Bellingcat: Fault after MH17 tragedy together with separatists lays on Russian officials

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More than a hundred people were involved in the transportation of Russian air defense missile system “Buk” involved in the incident
20:17, 30 September 2016

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The International investigation team members, conducted the investigation of accident, know who shot down the plane MH 17, they know the call signs of the militants and their phone numbers, but they are very careful in words for political reasons. This position was expressed by the coordinator of the international community Bellingcat Aric Toler in an interview with "112 Ukraine".

"In my opinion, the Dutch researchers are aware of who was behind the transportation of “Buk” weapons, they know the call signs of the separatists and their phone numbers are also known. I think that now, for political reasons, they are very careful, because the fault together with the separatists lays on Russian officials, so investigators are very careful in their words. I know that they can prove and they are confident that this "Buk", which brought down MH 17 came from Russia from the 53th Kursk Brigade, but they do not say it directly, and they do not want to disclose too much information. An important part of the presentation is when they were talking about immunity or amnesty those who participated in the downing. Therefore, they provide the opportunity and time to Russian separatists, who may have information about the incident, they provide them some opportunity to change the political situation ", - Toler said.

He expressed an opinion that more than a hundred people were involved in the transportation of “Buk”. According to him, it is "the people of the separatists." He added that organization has information about all involved because of intercepted telephone conversations. In addition, Toler said that Russian soldiers also were engaged there.

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"Maybe not all these 100 persons used "Buk ", but many have been involved in the transportation of it from Kursk to Ukrainian border, to Lugansk, and then to Snizhne. I think that these 100 people, some of them are the Russian soldiers, military, but some of them are separatists, both Ukrainian and Russian citizens ", - said Bellingcat coordinator.

He suggested that some involved in the tragedy of MH 17 could be "removed": "Some involved separatists who were not so important and they had no connections with the government, they could be "removed", or they might disappear.”

Coordinator of the international community expressed the hope that soon will be found the witnesses who will tell the International investigation team what they saw, heard and know.

Journalists reported that the plane was shot down from the Russian "Buk", which on the next day after the tragedy - 18 July, already was in Russia. The shot was done from the field near Pervomaiske (near Torez and Sneizhne).

At the moment investigation has is about 100 names of people who might be involved in the transportation or use of this particular installation in Ukraine.

So, the main points that were announced:

- "Boeing" was shot down from air defense missile system "Buk"

- "Buk" was brought to Ukraine from Russia. After "Buk" had made a shot, it was transported back to Russia. The very next day after the catastrophe in was in Russia.

-  According to the results of the preliminary investigation Bellingcat members can determine one hundred persons involved in the crash. Information about them is not provided.

112 Agency

As is known, Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down by the Russian system "Buk" on July 17, 2014 in the Donetsk region. As a result, in the crash were killed all 298 people on board. Passengers of the flight were citizens of 10 countries, the majority of the victims - the citizens of the Netherlands.

Earlier Bellingcat experts came to the conclusion that part of the responsibility for the MH17 tragedy lays on the higher ranks of the Russian army. The list is headed by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, along with his two deputies - Valery Gerasimov and Arkadiy Bakhin. And Russian President Vladimir Putin, who, under the Constitution, is the supreme commander of the Russian Armed Forces.

In response, Russia called "conspiracy theories" Bellingcat accusations about the tragedy of MH17 flight.

In particular, concern of aerospace defense of the Russian Federation "Almaz-Antey" denied the data of the International Investigation Group. The company failed to respond to evidence of investigators, however, said that the there were conducted three experiments and they all indicate that the missile which hit the aircraft MH17, was released from the direction of Zaroshchenske settlement. But Bellingcat investigators rejected version of Zaroshchenske after a thorough research.

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