Danyliuk's resignation: PM asks Rada to dismiss Ukraine's Ministrer of Finance

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Prime Minister Groysman signed a submission to the Verkhovna Rada on the dismissal of Finance Minister Olexandr Danyliuk
11:55, 7 June 2018

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Prime Minister Groysman signed a submission to the Verkhovna Rada on the dismissal of Finance Minister Olexandr Danyliuk, as reported on his Facebook page.

According to the prime minister, Danyliuk provoked the conflict at the governmental meeting, and later "took the liberty of actions incompatible with the continued membership in the Cabinet of Ministers."

He also noted that the head of the Ministry of Finance "did not make adjustments to the chosen line of conduct" even after "discussing the situation with members of the government team."

Who is Danyliuk?


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Olexandr Danyliuk

Olexandr Danyliuk graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Investment Management, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, as well as the business school at Indiana University (USA).

He started working in 1995 as a broker in the Ukrainian company “TEKT”, then led the investment banking department at Alfa Capital and worked as a junior investment manager in the American fund Western NIS Enterprise Fund.

For three years he has been working on the projects of McKinsey & Company in London and Moscow. In 2006-2010, he led the investment fund Rurik Investment in London and Luxembourg.

Before the appointment for the post of the head of the Ministry of Finance, the media reported that he continued to be a director of two companies, which, in turn, contradicted the status of a state official.

In September 2010, Danyliuk headed the Coordinating Center for the Implementation of Economic Reforms.

Since July 2014, he has been a permanent representative of the President of Ukraine in the Cabinet of Ministers. Since September 2015, he served as a Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration.

In April 2016, he was appointed Minister of Finance in Groysman’s government.

First of all, we should remember his significant contribution to the implementation of the budget reform and a serious approximation to the so-called "three-year planning", which was not possible with the previous Cabinet.

In addition, under Danyliuk, the discipline in the department has seriously improved: state budget projects were submitted strictly in time and taken for a couple of weeks before the end of the year.

However, there were some scandals. In addition to the recent skirmish with PM Groysman, there was a scandal connected with accusations against the head of the Ministry of Finance.

It is about accusations of tax evasion. The minister himself refuted everything, stressing that he had not received any official documents and after a while stated that he would appeal against the decision of the Pechersk district court regarding his examination by the State Fiscal Service.

In turn, the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said that he would demand from Danyliuk to resign, accusing him of including inadequate salaries of prosecutors. In response, Danyliuk demanded the resignation of Lutsenko, accusing, among other things, of "attacking the new anti-corruption bodies." The Prosecution General associated this requirement with an attempt to avoid liability for non-payment of taxes.


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Groysman and Danyliuk

May 23, at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers Olexandr Danyliuk, tried to get himself appointed to one more (sixth in a row) deputy (Yana Bugrimova). Groysman refused. A conflict erupted, during which Danyliuk even proposed to fire him.

As a result, Danyliuk complained about the PM to G7, where he voiced his own position regarding the reasons for the conflict with Groysman. However, later, according to the PM, the head of the Ministry of Finance apologized for this letter.

Nevertheless, the conflict seems to have failed to pay off, which led to today's decision of the Prime Minister.

Now the Ministry of Finance has been added to the list of so-called "suspended" ministries, where the issue with the leadership has not been finally resolved.

Who else? In August 2016, Ulyana Suprun was appointed acting Minister of Health. The question of her appointment has not been resolved. Moreover, among the deputies, there are often demands for her dismissal. Moreover, scandal connected with her deputy Olexandr Linchevsky fueled the conflict.

In addition to Suprun, the situation with the ministries of agrarian policy (Taras Kutovyi) and the information policy (Yuriy Stets) is not clear too. Both ministers have written resignation letters, but the Verkhovna Rada has not considered them yet.

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