Crimea: zone of lawlessness

Author : Viktor Trepak

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This is a story of a businessman Stefanyshyn who was forced to move to Chicago, because “Crimean authorities” victimized his family due to his business
20:32, 27 October 2016

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The story of Russian businessman, a native of the Crimea Alexander Stefanyshyn appeared on several Internet resources. In short, after the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Alexander was personally called by the "governor" of Sevastopol Sergey Menyailo, who invited him to implement the project on the peninsula for the collection of municipal payments. At that time, Ukrainian banks have already gone out, and the Russian did not hurry to open in Crimea, for fear of sanctions. Alexander moved to Sevastopol with his family and founded the company "City offices." Especially for this company, he developed software providing online payment collection, allows you to process data for the shortest possible time and in the most optimal manner.

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Business developed quite successfully, but first assistant of Menyailo Guy Yurchenko together with President of Sambo Federation in Sevastopol Vyacheslav Krivoshein addressed to the owner. They offered Stefanyshyn to sell the business, and at the same time give them the software.

Alexander refused, and he and his family have been subjected to pressure: intimidating, taking them to the woods, constant checks.

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Realizing that he will not be able to return the company, before leaving for Moscow persistent entrepreneur was able to replace the software's demo version, which after some time has ceased to work predictably. As a result, the pressure on Alexander continued in Moscow, including with the help of already metropolitan security officers, who promised him protection, and under this pretext to lure the Crimea. In Crimea Stefanyshyn was again threatened, demanded transfer to the Raiders all the property, including a car and an apartment, and tried to institute criminal proceedings against him. When the searches began in the apartments even Moscow relatives of Alexander, a businessman and his family decided to leave for the United States.

Stefanyshyn admits his story was far from unique. He personally witnessed as occupying "power" of the Crimea "squeeze" business from unwanted, grab someone else's housing, and washed with a lot of money.

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A separate category of the victim, after the annexation became the Crimean Tatars. Occupants "nationalize" virtually all of the belonged to private markets, and dealt with unhappy arrived for this purpose in Crimea "Kadyrov's men." Alexander admits, by means of the software that runs his firm, too, it was possible to determine which apartments are in the possession of the person upon payment of their utility payments. It is possible that this was another reason why the Raiders and running them in tandem with the security forces so actively trying to get the program.

According to Alexander Stefanyshyn, Crimean crime is now fully under the control of the security forces of the occupying power. In particular, the aforementioned Vyacheslav Krivoshein boasted of his ties to the city prosecutor.

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Local gangsters are closely linked to Ukrainian crime, and it turns out that the criminals - this is one way the FSB to influence the situation in Ukraine

"Krivoshein is a known" authority ", he still up to the occupation of" holding "all the markets in Sevastopol. Moreover, the local thugs are closely linked to Ukrainian crime, and it turns out that the criminals - this is one way the FSB to influence the situation in Ukraine," he said.

Another area of illegal business in Crimea became machines clearance.


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"In Crimea you can enter any car from Ukraine: stolen, brought from abroad which still has not passed customs clearance, etc. Corrupt officials in Ukraine removed it from the register, and Crimean traffic easily betrayed Russian registration numbers. After that, the car went further into Russia," says Alexander.

According to observations of an entrepreneur, the main purpose of the invaders was to turn Crimea into the center on cashing criminal money.

"When they took my company in September 2015, they have never passed the cash in the bank. In fact, the delivery of cash should be carried out until 9 am the next day, after which the money is used for calculations with resource organizations. The Raiders also capturing the enterprise, created several front companies, and began to transfer money to their accounts without paying a resource organizations. Realizing that without the program, the system will no longer work, they closed the office and still calmly walking around Sevastopol, knowing that no one will hold them accountable," Alexander complains.

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Stefanyshyn assures that impunity occupation authorities sanctioned directly from Moscow, and federal law enforcement agencies is forbidden to raise the issue of corruption among regional "warlords".

On the construction of the Kerch bridge huge sums of money were laundered. One subcontractor said that of the thousands of cars ordered rubble before them comes only seven hundred and three hundred cars disappear

"One FSB employee from Moscow directly told me in confidence that they have no right to disclose any of the doers of lawlessness in Crimea. For example, in the construction of Kerch bridge also laundered huge sums of money. One subcontractor told me that thousands of cars ordered rubble before them comes only seven hundred and three hundred cars disappear. However, the media is forbidden to raise this issue, because power is important propaganda picture perfect, "all is well in the Crimea," noted businessperson.

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However, it is impossible to hide what is happening in Crimean. According to Alexander, the mood of the local people has changed quite rapidly, in January 2015, after the rapid growth rates, and then - the rise in price of food, especially meat.

"I have a friend in Crimea, which for a year has never even tasted strawberries, simply because they can not afford to buy it. In Crimea, it is twice as expensive as in Moscow. The average salary in Crimea now is about 15 thousand rubles. Approximately the same cost per month surcharge for kindergarten children," says businessman.

Now Alexander Stefanyshyn lives with his family in Chicago, he plans to develop new business projects, hopes to obtain political asylum and has no plans to return to Russia.

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