Anniversary of 2 May 2014 Odesa clashes in terms of numbers

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2 years ago in Odesa, as a result of cruel riots, 48 people were killed; but it is still too early to talk about accountability for crimes committed
16:12, 4 May 2016


May 2, two years have passed since the tragedy in Odesa. During this time, appeared a lots of versions and myths about the riots and killings, which lasted a few hours in the city center. Then, we recall, there was a bloody clash between "Antimaidan" and pro-Ukrainian activists, football fans, who came to the rally for the unity of Ukraine. decided to gather the most important figures of the incident that took place May 2, 2014 in Odesa.

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48 dead and over 250 victims

The unrest in Odesa, which began at the Gretska square and ended with a fire in the House of Trade Unions. Six people died from gunshot wounds, 32 were suffocated by smoke in a fire, and another 10 fell to their death while trying to leave the burning building. 46 were the inhabitants of Odesa and the region, one from Mykolaiv and from Vinnytsia regions. The number of victims reached 250, including 20 police officers.


Clashes in Odesa lasted for more than six hours. Rioters used firearms, "Molotov cocktails," knives, axes, and wooden sticks, bats, stones.

More than 160 detained and 13 wanted

Later, most of them were released. 13 people are wanted; according to the Interior Ministry, some of them, are in Russia, Crimea or in the occupied territories of Donbas. Among the wanted is the former Deputy Chief of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Odesa region, Dmytro Fuchedzhi.

20 accused

The Court began its consideration of the first part of May 2 case. 20 representatives of "Antimaydan are in the dock, 5 are currently under arrest. Hearings were repeatedly accompanied by rallies, fights and even opening the veins. After 1.5 years Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that 305 people have been under forensic examinations, more than 1 thousand witnesses were questioned.



Immediately after the tragic events near the Federation of Trade Unions, the damage was estimated at 50 million USD. Now the building in under the renovation. The Security Service admitted that special services of the Russian Federation are involved a fire at Odesa House of trade unions. According to the MIA report that among the debris chloroform was found.

In November 2015, the International Advisory Group of the Council of Europe criticized the investigation of the tragedy in Odesa. It was noted that the investigation must be carried out by the body independent of the police. In addition to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Prosecutor General, "Group of 2nd May" conducts its own investigation. In some ways, they agree with the official result, but there are moments of doubts. "Group of 2nd May" repeatedly noted that the investigators refuse to share information.

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The absence of comprehensive official information on the events of May 2 gave rise to many myths within the Russian Federation media that use this tragedy for their own purposes.

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