Construction of the year: All you need to know about Shuliavsky bridge reconstruction in Kyiv

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The reconstruction of the "tired" Shulyavsky bridge has finally started in the capital, and the people of Kyiv have already regretted this repeatedly
22:37, 19 March 2019

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A miracle has happened - a long-planned repair of the Shuliavsky overpass has finally begun in Kyiv.

The result of the works should be the construction of a modern one.

In the meantime, citizens will have to use detour routes for many months and... stay in traffic jams.

The latter, as shown by the beginning of the week, will be a great challenge.

Well, let's summarize the most important and necessary things to know about the construction of the year in Kyiv.

"I'm tired, I'm leaving": Why the Shuliavsky bridge needs repair

The scandalous overpass at the intersection of the small ring road (Oleksandr Dovzhenko and Vadym Hetman streets) and the big highway (Peremogy Avenue) was built back in 1964 and had its first reconstruction in the early 80s.

Its characteristics have become impressive:

The length with approaches is 408.9 m, and the width is from 16 to 21 m.

The overpass of the roadway is 14 meters wide, two service sidewalks 0.75 m wide each and two railings 0.26 m each.

The height of the old bridge is 3.5 m.

The capacity is about 13,000 cars per hour.

But, unfortunately, after this, the object has not been properly repaired for decades.

Even after the fires in 2005–2007, when the pillars of the bridge were significantly damaged, it has got only a protective structure.

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According to the local authorities, the bridge has not been at the emergency construction, but since 2015 it has been considered in pre-emergency condition. Due to the damage of the supports, it lost up to 30% of capacity and was overloaded.

The idea of capital reconstruction of the overpass arose only after February 27, 2017, when it suddenly collapsed or, as the mayor of the city Vitaly Klitschko noted, "it became tired."

Officially, the reason for the collapse of the bridge was called metal corrosion - due to the excess load after the passage of trucks.

However, the preparatory process took another few years.

Three-leaf clover: How are they going to reconstruct the Shuliavsky bridge

The reconstruction project of the Shuliavsky overpass approved by the Kyiv Administration envisages the construction of an incomplete ‘clover’ with three descents.

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Descents will have two lanes, the main part of the overpass (158.17 m long) is planned to have six lanes.

At the same time, a bicycle path with a width of 2 m and a length of about 800 m will be built at the overpass.

On one of the sections the route for cyclists, by the way, will go underground.

In order to implement the planned project, the city authorities intend to demolish workshop No. 5 of the Bilshovyk state-owned plant, located at the corner of Vadym Hetman Street and Peremogy  Avenue.

The cost of the entire project, according to Klitschko, is about 1 billion UAH (36,7 million USD). This makes it one of the largest modern infrastructure projects in Kyiv.

Minus a year and a half: How long will the reconstruction of the Shuliavsky bridge last?

In fact, the reconstruction of the Shulyavsky overpass started at the weekend: on Saturday, March 16, the object was completely closed to traffic, and on Sunday, March 17, dismantling works started.

As Kyiv Administration noted, at the first stage of work, the contact network, lighting poles, support blocks, consoles for bridge sidewalks will be dismantled.

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In addition, the asphalt pavement of the overpass and the upper part of the foundation will be partially dismantled.

In parallel with this, a new foundation will be built for the future overpass, since the old pillars are unsuitable for future loads.

Then, roughly from June, the second stage of reconstruction will begin, which, among other things, includes the dismantling of the Bilshovyk plant.

The mayor of the city, Vitaliy Klitschko, promises that most of the construction work on the new overpass will be completed before the end of this year, although in general the project is designed for 17 months. That is, by the summer of 2020.

Until that time, they plan to re-equip the space near the Shulyavska subway station and transport stops near the bridge.

Not a simple thing: How to drive without the Shuliavsky bridge

While the reconstruction of the Shuliavsky overpass is underway, the people of Kyiv will have to use detour routes. Movement of transport - both road and public - at this time will be organized through the surrounding streets and updated routes.

However, in the Kyiv Administration asked drivers to choose other ways for their trips whenever possible in order to avoid traffic jams.

It is also important to remember that in connection with the reconstruction of the overpass, a number of trolley buses and buses have changed their routes.

Traffic jams, laughter, and tears: What is the result of the first days of reconstruction?

Despite the fact that the people of Kyiv waited for the reconstruction of the Shuliavsky overpass for a long time, they were not so happy about its beginning. And it’s not because someone is against the "three-leaf clover” and would like to see another project instead - there are huge traffic jams in the city since Monday morning.

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By lunchtime, the situation had improved, but still, the drivers were annoyed.

And today the situation is similar.

The only reason for joy is that now Shuliavsky bridge has an Instagram page, where it shares the latest events from its life.

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