Christmas Party: what you ought to know about Ukraine!

Author : Mariya Kapinos

Source : 112 Ukraine

Some traditions are pretty the same in every country... Some are not...
13:14, 19 December 2015

Some traditions are pretty the same in every country. Santa Claus exists in Zimbabve under another name. In Austria he is known as Silvester, in Chech Republik - Michylash, and in Norvey, for example - Nisse.

We all celebrate New Year and Christmas. But there are also amazing local things you may be interested in.

Saint Nickolas Day

Maybe in Europe children are flabbergasted by Santa Claus… but in Ukraine they are waiting for Saint Nickolas.

Of course they know who Santa Claus is! But they wouldn`t get presents from him. All the good things would be put under the pillow on December, 19 so children would wake up and find presents from “Local Santa”

That`s why in Ukraine all the fun starts on this day. Usually parents are trying to spend this day with children. They go to the movie, or at party, or simply spend time all together.

Simultaneously there is so-called “Did Moroz”. He was created during USSR existence and should have replaced Saint Nickolas (Ukr: Mycholay). But he didn`t manage to do it and now children all over Ukraine are waiting for presents from their beloved Myckolay.

Andriy`s Day

This day dedicated to fortune-telling. Usually girls stay in front of the mirror and read special words. In a couple of minutes they are supposed to see their betrothed. Or they would burn small rolled papers with different wishes written in it.

Of course for most of the girls it`s just an another reason to gather all together with friends and to have fun.

But there are several young ladies believing it all very much. They wouldn`t eat or drink all day long, and would prepare themselves for the real witchcraft. Well, what wouldn`t you do to find the real love.


Have you ever heard this unusual word?

Well, this tradition is one of the most interesting. Usually people recognize vertep as a puppet theatre, but there is another side of it.

Coladniki (Eng: the singers) dress themselves in different costumes. For example they dress themselves as angels of dickens and always - as three sages, going to give presents to Jesus Christ. The light a star and travel from house to house to sing songs.

It`s a pity but in big cities this tradition is almost lost. But in small villages in January, the 7th, you can witness a real miracle.

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