shower. Their problem lies elsewhere - in self-determination and the search for a suitable object for dreams and meanings of life. They do not know who they would like to be, what they would like to do ... Sometimes these searches are delayed for a long time, and a person, bogged down in inner spiritual throwings, decides to break free from these shackles in a very radical way.

3. The number of suicides also depends on the climate where the country is located. For example, in countries with a cold climate, suicides occur more frequently than in warm countries. This is not only due to discomfort in some domestic issues, but also due to the lack of sun and vitamin D.

4. Gender has its meaning. All over the world, men commit suicide 3 times more often than women, although women commit suicide attempts 8 times more often. The fact is that men choose more radical ways of suicide, the probability of salvation from which is minimal. Basically, such a step is decided by men in adulthood due to strong social pressure and “unfulfilled obligations” to their close ones: to be strong, to provide for the family and to keep quiet about their problems ...

However, it is worth noting that, despite the apparent similarities in the behavior of the population of different economic types, they have their own fundamental differences in culture and mentality. For example, in Japan (the suicide rate is 18.5), there is a centuries-old culture of suicide, ranging from the laws of bushido and the practice of Buddhist monks to the famous kamikaze pilots.

In South Korea (rate 24.1) people are stressed from childhood. At first, the child studies almost round-the-clock in several schools, then there comes a time of the same hard and continuous work, but there is no time for rest and relaxation. Five years ago in the Republic of Korea, there was one of the highest suicide rates in the world, so the government had to create various psychological support services, and in places where people most often commit suicides, they hung posters: "The best part of your life is still to come." Such measures of the state significantly reduced the number of deaths.

As for Ukraine, our people are holding back from suicide because of the struggle for the independence of the state, which has lasted for centuries (nomadic tribes, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Austria-Hungary, and finally the Russian Federation). And it is possible to reduce the increasing number of suicides due to hostilities. To do this, it is enough to at least tell the person that there are free services in the country, where they can call or come and where they will always be listened to. Such services will help them to understand themselves and the situation. People on the verge of suicide are often deprived of the belief that someone can help them solve their problems, that there is a real solution.

It is possible to reduce the number of suicides in the country through the early diagnosis and treatment of depressive states. Persons who decide to commit suicide express their intentions directly or indirectly. According to world statistics, more than 80% of people committing suicide, usually inform their close friends or work colleagues about their intention.

It is important to protect relatives suffering from depression from alcohol and drug use, as well as cut off their contact with persons who have previously attempted suicide. Make it clear to a friend that he is not alone, that you support him and make joint plans to get out of a difficult situation.

Remember that criticizing or calling for prudence and optimism is ineffective. A good way out would be to entice a person into solving immediate domestic issues. Your faithful allies in the struggle of a loved one with the burden of self-destruction can also be the presence of religious and spiritual values, the unfulfilled professional and personal plans and dreams, the need to care for children, affection for a person from the side of relatives and friends.

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