Assassination attempt on MP Mosiychuk: Chechen Kadyrov's revenge or far right infighting

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Ukraine's law enforcers voiced few alleged organizers of assassination attempt on "Vasylkiv terrorist:" head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, "Moscow’s hand," and his political oponents
21:48, 26 October 2017

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Since October 24, Ukrainian MP Igor Mosiychuk, former press-secretary of neo-Nazi organization Social-National Assembly, former deputy of Vasylkivsky city administration, close assistant of city mayor Serhiy Ivashchenko (Party of Regions), has been actively involved in the trial of the leader of far right OUN Volunteer Movement Mykola Kohanivsky. Kohanivsky was detained on charges of hooliganism on October 21. Kohanivsky had a conflict with another far-right activist Ruslan Kachmala. Kohanivsky shot at Kachmala and injured him. The perpetrator had no any documents or licence on his weapon.

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January 2014, Mosiychuk was accused of plotting to undermine the monument to Lenin. He and his collueagues (deputies) were found guilty of the illegal circulation of explosives and preparing a terrorist attack, they were sentenced to six years in prison. But later they were released. Since then Mosiychuk was known as "Vasylkivsky terrorist."

As reported by, the far right adherers quarreled about the right to control the building on the Obuhivska Street, which is known as the "house of Arbuzov." assumes that the dismantling between Kokanivsky and Kachmala is only a small episode of war in a far right environment. According to the article, "In this dispute, Mosiychuk stood on the side of Kohanivsky.”

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Mutual combats and pogroms accompanied the trial of far right OUN leader Kohanivsky. Members of OUN barricaded themselves in the building of Svyatoshynsky district court in Kyiv. They used equipment and the furniture of the court to buid a barricade, the amount of this damage was 20 thousand USD. Special law enforcers had to ruin the barricade on October 24. The far right activists were trying to resist, and the law enforcers used special means. More than 30 people were detained.

During the assault, the police have beaten journalists. In particular, Serhiy Lefter from UNIAN, Dmytro Replyanchuk from Hromadske, and Kyrylo Malyshev from Journalists claimed they showed their identity cards and warned that they were performing their professional duties. The law enforcers took the identity card of Serhiy Lefter and put him into a cart. They flinged Replyanchuk down on the ground and beaten him with feet and hands.

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As reported by "" during the fight between the law enforcers and far right activists, Igor Mosiychuk was loudly shouting at the security guard: "What have you done, you f…cking b…tch? Shoot yourself to death, you dumb-head!" The words “Shoot yourself to death!" were repeared for several times by the People's Deputy.

Later Mosiychuk wrote in his Facebook, that the judge of the Svyatoshynsky court of Kyiv Ivanna Mykolayets should be stripped of immunity, since she "did not make any decision on the request of the protection of Kokanivsky, and thus provoked the power collisions."

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Mosiychuk declared his readiness to take charge of Kokhanivsky: "This is a person for whom it is not a shame to bail out," Mosiychuk said in a statement. In addition other People's Deputies from the Radical Party Andriy Lozovy and Dmytro Linko, People's Deputy from the "Fatherland" Igor Lutsenko, as well as dissident Stepan Khmara and deputy of the Brovarsky City Council Oleg Odnorozhenko agreed to bail the far right leader.

October 25, the court selected a measure of Kokhanivsky’s restriction a round-the-clock house arrest for up to December 20. Mosiychuk wrote on his Facebook that he would appeal this decision to the Appeal Court.

"Unfortunately, legality has long become a rare treasure, and most judges' decisions are based either on corruption or on political persecution. It is difficult to break things down, but sometimes it is possible. We will not leave unpunished events in the Svyatoshynsky court and will make every effort to bring the perpetrators,who has beated people, to strict liability. And we will not forget those public activists who are now being charged for a protest in court," Mosiychuk wrote on his Facebook site.

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In the evening of October 25, attempt to assassinate Mosiychuk took place. As a result of the explosion of the parked moped, two people died – Mosiychuk’s guard and a bypassing police officer. The explosion was classified as a terrorist act.

Mosiychuk himself believes that "Moscow’s hand" is in involved in this attack, while the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ivan Varchenko believes that the assassination could be organized by the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. Leader of the Radical Party Lyashko said that an assassination attempt on Mosiychuk could be organized by his political opponents.

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Ukraine’s Prosecution General and Security Service have voiced three basic versions of the incident: the assassination of Russia's special services, political activity, and attempt on personal motives.

A few hours after the assassination someone set fire at "Arbuzov's house" (for which far right activists Kokhanivsky and Kachmala quarreled), a fire broke out that made the building unsuitable for living.

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