CIA and Michelle Obama: 5 Pokemon GO conspiracy theories

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Pokemon Go is triumphantly sweeping the planet, conquering fans, and cloaking in legends conspiracy theories
22:46, 28 July 2016

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Pokemon GO is triumphantly sweeping the planet, gaining more and more fans. In Ukraine there are users who already want to ban this game meanwhile the recruiting companies are searching for specialists to promote services of Pokemon GO. It has already shrouded in rumors and numerous conspiracy theories. We have prepared a brief overview of them.

A secret-service theory

American news site Gawker wrote that the creator of the game, Niantec corporation, is linked to the CIA. Here is the trace of John Hanke, Niantec Director General. In 2001, he created a software called Keyhole, allegedly financed by the CIA Venture Fund. Most of the money for financing Keyhole, came from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

Keyhole was then bought by Google and became Google Earth, which works with Pokemon GO.

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China is afraid that with the help of Pokemon Go the West can find out the location of military bases in the Middle Kingdom, placing Pokemons in secret facilities.

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Mobile theory

The game requires a large amount of data. It means that the Niantic and some telecom operators have united to create a game that forces you to pay for the extra traffic.

Australia was one of the first countries where the official release took place. And the fee for traffic is one of the highest here. Coincidence?

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Psychological theory

The creators of the game are trying to distract Americans from the tragic shooting incident and to prevent the mass protests. After the attacks in Nice, a failed military coup in Turkey and some other resonant attacks Pokemon Go is still in tops. Perhaps this is the new opium for the masses to "glue" the young people to their smartphones.

Charlie Hebdo also hinted that Pokemons have recently become more important than the world events. The magazine explains that the competition between the national Pikachu and municipal Pikachu is a very important issue on the background of the world tragic events.

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Advertising theory

Pokemon Go was invented by Niantic company, which has previously created Ingress, a global game of mystery. Some user data from the Ingress was used by Pokemon Go (that's why people find pokestops in some terribly wrong places).

Niantic has admitted that part of the Ingress mission is to make brands pay for attracting players in their retail outlets. Shops and restaurants give discounts, bonuses or gifts for catching Pokemons.

Cute theory

US First Lady Michelle Obama recently launched a campaign "Let's Move." Very soon Obama to leave the White House, and his wife has no other things to do except promoting  Pokemon GO. The game has made hitherto passive young people go out and move. Perhaps it was a clever trick of Michelle Obama to bring children to training outdoors.

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