Catalonia's separatism threatens the EU more than Spain itself

Author : Viktor Nebozhenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

"Restructuring" of the European Union might be ill-timed, and everything would end as in the Soviet Union - a complete breakdown
10:55, 3 October 2017

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Europe has rather indifferently reacted to attempts to Russia’s attampts to split Ukraine and take Ukraine’s Donbas and Crimea by force. Experienced politicians from the European capitals have been constantly hinting that the conflict in Ukraine is, most likely, the "traditional dispute between the Slavs." In their opinion, sorting out of relations between Russia and Ukraine, which resulted in a serious armed conflict, is like continuation of the collapse of the Soviet Union. And it is out of EU’s interest. It did not want to be deeply involved in the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia, hoping that eventually everything would come to its place.

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Europe was irritated by our attempts to draw attention to separatism in the southeast of Ukraine. They believed that business relations with Russia are much more important than Ukraine’s suffering, and loudly resented American sanctions. That is why France and Germany so easily imitated the Norman peacekeeping process and pressured Ukraine to make it accept shameful Minsk agreements as soon as possible. Protection of the territorial integrity of Ukraine was not a priority for EU politicians. Europeans were going to resolve the conflict in Donbas and in Crimea at the expense of Ukraine's interests.

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But suddenly Europe has faced unexpected referendum in Scotland and Britain's withdrawal from the EU. And even more unexpected was the split of Spain and the separatist referendum in Catalonia. Spain is lucky: next to it there is no "Big Catalonia", which would like to build a "new Catalonia" instead of Barcelona and sent its volunteers there. Therefore, we can hope that the process of separation of Catalonia will not be that painful. Although Assange has already openly promised to use the full power of the cyberwar in the struggle for the independence of Catalonia.

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Now, in any case, the EU will have to intervene, deal with the conflict between Spain and Catalonia. Otherwise, this process of separation of successful provinces, separation of rich regions from national states with the active participation of international anonymous forces will go even further and affect other European countries. Meanwhile, separatism of Catalonia threatens the EU even more than Spain itself - in fact, it is national states that are the subjects of the signing of the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, and not separate regions of Europe.

Therefore, the "restructuring" of the European Union might be ill-timed, and everything would end as in the Soviet Union - a complete breakdown in 1991. All this means that Europe will take a more serious and different view of the consequences of armed separatism in Ukraine. Now Ukraine might expect more just and adequate attitude from Europe, which begins to experience the delights of separatism from the school of hard knocks.

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