Benefits for families of Heavenly hundreds and those injured during Maidan

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Ukraine's government intends to allocate 10,8 million USD for the families of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred and victims of the Revolution of Dignity.
12:10, 27 February 2018

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Ensuring benefits for the victims, injured during the Revolution the Dignity, the same as for the participants in the hostilities; disability pension (regardless of length of service) and cash payments for the families of the Heavenly Hundreds – all these incentives were introduced by the state to support those who took part in the protests from November 21, 2013, to February 21, 2014.

Since December 19, 2015, Law No. 804-VIII is in effect, according to which a survivor's pension is awarded to disabled members of the family who died during the Revolution, regardless of the length of his insurance period. It is not just about the death of a person on Maidan, but also about death due to injury, concussion or other damage to health during the public protests.

The children are appointed such payments irrespective of whether they were dependent on the breadwinner. Parents and spouse of the deceased, who were not dependent on him, are entitled to a survivor's pension if they lose their livelihood. The pension for one able-bodied person is 50% from the pension (depending on the age of the deceased); for two or more - 100%, but the amount is distributed equally.

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The survivor's pension is paid until the person is considered incapacitated (until the child grows up, and the mother does not take care of the child until his 8th birthday). But when it comes to pensioners, their pension is for life (Article 36 of the Law "On Compulsory State Pension Insurance").

Husband/wife, parents and children who became disabled before the legal age, of those who died during the Revolution of Dignity, would have a right to retire earlier than others. Men - at the age of 55 years (if they have 25 years of experience), women – at the age of 50 years (if they have 20 years of experience).

February 8, Verkhovna Rada has adopted the corresponding bill. The document has already been signed by Parliament Speaker Andriy Parubiy, and it should be signed by the president. The law will enter into force on the day after the official publication.

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Since March 13, 2016, a disability pension to the participants of the Revolution of Dignity has been appointed despite the insurance experience - in accordance with Law No. 1010-VIII. The condition was, the person had to seek medical help from November 21, 2013, to April 30, 2014. Such a pension is appointed on the basis of extracts from the inspection report in the Medico-Social Expert Commission (MCEC), which indicates the cause of the disability - "wounds, injury, concussion or other damage to health."

The size of the pension for a person with a disability of the first group is 100% of the pension by age, of the first group - 90%, of the third group - 50%.

February 24, Law No. 2203-VIII came into force. It introduced a number of benefits for the Revolution of the Dignity participants, who received severe, moderate or light injuries that did not lead to disability. The condition was to seek medical help from November 21, 2013, to April 30, 2014.

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Benefits are the same as for military operations participants:

  • free receipt of medicines on the doctor’s prescription;
  • first-priority free dentistry (exception - prosthetics using precious metals);
  • free vouchers to the sanatorium or compensation for the cost of such permits;
  • 75% discount on the rent, if the housing is not too large (the norm is 21 sq. m per person);
  • 75% discount on utilities (gas, electricity, etc.) and liquefied gas for household use;
  • for residents of houses without central heating - 75% discount on fuel, including liquid fuel;
  • free use of all types of transport, electric trains, buses of suburban and intercity routes;
  • after retirement or changing of the place of work, the right to apply to hospitals for the previous place of work is preserved;
  • annual medical examination and medical examination.
  • first-priority services in medical institutions, pharmacies; first-time hospitalization;
  • payment of the average salary as a temporary disability allowance;
  • an additional leave for a period of 14 days a year, with salaries remaining;
  • preferential right to remain at work with a reduction in the number of employees;
  • pre-emptive right to employment in case of liquidation of an enterprise, institution, or organization;
  • if there is a need to improve housing conditions - priority provision of housing or land for construction;
  • a loan for construction, repair, joining the house to engineering networks or communications, and the debt could be repaid within 10 years;
  • every two years the right to take a train, plane, intercity bus or once a year at a 50% discount (round trip);
  • an extraordinary establishment on favorable terms of apartment phones and a 50% discount on a subscription fee;
  • priority services for housing, public catering, intercity transport services;
  • every year until May 5, a payment is allocated for this category, the sum is determined by the Cabinet within budgetary assignments.

In addition, the wounded during Euromaidan would get the certificates "Affected party of the Revolution of Dignity."

The above benefits are not intended for policemen, special forces, military servicemen of internal forces and representatives of the Armed Forces, injured during the Revolution of Dignity.

Starting in 2014, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to provide financial assistance to the families of the victims as a result of participation in the Revolution of Dignity, as well as to those who were wounded during clashes on Maidan.

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According to the Ministry of Social Policy, the state should pay such amounts to the victims and members of their families:

  • in the case of the death of a participant of the Revolution of Dignity – 1 million UAH (37 thousand USD);
  • in case of serious bodily harm - 700 thousand UAH (25 thousand USD);
  • in the case of bodily injuries of medium gravity - 500 thousand UAH (18 thousand USD);
  • in the case of light bodily injuries, beatings, torture - 200 thousand UAH (7,5 thousand USD).

January 11, 2018, Prime Minister Groysman said that the government intends to allocate 294 million UAH (10,8 million USD) for the families of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred and victims of the Revolution of Dignity.

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