Case of Maidan shootings: Testimony of former Interior Troops commander Stanislav Shulyak

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Former commander of the Interior Troops of Ukraine Stanislav Shuliak testified via video call from Russian court in Rostov-on-Don in case against former employees of Berkut forces. Testimony concerned shootings of protesters and police officers at Independence Square in February 2014
23:07, 5 December 2016

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On the events of January 2014

Shuliak said that in January 2014 Special Forces soldiers of the four cities have been additionally involved during the events of Maidan. "During these events, except the Omega unit, which was deployed in New Petrivtsi settlement, regional special forces of Omega were also involved" - he said.

Shuliak could not answer whether he signed the relevant order to grant weapons to the divisions on 27 January. "I cannot say exactly, I signed a lot of orders," - he said.

When asked where regional Special Forces soldiers had been deployed, Shuliak said: "It was a unit from Ivano-Frankivsk, the city of Alexandria, a division from Crimea and from Donetsk."

Shuliak also said that Maidan members burned 30% of the security forces’ equipment and 50% of all engineering equipment was broken. "The arson of the vehicles – is a deliberate action from the side of the protesters. All these cars were burned during the protests", - he said, adding that "the protesters sought to overthrow the government."

On the protesters’ actions

The former commander of the Interior Troops of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine said that on February 18, 2014 protesters at Maidan were aggressive and tried to break into the parliament.

"At around 9 a.m. on the territory of Maidan protesters began to form groups from 50 to 100 men, we say so, at the age from 18 to 50 years, and older. All these people were wearing protective equipment -. knee pads, elbow pads, protective helmets and masks that covered their faces, shields, body armor etc. " Shuliak said.

"Armed with heavy wooden sticks, fragments of armature ... they began to move up the Instytutska street.” According to Shulyak, "during the movement through a megaphone they chanted calls for the overthrow of the government, called to the violence in relation to law enforcement officers, showed aggression". These columns went up Instytutska street - and at the crossroad with Shovkovychna  "the first clashes with patrols began."

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"They set fire to cars with personnel of the Internal troops and police units, threw Molotov cocktails, there were attempts to overthrow the barrier and break in the Verkhovna Rada..." Shuliak said. He added that "as a result of an unsuccessful attempt to break in the building of Parliament, the protesters, who were driven back to the square, threw stones and Molotov cocktails to the windows of the houses on their way."

"Using forces of the Internal Troops and police units the whole crowd was supplanted back in the direction of Maidan," he said. "Protesters has caused damage to the building of Party of Regions office, set fire to it, and, according to operative reports, people inside died. It was during these events, and perished people were employees of the Internal Troops."

On actions of law enforcers

Shuliak said that on February 18 among the Internal Troops were 5 dead, 2 more employees of Berkut forces were killed – in total in one day there were 7 fatalities. In addition, there were 84 seriously injured members of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine, 36 of them - the soldiers of the Internal Troops.

There was no information on the implementation of the regime of anti-terrorist operation in Kyiv on February 18 - neither written nor verbal orders.

He also could not say anything about the carrying out of “Rebels” search operation on February 18 at the House of Trade Unions, because it is not within the competence of the Ministry of Interior. Shuliak said he did not give orders to any of the Internal Troops to take part in it.

On weapons on Maidan

Shuliak said he received reports that there could be weapons on Independence Square, and on the morning of February 20 on the Zankovetska street people see weapons being unloaded from the car. "At around 8 o’clock in the morning in the area of Zankovetska street the issuance of firearms from the boot of the car Zhiguli was established, by the external signs there were Kalashnikov rifles," - he said.

The first fatal wounds law enforcement officers received on February 18. “There were killed both Internal Troops employees and workers of the Ministry of Interior", - he said, noting that mostly such injuries they received at the intersection of Bankova and Shovkovychna, Bankova and Lypska streets.

"The nature of the external signs of injuries indicates that they were inflicted from close range, perhaps, from the handgun," said Shuliak.

He said he did not know who was shooting at security forces. According to him, no shot at Maidan has been made from the same firing position.

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"I can assume that each sniper knew the amount of his shots and knew in advance where and from what window he will lead fire. So all the shots were made in a short period of time. No shots were repeated from the same firing position, from which they were made earlier, and this completely cancels the ability to detect the position and counter snipers.

On the other hand, I took steps, I agreed with the leadership of the Security Service about the immediate blocking of the hotel "Ukraine" and the allocation of personnel for its inspection ", - said Shuliak. In his view, the trajectory of fire indicated that the fire was led out of the windows of the hotel "Ukraine".

About dispersal of Maidan

Also, answering the question, he said, he had not received orders to disperse Maidan on February 20. He stated that he had no data on the use of firearms by the fighters of Internal Troops and did not know who were the ones who shot on Instytutska street.

When the prosecutor asked what divisions of law enforcement bodies of Ukraine on 20 February used weapon against participants of mass protest actions, the ex-commander responded: "I do not know these facts." Former commander noted that he wasn’t the direct eyewitness to the events on the Instytutska street in February 2014, he just "watched videos" after the events.

Asked if he could identify the men in black, who fired on Instytutska, which formations they belonged to, Shuliak said: "I cannot say enough about the belonging of these people who made shots, I do not have sufficient information about them."

When asked from what time law enforcement agencies began issuing weapons Shuliak replied that they used traumatic weapons in their daily work.

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