Armed diplomats: Donetsk separatists and their consulate in the EU

Author : Serhiy Sydorenko

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September 1, Executive Centre of unrecognized “Donetsk People’s Republic”openes in the Czech Republic
18:22, 1 September 2016

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Donetsk People's Republic representatives
Nelia Liskova

September 1, the separatists of the puppet organization “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DPR), which controls part of the Donetsk region and is often referred to terrorism, would have a "benefit" in Europe. This day the "Executive Centre of DPR" opens in the Czech Republic. Donetsk calls it its first official foreign representation. Although this "diplomatic mission" is not official, the consequences of it might be different. Including unpleasant.

This informational war might still be victorious for Ukraine and the Czech Republic. But they can lose as well. In recent years, Ukrainian diplomacy does not work in the Czech direction, and it does not help the process.

Fake "consul" of DPR

Last week, dnr-news site wrote about "diplomatic victory" of the "young republic."

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The name of the "representative" is not specified, but are photos of her. This lady is well known by those who follow the Ukrainian-Czech relations. This is Nela Liskova, a resident of Ostrava.

DPR representative in Czech republic
Nelia Liskova

You can find a lot of hew photos in Donetsk and the surrounding area, where she meets with the leaders of separatists. Nela confirmed her “new position” in Facebook. Formally, foreign citizens (for example, Czechs) may hold the position of "honorary consul." But this is not the case.

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On Monday evening, the Czech Foreign Ministry issued a formal statement in which it has categorically denied the "consul" and any other forms of "DPR diplomatic mission."

"Self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic cannot have an accredited diplomatic mission in the Czech Republic as the Czech Republic does not recognize its existence," stressed the Foreign Ministry.

Fake diplomatic mission

Ministry of Justice published information about the organization called "Zastupitelské centrum DNR", "Representative center of DPR." It was established in June 2016, the statutory objective is "the development of cooperation of the Czech Republic and DPR in terms of economy, trade and culture."

This fake "honorary consulate" has three founders: Nela Liskova, Vadim Hrubesh, and Peter Viktoryn. All of them are citizens of the Czech Republic.

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"Legally, it's the same if I registered the Honorary Consulate of aliens from Alpha Centauri. It just does not have the legal consequences," joked Czech journalist Ondrej Soukup.

A special occasion for jokes is respectability of the "honorary consulate." Its address was published in the public register of the Czech Ministry of Justice. It is situated in the outskirts of Ostrava, in a ragged building.

DPR consulat in Czech Republic
Google Streetview

Presentation of the "consulate" will be held in the city center, in Mercure hotel.

The political consequences

The organizers did a good job and invited as many members of the political elite as they could. They included even those who does not support Russian-backed separatists. Among them is Marek Zhenishek, member of the Czech parliament, one of the close associates of Karl Schwarzenberg.

"Czech Republic recognizes the territorial integrity of Ukraine, the existence of "honorary consulates" is nonsense, even if they hide behind the mask of the NGO," commented MP Zhenishek. Unfortunately, there is no doubt that not all MPs shares this view.

In the Czech political elite, there are many pro-Russian politicians up to President Milos Zeman, and the Communist faction is the third largest party in the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament. There is a high probability that the presentation of the "consulate" would be attended by the politicians of the national level.

It is still unknown who will present the separatists during this presentation.

Moreover, currently there is no certainty whether the Czech authorities intend to detain this person, even if it finds her. Even activists supporting Ukraine do not believe that Prague has authority to stop the activity of Nela Liskova. "Czech Republic might not issue visas for those traveling to Ostrava, or detain those who are on the wanted list," noted Ondrej Soukup.

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Russia should

The question of “DPR consulate” financing is questionable. All observers state about Russia’s trace in this case.

In fact, the cost of creating scandal is very modest. Creating a public organization is a cheap thing (you have already seen its office).

By the way, the organizers decided to minimize the risks; apparently they were feared that "representative center of DPR" would be closed because of its name and created another NGO called "Executive Centre Donetsk region."

Nela Liskova is a member of "Czech national guard," an extremist paramilitary group associated with radical rightist party "National Democracy," which has a clear relationship with Russia. The recent report of the Czech Interior Ministry confirms that the authorities even calls this group extremist.

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"There are several hundred people throughout the Czech Republic, with different degrees of adequacy. The classic mix of conspiracy, anti-Americanism, and pro-Russian positions. They appeared at anti-Islamic wave and began to form branches throughout the Czech Republic," says Ondrej Suokop.

However, Czech investigators do not have conclusive evidence of Russian financing.

The most important thing now is to stop openly unfriendly actions and do everything to stop anti-Ukrainian sentiments in the Czech Republic.

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